Jabhat an-Nusra : Shaykh Abu Sulayman al-Muhajir about the Murder of Shaykh Abu Muhammad Fatih

April 15th 2014: Jabhat an-Nusra Shaykh Abu Muhammad Fatih and his brother Abu Ratib are killed in their house in Idlib. The whole family was targeted. (Although one tends to suspect them, as for today there still is no factual proof that ISIS was involved in the murders)

A eulogy by Jabhat an-Nusra official Shaykh Abu Sulayman al-Muhajir


“And to the killers, planners, and inciters by the One who raised the heavens without pillars, you will not find safety as long as you are above the land of Allah and under His heavens.”

The Gem of Idlib

Abu Muhammad, Fatih Rahmoon, the Amir of Qaedatul Jihad (Jabhat Al-Nusrah), Idlib.

When I think of this man I remember the salaf. I met him in 2012 in Darkoush. His good manners and humble personality quickly drew my attention. He had a smile that shined and a face full of noor, that lit up the room, making everything around him seem dull. Loving him came naturally; getting upset with him was difficult.

When he raised his voice, it never seemed like he was shouting, but making his point. When he spoke, everyone listened; when others spoke, he was the first to remain silent no matter who: amir or soldier. When he was angry, it was for the sake of Allah, and it would show on his face.

He would not take part in idle-talk and was quick to object to any evil he saw, with wisdom and good preaching. Active in Jihad since 2005 and he was part of Tandheem Al-Qaeda, recruiting, financing and facilitating for AQ Iraq. He was imprisoned in Saydnaya on ‘terrorism charges’ and released in 2010-2011. After his release, he immediately joined the Jihad and joined the ranks of Jabhat Al-Nusra.

He, rahimahulah, had memorized the Qur’an in full with an ijazah to teach it, yet he rarely stepped forward for salah. He had the clear qualities of a leader and was soon recognized as one. He was promoted in the ranks of Al-Qaeda until he became the Amir of Idlib and then a confidante of Shaykh Jawlani.

In my opinion, nobody before Fateh had better control of Idlib. He had all fronts of ribat in Idlib under an organised administration and even sent many of his soldiers to areas out of his jurisdiction to aid his brothers in other cities. Khan Touman, Halab, for example, was completely under his command after jama’at dawla withdrew from the front lines. The mountains of Lazikiyya were filled with his soldiers from Idlib.

About a week ago he, rahimahullah, had a serious accident on his way back from front lines in Khan Shaykhoun where he was supervising the battle. He lost control of his car; it flipped resulting in serious injuries. He was bedridden with a break in his vertebrae.

A senior member of the jam’ah and I visited him a few days before his shahadah (may Allah accept him).When we entered, he was eager to greet us, even though standing was not allowed for him. He was lying on a very thin foam mattress on the floor with minimal movement. He told us that the doctor had ordered him to rest for a month and gave him medication.

We talked for a while and discussed the matters of Idlib as well as other issues pertaining to the jama’ah. The last thing I said to him was “Don’t forget that you promised me we will go on the next battle together” He smiled and said “Inshaa Allah”. I ask Allah to unite us in jannah.

During the initial days of the infighting in Idlib, we spent most of our time together. He had gathered hundreds of soldiers ready for the order from Shaykh Jawlani to do what was required to enforce stability. His obedience to his ameer was undisputable.

The mother of Shaykh Abu Muhammad, rahimahullah, narrated the events that took place on Tuesday, 15th April, after ‘Asr when she witnessed the barbaric killing of her son. Four armed men approached Abu Rateb’s house (Shaykh Abu Muhammad’s brother),where he was recuperating in the town of Raas Al-Hisn, Idleb.

One man knocked on the door and murdered the first person to open the door. These criminals then walked into the room that Abu Muhammad and Abu Rateb were sleeping in. Abu Rateb (rahimahullah) was shot in the head and immediately killed while sleeping.

Shaykh Abu Muhammad drew his 9mm Ruger SR9 and shot one of the criminals injuring him. The coward then shot the bed-ridden Shaykh three times in the chest and killed him. What happened next was what made all the soldiers in Jabhat al-Nusrah as well as many other Mujahideen, every person of honour and conscience vow to take up arms to enforce justice and to cleanse the land of these thugs.

These armed, merciless savages then raided the women’s room and murdered Abu Rateb’s wife, her four-year old daughter and the thirteen-year-old daughter of Abu Muhammad Al-Fateh. May Allah accept them all. None of the children were spared; those who were not murdered, were rushed to hospital, suffering serious injuries .

Abu Muhammad’s mother and his wife survived the cowardly attack to tell the story. It is worthy to note that Shaykh Abu Muhammad, in spite of crippling injuries, struggled out of bed to fight, until his last breath.

This craven attack is similar to the act of their forefathers who killed Abdullah bin Khabbab, his wife, sliced open her stomach and killed her unborn baby. These same people were reciters of the Qur’an, stayed up into the night in prayers and feared to eat anything haram yet had no issues spilling the blood of Muslims.

After the lions of Jabhat Al-Nusrah heard of the massacre, they quickly investigated and found the house that criminals were hiding in. Immediately after the premises were besieged, two of the criminals blew themselves up causing two rooms to collapse. The investigation is on-going and new information regarding the criminals will surface soon inshaa Allah.

There is sensitive information, which will expose the true face of the enemy within. May Allah have mercy upon Shaykh Abu Muhammad Fateh, his brother, their family and all Muslims killed unjustly. May Allah unite us with them in the highest levels of paradise, with the Prophets, companions and the pious. And to the killers, planners, and inciters of these murderers of heroes: hide from us wherever you can, because by the One who raised the heavens without pillars, you will not find safety as long as you are above the land of Allah and under His heavens.

Message by ISIS Shaykh Abu Muhammad al-’Adnani as-Shami

This audio message published on April 17 2014 must be the most important yet released by ISIS regarding the continuous strife with al-Qaeda in general and Jabhat an-Nusra in particular.

“This was never our manhaj and never will be”




Al-Furqan Media Foundation presents – A speech by Shaykh Abū Muḥammad Al-ʿAdnānī Ash-Shāmī, the official spokesman of the Islamic State of Iraq and Ash-Shām (may Allah protect him)

This is not our methodology, nor will it ever be
[ما كان هذا منهجنا ولن يكون]

All praise is to Allah, the Mighty, the Strong, and may blessings and peace be upon the one sent with the sword as a mercy to the worlds

As to what follows

Allah the Almighty said, “O you who have believed, persevere and endure and remain stationed in defence and fear Allah that you may be successful.” [3:200]

We have seen from among those walking upon the path of Jihad many different conditions. Some walked a little, but did not remain once a turn met him in the beginning of the road, and so he sat down upon the appearance first hardship. Of them are those who walked to the middle of the road and then did not continue on persevering due to harm and the likelihood of difficulties, and so he remained and stayed aside. And yet among them are those who arrived at the ends of the path and then lost patience and turned around. All of these share the same judgment of the one who did not walk upon this path, not even a single step, and among them are ones who Shayṭān has seduced with desire or suspicion. So he deviates and is misled in his mission, and he thinks that he has done well. Also among them is the one whom Allah led astray upon knowledge. Few are the ones who walk upon the path of Jihad and are patient and persevere until they meet Allah sincere upon what Allah had promised them, pious, neither changing nor altering in their way.

There was for us in the Jihad in Iraq many signs and lessons. We read the Qur’ān and so we see it walking ahead of us upon the Earth, and we live it as a reality every day, every hour, every moment, and none understands the Qur’ān like the Mujāhid, nor does any know the religion like the Mujāhid.

Allah favoured us and opened for us the door to Jihad in Iraq, and so the Muhājirīn (emigrants) raced to come and they flocked from all sides, and thus the flag of Tawḥīd was raised, and the market of Jihad was established, and a small group of Muhājirīn and the Anṣār (supporters) engaged the mightiest force known by history with outdated equipment, with bare chests, confident of Allah’s victory, determined to establish the Law of Allah. Their bodies in Iraq, their souls in the imprisoned city of Makkah, their hearts in Bayt Al-Maqdis (Jerusalem), and their eyes upon Rome.

So the war intensified, the flame was fueled, the steadfast became firm in their way, those who would collapse began to fall and Allah gave victory to the Mujāhidīn. The forearm was strengthened, the dream began to grow, and the Mujāhidīn in Iraq were of the most careful of people upon the jamā’ah and the unity of the Muslims. Shaykh Abū Muṣʿab Az-Zarqāwī hastened in giving the bay’ah (pledging allegiance) to Shaykh Usāmah, may Allah have Mercy upon them both, in an effort to unite the word of the Muslims, to enrage the disbelievers and to raise the morale of the Mujāhidīn. It was a blessed bay’ah, many similar pledges of allegiance followed it in many of the regions. The believers rejoiced, the worries of the Mujāhidīn were raised from them, the dream became closer, fighting intensified, the battles heated up, the rows began to be differentiated, the disgraced became disgraced, the deviated began to deviate, the astray began to go astray, the Mujāhidīn became steadfast and Allah granted them victory and the Mujāhidīn Shura Council was founded. It was only a matter of months until Allah enabled them to do so, and they then declared the Islamic State, they declared it with a high resonance and the dream became a reality. The Mujahidin came out from the restrictiveness of the organisations to the emancipation of the State. The Amīr of the State and the Muhājir minister may Allah have mercy on them both, announced the dissolution of Al-Qāʿidah in Mesopotamia (Iraq), thus ceasing to exist. Terror filled the hearts of the people of disbelief and they began to plot against the young State night and day. They gathered all of their shares and threw them in all of their paths, yet it survived by the favour of Allah alone. Nothing was known of its leaders but clarity of vision and honesty in their speech, lucidity of their flag and purity in their manhaj (methodology). They did not seek favour by flattering nor did they seek favour by attempting to please anyone on account of their religion, not at all! Never upon Allah did they fear the blame of the blamers.

The battle is becoming fiercer day by day, and the State is becoming more powerful and solid, praise be to God. The Muhājirīn and the Anṣār gather under its flag, the disputation of the tribes, continuing upon the path of the Khilāfah. Steadfast and firm, the battle intensified and the state began to expand. The enemies and the opponents of the State began to shoot together from the one bow, in addition to the people of heresy, the evildoers and the criminals. Yet the State remained throughout all of it, protecting the ones who preceded them from the Mujāhidīn in their virtue and in their status, not preceding them in their speech, nor opposing their command or their opinions, protecting the unity of the ranks of the Muslims and respecting those who preceded it from the people of favour and Jihad.

Yes, we respected and revered, and were protective of the jamā’ah, and we remained upon this patiently, despite what we heard and saw from the affairs of that which we hated. So we were patient and persevered, publishing that which was good and covering that which was shameful, until we began to see a deviation. We remained patient and we tried to make excuses for the people of favour who preceded us, however the matter grew and the deviation became clear.


Verily we and what we deny in regards to our matter – are like the bull when presented to the bearer of the sword
Or like the one who is dragged by her family – a young virgin in her ninth year of age
We were protecting it yet it was torn – and big was the tearing for the one who sews patches

The leaders of Al-Qāʿidah deviated from the right manhaj, we say this as sadness overwhelms us and bitterness fills our hearts. We say it with complete regret, and how much we would have loved to not say it, but we have taken it upon ourselves that we must say the truth and to not fear the blame of the blamer. Indeed the changing and the altering has become clear and blatant, verily Al-Qāʿidah today is no longer the Qā’idah of Jihad, and so it is not the base of Jihad, the one praising it is of the lowest, and the tyrants flirt with it, and the deviants and the misguided attempt to woo it.

It is not the base of Jihad the one that entrenches itself among the ranks of the ṣaḥawāt and the secularists, the ones who just yesterday were against it yet today are pleased with it, and they fight against the Mujāhidīn with their fatāwā (legal verdicts).

Verily Al-Qāʿidah today has ceased to be the base of Jihad, rather its leadership has become an axe supporting the destruction of the project of the Islamic State and the coming Khilāfah.

They have altered the manhaj, they became suspicious, they accepted the bay’ah of the dissidents, they split the ranks of the Mujāhidīn, they began war against the Islamic State which was established upon the blood and skulls of the Monotheists, the State which the leaders of Jihad all praised and supported, and beheld its legitimacy year after year, secretly and openly, and even those who fight against it today. It reached the point that they would create poems praising its Amīr and its soldiers, recognising its favours and acknowledging the recent past, that every Muslim had a debt upon their necks to it. What has changed? The Amīr is the same Amīr, the leadership is the same leadership, the soldiers are the same soldiers and the manhaj is the same manhaj! So what has changed to cause the leadership of Al-Qāʿidah to cause us grief, and to label us as the descendants of Ibn Muljim, and to label us as Khawārij?! Fear Allah regarding your selves! Fear Allah regarding the Mujāhidīn! What is your evidence for this that you incite people against them, you cause their blood to flow, you work for the destruction of their State and standing in its way! Tell us, by your Lord, what is your evidence?! Verily these charges are made without evidence, never will it save you before Allah, for you shall be asked about every drop of blood that flows from the Muhājirīn and the Anṣār because of you. Have you forgotten that you shall soon stand before Allah? And yet your enemies are the Muhājirīn and the Anṣār?! And that they will cling to your necks saying, “O Lord, verily these are the ones who accused us of being Khawārij, and they incited the Muslims against us, they killed the monotheist Mujāhidīn in their fatāwā, the ones who dedicated their souls to the victory of Your Religion, and they poured their blood to exalt Your Word, and they gave their dismembered bodies for the establishment of Your Law.

O Lord, verily they in their actions caused the Mujāhidīn to become weakened, and they made the disbelievers glee over their misfortune, they strengthened them against them and they increased the suffering of the oppressed Muslims.

O Lord, verily they sat in a city far away, they did not see with their own eyes nor did they hear with their own ears, they accused us of their unsubstantiated accusations without any proof or authorisation.

O Lord, verily they split the ranks of the Mujāhidīn in every land

O Lord, they themselves do an action yet accuse others of it

O Lord, verily they consider our blood lawful to be spilled and they allow it to be spilled and they kill us, then if we leave them they destroy us, and if we defend ourselves and we respond to them they cry before the media and they label us as Khawārij

O Lord, ask them why they did not weep for Shaykh Abu Abdul-’Aziz may Allah have Mercy upon him, why did they not incite against his murderer or demand his blood to be spilled, or that he perish in old age transferred between the squares and the prisons? is it because it is certain that the State did not kill him?! And would they have been silent if it were not known who his killer was? Or do they accuse the State?

O Lord, ask them why did they not revile in such terms the killers of the monotheists in Sinai? Why do they not incite the people against their killers? And why they praise their tyrants and pray for them?!

O Lord, verily they do not differentiate between the Mujāhidīn, the ṣaḥawāt and the criminal highway robbers. They gathered them all together and they called them ‘the Ummah’, they labelled them as Mujāhidīn and they blessed them, supported them and assisted them, thus delaying the Jihad by decades.

O Muslims! O Mujāhidīn! We have endured oppression and remained patient so that the symbols would not fall and so the people would not be trialed in their religion. We have been patient and endured for the sake of unifying the ranks, however we found no way available to do so, no way whatsoever! For Al-Qāʿidah has deviated, it has altered and changed.

The difference between the State and Al-Qāʿidah is not over any specific individual, nor is it about giving Bay’ah to any specific individual. The difference with them is not on fighting the ṣaḥawāt (awakening councils) who  supported previously what they are upon in Iraq; but the matter is a matter of crooked Religion and deviated Manhaj, a Manhaj which has replaced declaring the Religion of Ibrāhim, disbelieving in the Ṭāghūt (tyrant) and declaring innocence from his supporters and their Jihad; a Manhaj which believes in pacifism and runs after majorities, a Manhaj which is shy from mentioning Jihad and declaring Tawḥīd, and replaces it with – revolution, popularity, uprising striving, struggle, republicanism, secularism, and that the filthy Rāfiḍah polytheists are only but accused and they should be preached to, not fought!

Al-Qāʿidah now runs after the bandwagon of the majority and calls them as ‘the Ummah’; and softens in their stance at the expense of the religion, and the Ṭāghūt of the Ikhwān (Muslim Brotherhood), the one who fights the Mujāhidīn, the one who rules without the Law of The Most Merciful, prayers are made for him and sympathised with, described as being a hope for the Ummah, a hero of its heroes, and we know not which Ummah they are talking about, nor which bitter reaping they await!

And now the Christians have become warriors, the people of idols from the Hindus and Sikhs and others have become ‘partners of the nation’ and it is necessary to live with them in peace, tranquility and mildness. By Allah, no! Never a day was this the Manhaj of the State and never will it be! It is not for the State to follow the people; If they are to do good, then good shall be done, and if they are to do evil then so it shall be done. The Manhaj of the State will remain: disbelieving in the Ṭāghūt, declaring innocence from him and his supporters and fighting them with swords and spearheads, and with conclusive argumentation and evidence. So whoever agrees with it, it welcomes them, and whoever differs with it, it will give him no concern even if he were to call himself ‘the Ummah’, even if it were left alone in a tent and the world is in another tent.

O Muslims, this is our Manhaj which we will not deviate from by the will of Allah, even if Al-Qāʿidah were to fight us upon it, even if we were eradicated and not but one man was left upon it. And O you Mujāhidīn, O you Mujāhidīn, it was asked of the Islamic State to return to Iraq, behind the covers of Sykes-Picot. They have not ceased in beautifying this request in their correspondence, up until three months ago, they threatened and bargained for this return to happen, until it insisted upon obeying its Lord, the orders of its Prophet and what the early leaders of Jihad agreed upon. Then is it that its Manhaj become a Khārijī Ḥarūrī manhaj! No, even worse! It is said that it lies upon people, is hypocritical in its stances and that it uses taqiyyah. They searched for an excuse to openly declare war upon it, so they made the accusation of killing one man the door to destroying the project and burying alive the dream which thousands of Muwaḥḥidīn have migrated for, and in which its path thousand of souls and pure, kind lives have been given generously. So is this from the Book or the Sunnah? Is it from reason or wisdom? Or what is beyond these conspiracies is far beyond that? And the Manhaj has changed and been altered! So choose O Mujāhidīn, whose hand are you going to take? And from among whose ranks shall you be?

O Allah we seek refuge in You from becoming weaker after having been united

So be assured O soldiers of the Islamic State, for we are by Allah’s Will progressing upon the Manhaj of the Imām Shaykh Usāmah, and the Amīr of the martyrdom seekers Abū Muṣʿab Az-Zarqāwī, and the founder of the state Abū ʿUmar Al-Baghdādī, and its Minister of war Abū Ḥamzah Al-Muhājir. We will never, by the Will of Allah, never alter our commitment, nor change it, until we taste what they tasted.

We are progressing upon the path of Khilāfah, nothing will harm us by the Will of Allah, for we will bring it to a return by Allah’s Will, and return its tower, return its glory, by our blood, skulls, dead bodies! So do not alter your commitment, nor change it. The Muhājirīn will continue to come in groups to the Islamic State, even if they were bind in chains, made unconscious in prisons, never will suspicion come between them and the Islamic State, not a Ṭāghūt will stop them nor will they be in obscurity by one who is misguided. Their Lord will bring them out, their Lord will guide them, and sufficient is your Lord as a Guide and Helper.

O Allah if this State is a State of the Khawārij then break its back, kill its leaders, forgo its banner and guide its soldiers to the truth.

O Allah if is an Islamic State, ruling by Your Book and the Sunnah of Your Prophet, fighting Your enemies, then keep it firm, honour it and grant it victory, and establish it upon the earth, and make it as the Khilāfah upon the Way of Prophethood. So say Āmīn O Muslims.

O Allah, deal with all of those who split the ranks of the Mujāhidīn, and who divided the word of the Muslims, pleased the disbelievers, enraged the believers and delayed the Jihad by many years.

O Allah expose their secrets and hidden intentions, and send upon them Your Anger and Your Curse and show us in them the Miracles of Your Power and Might. Say Āmīn O Muslims

Translated by Musa Cerantonio - @MusaCerantoniotwitter.com/MusaCerantonio

Mapping Syria ~ April 2014

A new Syria map update by Thomas van Linge

Date April 13, 2014 (Update April 14)

Previous maps: see here



Notes by Thomas:

if you want to use my map for your paper, blog, site etc, you don’t have to ask, feel free to use it for your own purposes. But if you find a error in the map don’t change and republish the map yourself, just come to me with a reliable source and I will ad it. I change the map everyday, so if you need a most recent version few days before it’s published, contact me and I will mail it to you.


New audio message by ISIS Shaykh Abu Muhammad al-’Adnani as-Shami

al-Furqan media recently released yet another audio message by the ISIS Shaykh:

“He will surely establish for them their religion which He has preferred for them”



Arabic Transcript:

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

مؤسسة الفرقان للإنتاج الإعلامي تقدم

{ كلمة للشيخ المجاهد أبي محمد العدناني الشامي المتحدث الرسمي للدولة الإسلامية في العراق والشام حفظه الله }

بعنوان : { وليمكنن لهم دينهم الذي إرتضي لهم }

الحمد لله القوي المتين والصلاة والسلام علي من بعث بالسيف رحمة للعالمين أما بعد :

قال الله تبارك وتعالي ” الذين ءامنوا يقاتلون في سبيل الله والذين كفروا يقاتلون في سبيل الطاغوت فقاتلوا أولياء الشيطان إن كيد الشيطان كان ضعيفا ” نعم إن كيد الشيطان كان ضعيفا لقد جاءت آمريكا إلي العراق تقود حملة صليبية مسعورة ، وفي جعبتها خارطة جديدة لما يسمونه بالشرق الآوسط ، جاءت بكل حدِها وحديدها بكل كبرها وعُنجِهيّتها ، جمعت كل حلفائها وحشدت طائراتها وآساطيلها وآجلبت بخيلها ورجلها ، وظن الصليبيون أن لن يقدر عليهم أحد ، إلا أن الله عز وجل آخزاهم وآرانا ضعف كيدهم ، وإتقدت جذوة الجهاد وإنكسرت حملة الصليب وقامت دولة الإسلام ، رغم أنف اللئام ، و خرجت امريكا مذؤومة مدحورة ، تجرجر آذيال الخيبة مهزومة مكسورة ، وتركت الخارطة للدولة الإسلامية ، لتعيد رسم العالم علي منهاج الخلافة النبوية فإن الدولة بفضل الله وحده تزداد قوةً يوماً بعد يوم ، فهذا بنيانها يرتفع وهذه ساريتها شاخصة ، وتلك رايتها عاليةُ مرفرفة ، لم تنقطع منذ التأسيس بفضل الله صولاتها ، ولن تتوقف بإذن الله غاراتها ، حتي يُدق الصليب ، ويقتل الخنزير ، وتوضع الجزية ، ولا تكون في الآرض فتنة ويكون الدين كله لله ، وإننا نزداد يقيناً بنصر الله يوماً بعد يوم ، ومن يفكر في الدخول بحربٍ معنا عليه أن يحسب آلف حساب ، يا آهل السنة في بلاد الرافدين : إن المعركة اليوم باتت واضحة جلية ، معركة بين الحق والباطل ، بين الكفر والإيمان بين الشرك والتوحيد ، معركةُ بين الروافض كل الروافض وآهل السنة كل آهل السنة ولن تنتهي إلا بسيادة أحد الفريقين ، فإختاروا في أي صفٍ تكونون ، وكلا وحاشي لله أن ينصر آهل الشرك علي آهل التوحيد ، لقد آن لكم يا آهل السنة في العراق أن تعرفوا الحقيقة وأنه لا تعايش مع الروافض ولا سلام فقد رأيتموهم علي حقيقتهم في ساحة الحويجة ومساجد بعقوبة ، وآسواق الموصل وسامراء ، وقري اللطيفية وآحياء بهرز والرمادي والفلوجة ، والقادم آدهي وأمر ، لقد آن لكم أن تدركوا أن الرافضة المشركين شر من وطأ الثري شر من اليهود والصليبين ، آن لكم أن تكفروا بالديمقراطية التي لن تأتي بأفضل مما آتت به طوال السنين العجاف التي مرت بكم في ظلها فلن تعود عليكم إلا بالعار والشنار ، آن لكم أن تعلموا أن الديمقراطية ليست سوي آلةٍ و وسيلة لتمكين الطواغيت ومحاربة دين الله آن لكم أن تنبذوا ساستكم الخونة ، الذين لم يعلموا إلا لمصالحهم ومآربهم الشخصية ، الذين لم تجنوا من إنتخابهم سوي الذل والهوان والإستضعاف ، آن لكم يا سنة العراق آن لكم أن تعرفوا طريق العزة والسيادة ، طريق الخير والأمن والسعادة ، آن لكم أن تعلموا أنه لا حقوق بغير الجهاد ، لا عدالة بغير الجهاد ، لا كرامة بغير الجهاد ، لا أمان بغير الجهاد ، لا أمل بغير الجهاد ، لا حياة بغير الجهاد ،لا حياة بغير الجهاد ، فآن لكم يا أهل السنة آن لكم أن تلتفوا حول المجاهدين ، آنظروا وتدبروا ، تأملوا وتفكروا ، إن المجاهدين لم يقاتلوا يوماً من آجل المناصب ، أو الكراسي أو لحطام دنيا فانية ، إن المجاهدين ضحوا بكل شئ في سبيل نصرة دين الله ونصرة المستضعفين ، إن المجاهدين لم ينالوا من هذه الدنيا سوي القتل والآسر والكسر والجراح ، لم يورثوا لآهلهم وذويهم سوي السجون والتشريد والحرمان ، ولكن تراهم رغم كل هذه المآسي والجراح ينبضون بالكرامة ، وينضحون بالعزة ، لو أن احدكم تجرد لله وتفكر في قرارة نفسه متأملاً في حال أمة الأسلام اليوم ، ليجدن أنها خلت من مواقف العزة والكرامة إلا في آفعال المجاهدين ، وبين صفوفهم وتحت رايتهم ، هذه حقيقةُ فمن آنكرها ظاهراً لن يستطيع إنكارها في قرارة نفسه ، لن تجد مايغيض الكفار والمنافقين علي وجه الآرض إلا آفعال المجاهدين ، لن تجد ما يحزنهم الا إنتصار المجاهدين ، لن تجد ما يرعب الطواغيت ويقُض مضاجعهم وينغص عيشهم إلا وجود المجاهدين ، لن تجد أملاً للمستضعفين في كل مكان سوي المجاهدين ، يا آهل السنة في العراق لإن رضي لكم ساستكم الذل والصغار والرضوخ للروافض فلن نرضاه لكم ولنظلن لإعدائكم بالمرصاد سواءاً نصرتمونا أو خذلتمونا ، يا آهل السنة في العراق لقد رأيتم بأسنا وقوتنا ، فلتعلموا أن هذه القوة وهذا السلاح والبأس إنما هو ذخر لكم ، فإنما نحن منكم وأنتم منّا ، فإن رأيتم منّا خيراً فهو لكم ، وإن رأيتم منّا غير ذلك فآنصحونا ، لا يمكننا أن نري آبنائكم عبيداً عند الروافض ، وخدماً لهم وآذناباً فنسكت عنهم ، لا يمكننا أن نراهم يسلكون طريق جهنم فندعهم ، لا نريد لكم إلا العزة والكرامة في الدنيا والنجاة والسعادة في الآخرة ولن تروا منا إلا الرحمة بكم والشفقة عليكم ، آلا ترون أنّا نقبل توبة آبنائكم حتي وإن قتل منا آلف آلف آلا ترون أنّا لا نسأله صرفاً ولا عدلاً إلا أن يلقي سلاحه من وجهنا ويكف عن نصرة الروافض والطواغيت ويرجع لـ دينه ، يا عشائر السنة في العراق ما ضركم أن تكفروا بالديمقراطية وتلتفوا حول المجاهدين ، ما ضركم أن تنصروا دين الله ، فآعصبوها هذه المرة برأس الشيخ أبي بكر البغدادي ، ولن تندموا آبداً بإذن الله ، ولئن تلتفوا حول المجاهدين لتملكن العرب ، ولتخضعن لكم العجم ، ولتسودنّ الدنيا ، فإلتفوا حول المجاهدين ، وآقول لشيوخ عشائر آهل السنة ووجهائهم ، إن التاريخ يسجل والملائكة تدون ، وإنكم ميتون ولن يبقي لآحدكم إلا ذكره ، ولن يأخذ معه إلا عمله ، فإما أن تفخر بك آجيال المسلمين وتترحم عليك إلي يوم القيامة وإما أن تلعنك كلما ذكرت ، إما أن تأتي يوم القيامة بأجرك وآجر من تبعك وتحشر مع الآنبياء والشهداء والصالحين ، وإما أن تحمل آوزاراً مع آوزارك وتقدم قومك ومن تبعك وتوردهم النار مع فرعون وهامان . وإلي العلمانيين آفراخ الطواغيت من بني جلدتنا نقول : لقد وعدنا بالعودة إلي المناطق التي إنسحبنا منها و زيادة ، وها نحن نعود للريادة ، وإننا اليوم بفضل الله آقوي من الآمس ، وعدونا بحمد الله في إنهيار وضعف وإنكم ترون اليوم آسود الدولة الإسلامية من المهاجرين والآنصار وترون بأسهم وقوتهم ، وإن هؤلاء بالأمس كانوا يعيشون في الصحراء يلفحهم هجيرها ، وتؤذيهم رمالها ، يكابدون فيها الوحشة والغربة والعناء ، وها هم اليوم يتجولون في طرقات المدن وساحاتها مستأنسين ، ويرفهون في حقول الآرياف وبساتينها مستظلين ناعمين ، فلا تظنوا أن هؤلاء يتركون يومهم هذا ويعودون إلي يومهم الأول ، فلا مكان لكم أيها العلمانيون ، و أولي بكم أن تفروا بجلدكم ، فإن الدولة الإسلامية باقية بإذن الله ، صامدة بحول الله ، منصورة إن شاءالله ، قافلتها تسير ولن يضرها نبح الكلاب ، ولن تضر جنودها فتنة بعد اليوم آبداً إن شاءالله ، فقد آصابتهم كل السهام وتكسرت عليهم كل الرماح ، وفلت بهم جميع السيوف ، وقذفوا بكل الشبه ، و رموا بجميع النقائص والتهم فما إزدادوا إلا قوة وصلابة وعزيمةً وثباتاً فـ طوبي لكم يا أبناء الدولة الإسلامية في العراق والشام ، طوبي لكم فإنكم والله من الغرباء ، طوبي لكم فإن لم تكونوا أنتم من قال عنهم النبي صلّ الله عليه وسلم ” لا يضرهم من خالفهم أو خذلهم ” فمن يكونون ..!! وهنيئاً لكم هذا النصر ، نعم فإن النصر هو الثبات علي العقيدة والمنهج ، والصبر في هذا الطريق وإنكم لآثبت من الجبال ، لا تزعزكم شِدّة ولا تزحزحكم شَدّة ، هنيئاً لكم لقد صبرتم ونلتم ، وقد بدأت إن شاءالله الفتوحات العمرية وإن آحدكم اليوم يسير مئات الآميال فلا يري سوي راية التوحيد عاليةً خفاقةً مرفرفة ، لا حكم تحتها إلا لله ولا دين لغير الله ، المنافقون آذلةً خاسئون خانسون والموحدون آعزة ظاهرون قاهرون فالحمد لله الذي أحيانا حتي آدركنا هذا النصر وهذه النعمة ، ولا يهمنا بعد اليوم إن قتلنا أو أبدنا عن بكرتنا ، فحسبنا أن نلقي الله عز وجل بهذه المحاكم التي أنشأناها وبهذه الحدود التي أقمناها ، وبهذه الشريعة التي طبقناها ، رغم أنف آمريكا ورغم آنف اليهود ، رغم أنف الطواغيت علي رأسهم آل سلول ، فيا جنود الدولة إعلموا أنكم اليوم دخلتم مرحلة جديدة من مراحل الصراع فقد عدتم إلي المدن ومسكتم الآرض وليقتل آحدكم ألف مرة قبل أن يفكر في الرجوع إلي الوراء ، إن المدن والمناطق التي في قبضتكم وعلي رأسها الفلوجة لن تحكم بإذن الله بعد اليوم إلا بشرع الله ، ولا مكان فيها للعلمانيين إن الفلوجة فلوجة المجاهدين ، والآنبار أنبار المجاهدين إن نينوي وكركوك وصلاح الدين للموحدين وإن ديالي وبغداد بشمالها وجنوبها لأهل السنة وإن البصرةَ بصرتنا فلا مكان للروافض الآنجاس ، يا جنود الدولة تذكروا دائماً أنكم تقاتلون أمةً مخذولة إن إستعانوا فـ بعلي وإن إستغاثوا فـ بالحسين ، وإن إستجاروا فـ بالعباس وإن إستتصروا فـ بفاطمة رضي الله عنهم وعنها ، يتوكلون علي البشر ويعبدون الآوثان ، فحاشي لله أن ينصرهم عليكم فإجعلوا عدتكم عقيدتكم ، وقوتكم تقواكم ، وكونوا علي يقينٍ بنصر الله فأنتم جنود الله تقاتلون في سبيل الله ، والروافض جنود الشيطان يقاتلون في سبيل الطاغوت ، ” فقاتلوا أولياء الشيطان إن كيد الشيطان كان ضعيفا ” فليمنحنكم الله اكتافهم ، ولتكسرن بإذن الله شوكتهم ، ولتستأصلن إن شاءالله شأفتهم ، وليملأن الله قلوبهم رعباً وآقدامهم هزيمة ، وليجعلن سلاحهم وعتادهم غنيمة ، فآقعدوا لهم كل مرصد ،و آدخلوا عليهم كل باب وآذبحوهم ذبح النعاج وآقتلوهم قتل الذباب ، ولئن كانت تدعمهم آمريكا وتمدهم إيران فإن مولاكم الملك الديان نعم المولي ونعم النصير ، فيا أيها الآسود في الآنبار ونينوي وصلاح الدين و كركوك و ديالي و بغداد و الجنوب واصلوا زحفكم ، وآعيدوا رسم الخارطة فإنكم اليوم بِتم أمل المستضعفين في كل مكان وإن الآساري ينتظرونكم في بغداد و رومية وحلب و الحائر وأبي زعبل ، وإن لكم موعداً في بغداد و دمشق و القدس و مكة و المدينة إن لكم موعداً في دابق والغوطة و روما إن شاءالله ولتعلم الدنيا كل الدنيا أن زمان الذل والخنوع ولي بغير رجعة وأن سيادة العالم لن تكون إلا للمسلمين ، وبحدِ السيف ، ولله العزة ولرسوله وللمؤمنين ، ولكن المنافقين لا يعلمون ولا ننسي أن نعزي أنفسنا وجميع المجاهدين وإخواننا في إمارة القوقاز بترجل فارسٍ من فوارس الإسلام وأسدٍ من آسوده ، وعلمٍ من اعلامه الشيخ القائد { دوكو عمروف } ابو عثمان ونسأل الله أن يتقبله في الشهداء ويسكنه الفردوس الآعلي فقد كان رحمه الله لا يرضي الدنية في دينه ، كريم غيور شجاع جسور ما وهن في مقارعة الطغاة وما لان وبرغم شدة مرضه ما إستكان ما عرفناه إلا متواضعاً من آحرص الناس علي نصرة دين الله وإلتزام الجماعة وتوحيد صف المسلمين والنكاية بالآعداء ، فرحمه الله رحمةً واسعة وحشره مع الآنبياء والصديقين والشهداء ، ونشد علي آيدي إخواننا في القوقاز الذين آفرحونا بإجتماعهم علي الآمير أبي محمد حفظه الله ونفع بعلمه وجعله سبباً لنصرة دين الله ودحرِ الروس ونحثهم علي مواصلة الطريق و إكمال مسيرة آمرائهم ، وإنّا معهم إن شاءالله ، لن نتواني عن دعمهم ونصرتهم والسير علي درب خطاب و أبي الوليد وشامل وعمروف نسأل الله تبارك وتعالي أن يثبتنا علي طريقهم ويحلقنا بهم غير خزايا ولا مفتونين

للقتل نسعي كي نجود بمهجةٍ ما بعدها جود فهلا نعذرُ

تأبي التعرض للطام خدودنا وعلي الثري بعد الطِعان تعثرُ

ما مات منّا سيدُ بفراشه أو كان في سوح الوغي يتأخرُ

وإذا تجندل قائد منّا علي في إثره شهمُ جوادُ قسورُ

والقتل للآشرافِ ليس بسُبةٍ ودّ النبي القتل لو يتكررُ

والقتل في ذات الإله كرامةً إن الشهادةً للذنوب تكفرُ

والقتلُ خيرُ من حياة مذلة تنهي اللئام بحكمها أو تأمرُ

يارب فآشدد آزرنا حتي تري آشلائنا قربي لك تتناثرُ ،




A translation of the speech of Abū Muḥammad Al-ʿAdnānī, official spokesman of the Islamic State of Iraq and Ash-Shām

وَلَيُمَكِّنَنَّ لَهُمْ دِينَهُمُ الَّذِي ارْتَضَىٰ لَهُمْ
“He will surely establish for them their religion which He has preferred for them”

All praise belongs to Allah, the Mighty, the Strong, and may Peace and Blessings be upon the one sent with the sword as a Mercy to the Worlds

As to what follows -

Allah the Blessed and Exalted said, “Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah, and those who disbelieve fight in the cause of Ṭāghūt. So fight against the allies of Shayṭān. Indeed, the plot of Shayṭān has ever been weak.” [4:76]

Yes, verily the plot of Shayṭān is weak. America came to Iraq leading a frenzied crusade, in its sleeve a new map of what they call the ‘Middle East’. It came with all its forcefulness and all of its iron (weaponry), with all of its pride and all of its arrogance. It gathered all of its allies and mobilised all of its aircraft and its fleets, and it brought its horses and its soldiers. The Crusaders thought that none would be able to overcome them, however Allah the Mighty and Majestic disgraced them and showed us the weakness of their plot. The flame of Jihad was stoked, the Crusade campaign was broken and the Islamic State was established in spite of the villains, and America was expelled (from Iraq) disgraced and driven away, dragging their tails between their legs, defeated and broken, leaving in its wake a map of the Islamic State, ready to redraw the world upon the Prophetic manhaj (way) of the Khilāfah. So verily the State, with the favour of Allah alone, becomes stronger day after day.

So its building is raised, its pole is fastened, and its flag flies high and flutters in the wind. It’s authority has not been ceased since it was founded, by the favour of Allah, and its conquests shall not cease, with the permission of Allah, until the cross is smashed, the swine are killed and the Jizyah is imposed, and there will be no fitnah (tribulation) on Earth and the Rule shall be for Allah completely.

And whoever is thinking of entering into a war with us then he should consider this 1,000 times. O Ahlus-Sunnah in Mesopotamia (Iraq), verily the battle today has become evidently clear, it is a battle between Truth and falsehood, between disbelief and belief, between polytheism and monotheism, a battle between the all of the Rawāfiḍ and all of Ahlus-Sunnah, and it will not end except with the supremacy of one of the two groups. So select which of the ranks you shall be among – and may Allah forbid that the people of polytheism should be victorious over the people of monotheism.

And so O Ahlus-Sunnah in Iraq verily you should know the truth, and it is that there is no coexistence nor peace with the Rawāfiḍ. You have seen the truth of this matter in the squares of Hawijah, in the mosques of Baʿqūbah, in the market places of Mosul and Samarrā’, in the villages of Laṭīfiyyah, in the neighbourhoods of Buhruz, Ramādī and Fallūjah, and what follows is more disastrous and more bitter.

It is time that you be aware that the polytheist Rāfiḍah are of the most evil to tread upon this earth, more evil than the Jews and the Crusaders. It is time that you disbelieve in democracy which will not bring better than what it has brought upon you in the past lean years. It will bring nothing upon you but shame and disgrace. It is time for you to know that democracy is nothing but a tool and method by which the Ṭawāghīt (tyrants) are empowered and by which they wage war upon the Religion of Allah. It is time that you to reject your treacherous politicians, who have only been working for their own personal and private benefits, the ones who through voting for them, you gained nothing but humiliation, degradation and oppression.

It is time that you O Sunnah of Iraq to know the way of honour and authority, the way of prosperity, security and happiness. It is time that you know there are no rights without Jihad, no justice without Jihad, no honour without Jihad, no security without Jihad, no hope without Jihad, no life without Jihad, no life without Jihad.

The time has come O Ahlus-Sunnah to gather around the Mujāhidīn, look and reflect, contemplate and think, the Mujāhidīn never fought one day to seek positions, or thrones or debris of this world that is perishable. The Mujāhidīn have sacrificed everything in the path of Allah to give victory to the Religion of Allah and to assist the oppressed. The Mujāhidīn gained nothing from this world but fighting, imprisonment, fractures and injuries. They bequeath their families and parents nothing but prisons, displacement and deprivation. But in spite of all this distress and hurt, you see them throbbing with honour, exuding pride.

If one of you today was to be unbiased to Allah, and was to reflect in his own mind on the state of the Ummah of Islam today, they would find that it is void of any stances of pride and honour except in the actions of the Mujāhidīn, between their lines and under their banner. This is a fact, and whoever denies it outwardly, will not be to deny it within themselves. You will find that nothing enrages the disbelievers and the Munāfiqīn (hypocrites) on earth but the actions of the Mujāhidīn. You will find that nothing saddens them but the victory of the Mujāhidīn. You will find that nothing frightens the Ṭawāghīt, wears out their sleep and disturbs their lives but the presence of the Mujāhidīn. You will find no hope for the weak and oppressed except through the Mujāhidīn.

O Ahlus-Sunnah in Iraq, if your politicians approve of the humiliation, belittling and submission to the Rāfiḍah, then we are not to approve of it and we are to keep steady in observation upon your enemies, whether you were to support us or forsake us. O Ahlus-Sunnah in Iraq, you have seen our militaries and our strength, know that this strength and this weapon and militaries are but munitions for you. For we are from you and you from us; if you were to see good from us, then it is for you, and if you were to see other than that, then advise us. We cannot see your sons slaves for the Rafidhah, servants for them and their followers, and yet keep quiet from them. We cannot see them following the path of Jahannam (Hellfire) and let them be. We want nothing for you but pride and honour in this life, and salvation and happiness in the hereafter, and you will see nothing from us but mercy upon you and compassion towards you. Can you not see that we accept the repentance of your sons, even if they killed from us thousands and thousands? Can you not see that we do not turn them away nor ask them of justice, except but to drop their weapons from us, and to restrain from supporting the Rāfiḍah and Ṭawāghīt and to come back to his Religion?

O groups of Sunnah in Iraq, it will not harm you to disbelieve in democracy and gather around the Mujāhidīn. It will not harm you to support and grant victory to the Religion of Allah. So form into a union this time headed by Sheikh Abū Bakr Al-Baghdādī, and by the Will of Allah you will never regret that, and if you are to gather around the Mujāhidīn, you will have control over the Arabs, and the Non-Arabs will be submissive to you, and you will rule the world. So gather around the Mujāhidīn!

So I say to the elders and the honourable men of the tribes of Ahlus-Sunnah, history is being recorded and the Angels are writing, and you are all mortal and nothing of you shall remain except for what is remembered about you, and none shall take with him anything but his deeds. So either it shall be that generations of Muslims shall be proud of you and shall pray for Mercy for you until the Day of Resurrection, or they shall curse you whenever you are mentioned. Either you shall come on the Day of Resurrection with your good deeds and the deeds of those who followed you and you shall be raised with the Prophets and the martyrs and the righteous, or you shall carry a burden of sin with you, and you shall precede your people and those who followed you and lead them into the fire with Pharaoh and Hāmān.

And to the secularists, the cowards of the tyrants, from the sons of our kin we say: We have promised the return to the areas that we withdrew from and more, and here we are returning to more, and today by the favour of Allah we are stronger than yesterday, and our enemy is by the grace of Allah in a state of weakness and collapse. Verily today you see the lions of the Islamic State from the Muhājirīn (emigrants) and Anṣār (supporters) and you see their sturdiness and strength. Yesterday these people were living in the desert seared by scorching heat. Its sands hurt them, they endured in it loneliness, alienation and suffering, and now here they are today wandering through the streets and squares of the cities happily socialising. They are being entertained in the rural fields and in their orchards shaded and pleased. So do not think that they shall leave this their day and they shall return to their previous day. So no place remains for you O secularists, it would be better for you to flee, for verily the Islamic State shall remain with the permission of Allah, steadfast by the Power of Allah, victorious inshā’Allāh.

The caravan is moving, and the barking of the dogs does not harm it, and no fitnah shall harm its soldiers ever again after today inshā’Allāh. All of the arrows have struck them, and all of the spears have broken upon them, and they have felt all of the swords, and they have been slandered with all types of lies. They have been accused of all the shortcomings and charges, however they have not increased except in strength, toughness, determination and remaining firm. So blessed are you O sons of the Islamic State of Iraq and Ash-Shām. Blessed are you, for if it is not about you that the Prophet ﷺ said, “They shall not be harmed by those who oppose them or desert them” then who else can it be?

Let this victory be a glad tiding to you. Yes, for verily this victory is remaining firm upon ʿAqīdah (theology) and manhaj (methodology). Victory is in this path and you are firmer than the mountains. It does not violently shake you nor violently move you. A glad tiding to you for you have been patient and have gained.

Inshā’Allāh the conquests of ʿUmar have began, if one of you were to travel today for hundreds of miles he would see only the flag of Tawḥīd, flying high and waving. No rule beneath it except that of Allah, and no Religion except Allah’s. The hypocrites are humiliated, despised and retreating, the Monotheists are honoured, victorious and conquering. So all praise is to Allah who kept us alive to realise this victory and this blessing, and it matters not to us if after today we should be killed or wiped out.

It is sufficient for us that we meet Allah, to whom belongs might and majesty, with the courts that we have established and by these limits that we have set, and by this Shari’ah that we have implemented, in spite of USA hating it and the Jews hating it, in spite the Ṭawāghīt hating it, at the head of which is Āl Saʿūd.
So O soldiers of the State, know that today you have entered into a new phase from the phases of struggle, for you have returned to the cities, and controlled the grounds, and let one of you be killed a thousand times before they think of going back. The cities and provinces that are under your control, on top of them Fallūjah, will not be ruled today, by the Will of Allah, except by the Law of Allah, and there will be no place in it for the secularists. Verily Fallūjah is Fallūjah of the Mujāhidīn, and Anbār is Anbār of the Mujāhidīn, and Nineveh, Kirkūk and Ṣalāḥuddīn are of the Muwaḥḥidīn (Monotheists), and Diyālah and Baghdād and its North and its South are of Ahlus-Sunnah. And verily, Baṣrah is our Baṣrah, for there is no place in it for the filthy Rafiḍah.

O Soldiers of the State, remember always that you are fighting a forsaken people, if they seek help it is by ʿAlī, and if they ask for aid it is by Al-Ḥusayn, and if they were to seek refuge it is by Al-ʿAbbās, and if they were to seek support it is by Fāṭimah, may Allah be pleased with them and her. They depend on humans and worship idols. Perfect is Allah, for he will never grant them victory over you, so let your weapons/tools be your ʿAqīdah, and your strength your piety, and be certain of the victory of Allah, for verily you are the soldiers of Allah, fighting in the Path of Allah, and the Rāfiḍah are the soldiers of Shayṭān and they fight in the path of Al-Taghut. So fight the allies of Shayṭān, for indeed, the plot of Shayṭān has ever been weak, and so that Allah may grant you their shoulders, and so that by the Will of Allah you may break their strength, and so that you, by the will of Allah, eradicate their roots, and so that Allah will fill their hearts with fear and their feet with defeat, and make their weapons and equipment booty. So wait for them at every place of ambush and enter upon them from every gate, and slaughter them like how you slaughter sheep, and kill them like how you kill flies. For if they are supported by USA and reinforced by Iran, then know that your protector is The King The One Who Recompenses; Excellent is He the Protector, and Excellent is He the Helper.

So O lions in Anbār, Nineveh, Ṣalāhuddīn, Kirkūk, Diyālī, Baghdād and the south, continue to expand and to redefine the maps. For verily today you complete the hope of the oppressed in all lands, and verily the prisoners await you in Baghdād, in Rūmiyyah (Lebanon), in Aleppo, in Al-Ḥā’ir (Saudi Arabia) and in Abū Zaʿabal (Egypt). And verily you have an appointment in Baghdād, in Damascus, in Al-Quds (Jerusalem), in Makkah and in Madīnah. Verily you have an appointment in Dābiq, in Al-Ghūṭah, and in Ar-Rūm inshā’Allāh.

So let the entire world know that the era of humiliation and subservience has gone, never to return. Verily the rule of the world will be for none but the Muslims, by the sharpness of the sword. And to Allah, His Messenger and the believers belongs the Honour, though the hypocrites know not.

Let us not forget that we and all of the Mujāhidīn, our brothers in the Caucusus Emirate, mourn the passing of a knight from the knights of Islam, and a lion from among its lions, a flag from among its flags, the commander, Shaykh Abū ʿUthmān Doku Umarov, and we ask Allah to accept him from among the martyrs, and that he settles him in Firdaws Al-Aʿlā (the highest Paradise) for indeed he never preferred this world over his Religion, may Allah have Mercy upon him. Noble, protective, brave, courageous, he did not weaken in fighting the tyrants nor did he soften, despite the severity of his illness he did not hide. We knew not of him except that he was unpretentious and of the most careful of people in supporting the Religion of Allah, as well as in his commitment to the jamāʿah (Muslim nation) and in unifying the ranks of the Muslims and in defiance to the enemies. So may Allah have Mercy upon him with a vast Mercy, and raise him with the Prophets, the truthful ones and the martyrs. We commend our brothers in the Caucusus who brought us joy in their unanimous choice of Al-Amīr Abū Muḥammad may Allah protect him, and benefit (the people) from his knowledge and make him a cause for the victory of the Allah’s Religion and the defeat of the Russians. We urge them to continue upon the path and to complete the journey of their Amirs. Indeed we are with them inshā’Allāh, we shall not relent in supporting them and assisting them, progressing upon the path of Khaṭṭab, Abū Walīd, Shāmil and Umarov. We ask Allah the Blessed and Exalted to keep us firm upon their path and join us with them without disgrace nor suffering from tribulation.


We seek to fight, so we may sacrifice a soul – no sacrifice made after it, so that we may be forgiven
Our cheeks refuse that they should be slapped – and upon soil after the stabbing they stumble
No master from among us has died on his bed – or has been late to the sounds of the battlefields
And when a leader among us falls in battle, there rises – In his footsteps an audacious, generous hunter
And fighting for the noble ones is not a disgraceful act – the Prophet’s wish was to fight if he could repeat it
And fighting for Allah is not but an honour – for martyrdom is for the sins is an expiation
Fighting is better than living a life of humiliation – it forbids the depraved by its authority and its command
O God, keep strengthened our attire – until you see our dead bodies sacrificed for You scattered

Translated by Musa Cerantonio – www.facebook.com/MusaCerantonioIIwww.twitter.com/MusaCerantonio

Jabhat an-Nusra reacts on ISIS spokesman al-’Adnānī (Part III) – Shaykh Fārūq Abū Hamām as-Sūrī

The third statement by a Jabhat an-Nusra leader / AQ member about the infight with ISIS

Part I
Part II




بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Al-Baseera Media Productions Presents:

English Translation & Transcript of:
“Silsalah al-Shahada: Chain of Testimonies”

Shaykh Farouq Abu Hamam al-Suri

May Allah Preserve Him

قُلْ هَٰذِهِ سَبِيلِي أَدْعُو إِلَى اللَّهِ ۚ عَلَىٰ بَصِيرَةٍ أَنَا وَمَنِ اتَّبَعَنِي ۖ وَسُبْحَانَ اللَّهِ وَمَا أَنَا مِنَ الْمُشْرِكِينَ

{Say: “This is my way; I invite to Allah with insight, I and those who follow me. And exalted is Allah; and I am not of those who associate others with Him.”}
[Qur’an; 12:108]

Important points mentioned by the Shaykh in his testimony:

• His witness on Jama’at al-Dawla breaking their words, promises and treaties.

• His witness that Jama’at al-Dawla removed troops from Ribaat against the Regime to fight other Muslim groups elsewhere, or left lines undefended knowingly risking the safety of the Muslims.

• His witness thatJama’at al-Dawla resisted efforts at mediation and reconciliation, or to settle affairs in Islamic Court and instead insisted on fighting despite loss of Muslim blood, on all sides.

[Video Begins]
[Footage of Al-Farouq Special Forces Training Camp Qandahar]

Nasheed: Oh Allah I ask You; You are the helper, and You are the shelter to the believers, here we are coming back to the pure spring here we are coming back we left our normal life we left the rest and comfort our marinate are on the face of the sun the field is full of flags and gatherings the voice in the field is a voice of lions hurricane and thunders declaring in every universe, Khiber Khiber ,Yah Yahud ,the army of Muhammad will come back.

A Brief Biography of Shaykh Farouq Abu Hamam al-Suri:

Shaykh Abu Hamam al-Suri also known as Farouq al-Suri travelled to Afghanistan in the nineties, between the years 1998-1999 he joined the Al-Ghuraba training camp of Shaykh Abu Musa’ab al-Suri for a year before moving on to Qandahar’s famous Al-Farouq training camp, also known as “the airport camp” which wasused to train the Special Forces of the Afghan Mujahideen. Shaykh Abu Hamam graduated from Al-Farouq among the best students, coming in second only after Abu al-Abas al-Zhrani, who was one of the heroes of the blessed raids of 9/11.

Following his graduation he was thereafter assigned as an Amir over the region of the Qandahar Airport by Shaykh Sayf al-Adl, from Tandheem Qaidat al-Jihad’s Majlis Shura. Shaykh Abu Hamam also worked as a trainer in Al-Farouq camp, where he gave Baya’a to Shaykh Osama bin Laden by shaking hands with the Shaykh may Allah have Mercy on him and accept him.

Shaykh Abu Hamam was made responsible for the Muhajireen from Sham in Afghanistan and was the one who watched after their affairs in Khorasan. He participated in most of the battles which occurred and took place after the Crusader’s invasion of Afghanistan.

He was with Shaykh Sayf al-Adl until Shaykh Mustafa Abu al-Yazid ordered him to work in Iraq before the fall of Baghdad, where he stayed for about four months, as an official representative of Tandheem Qaidat al-Jihad from the leadership in Khorasan.

During that period, he met Shaykh Abu Musa’ab al-Zarqawi, and Shaykh and Abu Hamza al-Muhajir, may Allah have Mercy on and accept them both. While in Iraq, the Iraqi intelligence arrested him and handed him to the Syrians who later released him as nothing was affirmed against him.

After the beginning of Jihad in Iraq, he was assigned as the military leader in the office of Mujahideen services, Abu Musaa’b al-Zarqawi used to send his Amirs to receive training from Shaykh Abu Hamam before returning to him.

After the beginning of the brutal campaign of arrests in Syria in 2005 at the hands of the Nusayris, he went to Lebanon, then to Afghanistan per the order of the mashayekh there. He was ordered by Shaykh Atiyat Allah, who was responsible for all foreign operations then, to work inside Syria and directly report to Al-Qaeda.
He was arrested in Lebanon and jailed for five years. After he was released, he joined Qaedatul Jihad in Al-Shaam, Jabhat al-Nusra. He now holds the position of the Military Commander of Jabhat al-Nusra. May Allah aid him.

[Beginning of Testimony]

In the name of Allah, and may Peace and Blessing be upon the Messenger of Allah and upon his family and his household. O Allah! There is no ease except what You have made easy, and You ease the difficulties if You Will.Oh Allah! Show us the right as right and make us follow it,and show us the wrong as wrong and make us avoid it. O Allah!Guide us to the what (people have differed in) by your Will. Verily You guide whom You will to a straight path.

When the problems started in [the city of] Orim, I went to Abu ‘Umar al-Tunisi, as he was the Commander in-charge of operations in Orim al-Kubra. He was gathering his soldiers to attack and raid ‘Fawj 46′ [old military base where the Mujahideen were now stationed]. I met him, and it was a very uneasy and tense situation.I tried to understand what was happening, why they [Jama’at al-Dawla] were attacking, and also what the reason was. However,he started accusing me and screamed at me:

“How could you cooperate with the Free Syrian Army (FSA)?! You are with the Murtadeen! You are protecting the Murtadeen! You are standing with the Murtadeen!”

I asked: “What do you mean by ‘Murtadeen’?”

He said: “How could you take ‘Baya’a’ from the FSA, from Abu Jalal?!”

A long discussion then happened between him and I. I wanted to stop that battle, to preserve the [Muslim] blood but they [Dawla] insisted on continuing it –I couldn’t stop the fighting.

I told him: “I want to see your commanding officer.” He sent me to Abu Osama al-Maghribi. Now of course there was arrogance and smugness.I stood at the door, waiting for Abu Osama al-Maghribi to meet me, for three hours.

By then, of course, it was extremely late. During the evening, a brother came and entered to meet Abu Osama and sat with him.The mere thought of stopping the battle didn’t exist. We tried to communicate with the leadership in Dawla but we could not.

Very late that in the night we were able to communicate with Abu al-Ather. I met him with a delegation of brothers. He was extremely convulsive and angry. We entered to meet Abu al-Ather, me and the brothers, and talked with him about ‘Fawj 46′

I told him: “Let’s consider that it’s over. You attacked the barracks; you took the weapons and the ammunition. Let’s cease firing and stop it to preserve the [Muslim] blood and to prevent the fitna from getting bigger, and stop the killing.”

Now until that moment there weren’t any sisters kidnapped, imprisoned, raped… Even until now it has not been affirmed, and such claims are not verified or true [that any sisters were taken or raped as a result of these clashes], but I am talking about during that visit [in specific], nothing [like that] had occurred.

He [Abu al-Ather] was extremely angry. He was talking on the radio to someone and said: “Order all those on the front lines to withdraw. Today, I want to break into al-Atarib [a town near the base]; I want to wipe them out!”

I said: “Fear Allah! How can you want to bring the soldiers who are on the front lines [against the Syrian regime] to fight a group part of FSA? If the army comes in, it will rape the women, and kill everybody, [those from] Dawla and the other than them!”

He said: “Let the army enter and rape the women!”

I said: “Fear Allah! What you said is not permissible.”

He said: “Let the army enter and rape their women. Let them go and defend their women.”

I tried to talk to him, to make him understand; however, I did not find him to be a responsible person, nor does he deserve to be in a position of authority, carrying the responsibility of the Muslims, their blood and their honour.

I said to Abu al-Ather: “We [Jubahat al-Nusra] have a base in Fawj [46]. Don’t you know that we are based there?”

He said: “Yes, we know”

I said: “Didn’t you see the flag of Jabhat al-Nusra over the barracks. Don’t you know that there is a battalion which gave their baya’a to Jabhat al-Nusra, and our brothers are there, and there is an Islamic advisor there teaching the brothers there?”

He said: “We know that.”

I said: “So you know that there was Jabha in the Fawj [46]?”

He said: “Yes. Those that were Jabhat Al-Nusrah gave Bay’a to us, and now they have become Dawla.”

I said: “How? I do not understand you?”

He said: “The person who had given the Bay’a to you, after a week they gave the Baya’a to us, and he is my old friend and we were in many battles together. We were shocked when we discovered that he gave the Bay’a to Jabha, so I sat with him and did not leave him until he gave the Bay’a to the Dawla.”

I said: “Subhan Allah! You blamed us for taking Bay’a from this brigade and considered them FSA and ‘Murtadeen’, and [accused us] of ‘helping the “Murtadeen”’ and that we have allied with the ‘murtadeen’ .It turns out that the same person was your friend, and you took Bay’a.”

He said: “He is my old friend and still is.”

I said to Abu al-Ather: “Now if you stop the battle all the battalions in FSA are ready to cease fire, and the terms are to withdraw from Fawj 46.

He said: “We will not withdraw, and we will not take one step backwards!”

I said: “[Not even] to preserve the blood, the blood of our and your brothers, the blood of the Muslims?”

He said: “Now we will gather all the soldiers from the front lines and attack the base and eradicate them”

Of course on the next day we went to Abu Osama al-Maghribi. We tried to negotiate ceasefire, as he was the one responsible for that area militarily, we said: “How did you attack the base and our brothers were inside and you killed them?”

He said: “We don’t know that your brothers were inside and we didn’t know that there were Jabha [there]”

I said: “How? The flag was there?”

He said: “We attacked during the night. We didn’t notice the flag.”

I said: “Our brothers were there. No one talked to them. No one informed them.”

He said: “No the attackers were all non-Arabs and don’t speak or understand Arabic, and they entered during the night and killed the people who were inside. Things worked out that way…It is a small issue anyway.”

I was among the delegation which was striving for a ceasefire between Dawla and the other armed groups. We couldn’t reach a commander in Dawla who is a decision-maker, until we reached Abu Ali al-Anbari. We asked him for a decision-maker, he said: “I’m a decision maker and my decision is binding to everyone in the Dawla, even al-Baghdadi.”

We said: “Good. We have a representative from each group.” Al-Jabha was given authority by some parties to represent them in negotiations. We talked a lot with Abu Ali al-Anbari, but we didn’t reach a resolution. We said to him: “Be careful now, the people have revolted against you.”

He said: “No, they didn’t revolt; on the contrary the people love us.”

I said: “You don’t know what is happening in reality. The people have taken up arms to fight you.”

He said: “We will fight whoever carries weapons against us.”

I said: “The armed groups [Mujahideen] and the people, and those who have claimed that you have done injustice towards them.”

He said: “We will fight them all. We will wipe them out. We will either eradicate them or they us! We will eradicate all who take up arms against us, against the Dawla…” During his speech he was repeating: “They are Sahawat. They are Murtadeen. We will exterminate them!” And we left the meeting with him, achieving nothing.

We came to discover that he is not a responsible person, someone in such a high position (the second man in the Dawla) wants to exterminate the people. Wanting to exterminate all those who carry arms against Dawla.

Even when the mediator says to him: “All the groups and the battalions will succumb to an Islamic Court.”

He replied in front of me, and Allah is witness to what I say: [He said:] “When we finish [killing everyone], then let there be an Islamic Court.” His speech and declarations prove that he is an irresponsible person.

They [Dawla] use the youth and the Mujahideen in battles against the fighting groups (both the Islamic and the un-Islamic groups) and the Mujahid has no value according to them. They consider the Mujahid as a person who came to die so [let him] go and die.

I went with some noble brothers to ‘Umar al-Shishani, trying to reach a ceasefire agreement. We had a lengthy meeting with him. It was a very exhaustive session, and we finally reached a ceasefire agreement, on the condition that Dawla stops its [transgressive] behaviour, and on the other hand, we tried along with all the fighting groups, to stop the fighting and then take the case to an Islamic Court after the cessation of hostilities. After the establishment of an Islamic Court, there would be a judgement regarding the disagreements and the conflicts between all sides.

I said to ‘Umar al-Shishani: “We want to authenticate this agreement, to make the other groups believe us.” Of course, he agreed even though most of his assistants around him objected to that and they were very agitated that we sat and authenticated that agreement. And it was an agreement between the General Military Commander [Leader of Military affairs] in Jabhat al-Nusra and the General Military Commander in Dawla agreeing to a ceasefire in all places that there was infighting between Dawla and other parties.

And we asked him: “Is this agreement binding to Dawla?”

He [Omar al-Shishani] said: “Yes, it is.”

And a brother that was with me said to him: “Was what you said binding upon the Dawla?”

He [Omar al-Shishani] said: “Yes it is a binding agreement upon the Dawla everywhere. I am the Military Commander of Dawla and this agreement is binding upon al-Dawla.”

Of course, ‘Umar al-Shishani, was in hurry to apply the cease fire, and said to me: “When will the ceasefire start?”

I said to him: “I need to reach the leadership and inform the rest of the battalions and the groups.”

He said: “That needs [a lot of] time. We need to hurry up.”

I said: “This needs at least two days.”

He said: “No, this is too long. You must hurry, brother.”

I said: “At least two days. I can’t [do this] in less than two days, I have to inform the central command in Jabhatal-Nusra, then the rest of the groups about this agreement.”

He [Omar al-Shishani] was encouraging me to expedite things. There were with ‘Umar al-Shishani some who objected to the idea, and they were encouraging him to fight and not to stop and to not agree on anything.

On the next day, as a sign of their good intention [sarcasm intended], they sent a car bomb to Anadan and a Military convoy [raiding party] to Minbij. I don’t know who is the decision maker in Dawla — an agreement to a ceasefire [was reached] and on the very next day, car bombs and attacking villages. The agreement was nothing except ink on paper, and we couldn’t reach a single leader who makes a decision in the Dawla.

We were unsuccessful in reaching a man of authority in Jama’at ad-Dawla, who will strive to achieve a ceasefire and to preserve the blood of Muslims and the blood of our brothers. Subhan Allah, we were assiduous to preserve the blood of Muslims and the Mujahideen from amongst Dawla and the others.

We tried in several areas to achieve a ceasefire. Even when the FSA came to break into al-Sinaeya [industrial city], we heard that Dawla retreated from their bases, so we sent brothers [from Jabhat al-Nusra] to ensure that the brothers entered to one of their bases carefully.

There was no one inside, except planted mines and explosives. He returned and told us about that so we sent a brother who was an explosives expert who defused it. They had placed barrels of TNT and behind it barrels of chlorine. If those barrels exploded they would produce the deadly gas of chlorinate.

There were civilians and women and children in Al-Sina’eya [industrial city]. If those barrels exploded, it would have been a massacre, and it would have caused the death of many women and children who were evacuated from [other] cities and were taking refuge in Al-Sina’eya [industrial city]. Everyone would have died. Laa hawla wa laa quwata illabillah. [There is no Power or Might except with Allah]

As for the car bombs, I myself saw the operation of al-Moshat. A car bomb came and the operative detonated it at the gate of al-Moshat. The second car bomb, the operative detonated himself inside the village of Fafen, before he got out of the village and before he reached al-Moshat. A driver of a third car one-hundred meters behind the second, blew himself up in his car beside the gas station.

The two cars were exploded inside the village amongst the civilians, and there were no [soldiers there] neither from the FSA nor from Jabhat al-Nusra, nor from any other group. The two cars were exploded within the village. I saw that with my [own] eyes and the remains of the explosion and the destruction are still there until now for all those who want to see. Hasbuna Allahu wane’ma al-wakeel.

As for my meeting with Abu al-Ather and Abu Ali al-Anbari and ‘Umar al-Shishani and the car bombs in the village of Fafen and the barrels of chlorinate in Al-Sina’eya [industrial city], I make Allah the Witness that I observed that by myself, and Allah is Witnesses on what I said…

Jabhat an-Nusra reacts on ISIS spokesman al-’Adnānī (Part II) – Abū Firās as-Sūrī

The second testimony by one of Jabhat an-Nusra’s senior members. Abū Firās as-Sūrī




بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


Al-Baseera Media Productions Presents:
English Translation & Transcript of:

“Silsalah al-Shahada: Chain of Testimonies”

Shaykh Abu Firas al-Suri
May Allah Preserve Him

قُلْ هَٰذِهِ سَبِيلِي أَدْعُو إِلَى اللَّهِ ۚ عَلَىٰ بَصِيرَةٍ أَنَا وَمَنِ اتَّبَعَنِي ۖ وَسُبْحَانَ اللَّهِ وَمَا أَنَا مِنَ الْمُشْرِكِينَ
{Say: “This is my way; I invite to Allah with insight, I and those who follow me. And exalted is Allah; and I am not of those who associate others with Him.”}
[Qur’an; 12:108]

Important points mentioned by the Shaykh in his testimony:

• His witness on the threats of Jamaat Al-Dawla to kill Abu Khalid al-Suri.

• His witness on that Jamaat Al-Dawla makes Takfeer upon the people based on what is not a sin, but a righteous deed.

A Brief Biography of Shaykh Abu Firas al-Suri:

Shaykh Abu Firas was born in 1369H. (1949) in the countryside of Damascus. He attended the Military University and graduated as an officer attaining the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. Due to his Islamic views, his military service ceased in 1979 after the incident which happened in the Artillery School.

He was a trainer between 1977-1980 to the Mujahideen in At-Tali’a Al-Muqatila and he participated in many operations against the [Syrian] regime between the years of 1979-1980. In 1980 he moved to Jordan and the following year he left for Afghanistan where he trained the Mujahideen in several military sciences at various training camps in Khorasaan.

While in Afghanistan, Shaykh Abu Firas met the two Shaykhs, Shaykh Abdullah ‘Azzam and Shaykh ‘Usamah ibn Ladin (in 1983), he continued to train the Mujahideen in specially prepared camps to carry out operations in; India, Indonesia, Burma and Iran.

Shaykh Abu Firas participated in military operations in Khost and Jalaabad and he was active in participating in the Shura charged with reconciling the differences among the Mujahideen of Afghanistan.

He was an envoy of Shaykh ‘Usmah bin Ladin to call the people of Pakistan to perform Jihad, and he met a delegation of the leaders of Jihad in Pakistan such as Sami’a al-Haq the leader of the Haqani University where most of the Afghani and Taliban scholars graduated from.

He was key in convincing Jama’at Ahl al-Hadith to form a Jihadi group and met some of their leadership. Further, some were persuaded by him to form a new group called: Jamat al-Dawa and another militant group Lashkar-i-Tayyaba, which Shaykh Abu Firas trained while the finance came from Shaykh ‘Usama and was led by Zaik al-Rahman.

Shaykh Abu Ibrahim al-Iraqi, along with Shaykh Abu Firas formed rapid response force for Hekmatyar. Abu Firas and Shaykh Abu ‘Ubaida al-Binshiri and Shaykh Abu Hafs al-Misri formed the Masada Military Shura Council. He had also met Shaykh Abu Musa’ab al-Zarqawi and coordinated together to start efforts in Bilad al-Sham.
During the American invasion, he worked in securing the families of the Pakistani Mujahideen.

In 2003, he immigrated to Yemen and stayed there until he returned to Bilad al-Sham in 2013 when the conflict between Jabhat al Nusra and Jama’at al-Dawla took place. Where he desperately tried along with Shaykh Abu Khalid al-Suri al-Suri to address the issues, however his attempts failed due of the arrogance of Jama’at al-Dawla. He eventually joined the ranks of Tandheem Qaidat al-Jihad’s representative in al-Sham, Jabhat al-Nusra, where he is today.


[Beginning of Testimony]

All Praise is dueto Allah and may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon our Prophet, the Messengers and upon his household and his companions all.

I never thought about talking about Ad-Dawla and about the crimes that have been committed by them against the Islamic Umma, and against Islam, [until after] the speech of al-Adnani, which was full of awful transgressions, and wherein he accused our brother Abu Abdullah al-Shami of lying and invited him to do Mubahala.

And I will talk about two points: firstly the issue of threatening Abu Khalid al-Suri; and secondly the issue that they [Dawla] make Takfeer based upon righteous deeds:

As for the Takfeer of Abu Khalid al-Suri:

In this very place, I met Shaykh Abu Khalid al-Suri (rahimahullah) hours before he died, and he said to me:“They [Dawla] put me [Shaykh Abu Khalid al-Suri] on their ‘black list’ and they want to assassinate me.”

I smiled at him and said: “Life is in the Hand of Allah.” [The time of your death is already Decreed.]

He replied: “And you be careful because you are a target as well”.

I didn’t comment on that too much and said to him;“We don’t care, our lives are in The Hand of Allah.” but he didn’t like my nonchalance, and insisted on me to be careful and said that we are targets and at the top of the list.”

I said to him: “Depend on Allah and take care of yourself.”

And he approved that and said:“Many threats reached me from them [Dawla]. I don’t say this based upon suspicion. I received many threats on my life and they warned me about it.”

On the next day, after only a few hours, I was informed of his martyrdom, may Allah be merciful with him.

As for the second point, which is that they make Takfeer based upon righteous deeds:

Since the conflict began between them and the other groups and since the first day that we tried to bring them all to reconciliation and sort all the problems out, we went to Jamaat al-Dowla to strive to reconcile and to solve the issue, and during that first meeting, Abu Ali al-Anabari said: “What do you want?”

We said to him we propose three points as one [solution];

Firstly: to cease firing [stop the fighting],
Secondly:exchange the prisoners,
Thirdly:establish Islamic courts to judge in all the cases of the conflicts.

But he [al-Anbari] rejected this offer.

And that was in front of the committee which was formed of four from Jabht al-Nusra, Abu Hasan Taftanasi, myself, Abu Hammam al-Shami , and Abu ‘Ubaida al-Tunisi, the Shari in the military office (of Jabhat Al-Nusra).

Also present was Abu Abdullah from Al-Farouq , and brother Mansor from Ajnad al-Aqsa ,and Shaykh Abdullah al-Mohaisni.

He [Abu ‘Ali al-Anbari] reprimanded us for reconciling between them and the ‘murtadeen’ [apostates].

We said: “We do not consider them murtadeen”

He said: “This is a disagreement between us and you.” [meaning the ruling as to whether they were Muslim or murtad.] and he insisted that we shouldn’t be mediators between them and the “murtadeen.”

After a long discussion about this matter he said: “Let me consult [my superiors]”. Then he came back after an hour and a half, he said:“We will tell you our decision on the morning.” The next morning, we came to him, and they [Dawla] had announced that they had killed Abu Saa’ad al-Hadrimi, the Amir o fal-Raqqa from Jabhat al-Nusra.

But we let it pass [this transgression] and did not discuss it, in order that we could focus on the reconciliation, but he [Abu ‘Ali al-Anbari] asked to meet the members of Jabht al-Nusra alone, so we went into another room, he said: “What did you do?”

We said: “What?”

He said: “What are you doing? Don’t you know what you are doing?”

We said: “What did we do? You tell us.”

He said: “How dare you raise your flag over our base in Darit Azza?”

We said: “We raised our flag over your residence in Darit Azza to protect your soldiers because the FSA was about to raid the base and imprison all your members there or kill them, but the Amir of Jabhat al-Nusra in that area entered and prevented the FSA from doing that.And took the brothers [the soldiers from Jamat al-Dawla] and sent them to you safely with all respect and good manners.”

He said: “We don’t accept [this], even if they [the soldiers from Dawla] all died, we don’t need your mediation, and raising your flag over our base is not acceptable.”

We said: “They are your brothers, do you sacrifice your soldiers for not hoisting a flag over your residence? We can now lower the flag down, and you send back your soldiers.”

Then I said: “The situation requires wisdom”

He said: “We don’t care, either we eliminate them or they eliminate us.”

I said: “Ya Shaykh, the situation needs to be handled with wisdom. I am asking you a question, is it wise to announce that you killed Abu Saa’ad al-Hadrami the Amir of Jabht al-Nusra in al-Raqqa?”

He said: “We don’t care. It’s not important to us.”

I said: “Leave it aside if it’s important or unimportant to you.I am asking you is it wise to announce that you killed him?”

He said: “We don’t care.”

Then brother Abu ‘Ubaida al-Tunisi asked him: “Why did you kill him?”

He [Abu ‘Ali al-Anbari] said: “Because he is a murtad, and admitted that he is a murtad.”

Abu ‘Ubaida replied: “What made you consider him a murtad?”

He [al-Anbari] said: “He is taking the Baya’a from the FSA.”

I said: “Ya Abu Ali! Is taking the Bya’a from the FSA considered as Rida? He is bringing the people to Jihad, it is a righteous [praiseworthy] thing.”

He [al-Anbari] said: “Yes he is a murtad for taking the Baya’a from the FSA.”

This Takfeer is not based on minor or major sins. This Takfeer is based upon righteous deeds!

And he said that in front of Abu ‘Ubaida al-Tunisi, Abu al-Hassan Taftnaz, and me.

And I swear on this, and I’m ready to bear witness on this in front of Allah and all of His creations.

All that I mentioned regarding our brother Abu Khalid (Rahimahullah) and our brother Abu Saa’ad al-Hadirimi, and how they killed him for taking Bay’a from the FSA , I swear on it, and I emphasise and swear to Allah that they said that, and I heard that by my [own] ears what each of Abu Khalid and al-Anbari said. I swear to Allah about this!

And may peace and blessing be upon the prophet Muhammad and upon his family and companions.

[End of Testimony]


Audio clip from part of the speech from Shaykh Abu Abdullah al-Shaami, may Allah preserve him, about the Takfeer of Jama’at al-Dawla:

“And the Khawarij used to make Takfeer on the Major sins, but such is the extremism in Takfeer of Jamat al-Dawla, today, [that they] are now making Takfeer regarding what is less than the major sins, even regarding what is not [even considered] a sin, even [making Takfeer] on the permissible maters, and even upon righteous deeds!”

And Abu Abdullah al-Shaami said:

“As an example of their Takfeer depending on righteous deeds [is their] making Takfeer upon Shaykh Saa’ad al-Hadrami, when al-Baghdadi’s vice was asked about the reasons of the apostasy of Shaykh al-Hadrami, may Allah accept him, he said: ‘He was taking Baiya’t from the Free Syrian Army (FSA)”. But is taking Bay’a from FSA is Rida’a (apostasy).”What is more extremism after this matter?”