al-Furqan media: Salil as-Sawarim ~ Part IV

An official English translation of Salil as-Sawarim (The Clanking of the Swords) Part IV



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11 comments on “al-Furqan media: Salil as-Sawarim ~ Part IV

  1. […] fell apart after the US left: The Maliki government abandoned and harassed them. A recent ISIS propaganda video shows militants forcing a Sahwa commander and his son to dig their own graves. The chances of Maliki […]

  2. palomino says:

    This is what the Nazis missed to film like this when they were in charge some 70 years ago !
    It is appaling to see how wasted the hearts and minds of ISIS’ followers must be if this video can be used for promotional use !

  3. Anonymous says:

    […] y en ingles aqui […]

  4. Hugh Slaman says:

    What a mess these Western countries have made in this whole area, through their carving up the land, their constant, knowing support for one tyrant after another (including Saddam Hussein at one time), their genocidal blockades, their military adventurism and their utterly incompetent mismanagement of the countries they invade!

    • Proud Atheist says:

      We didn’t MAKE the mess, we just made it much worse. I am ashamed to have been manipulated into being a part of it.

  5. how do they know
    where the guys in the cars they shoot up are going? or who is in them?

    • Ibn Abu Jassem says:

      They’re watching a road leading to an Iraqi millitary base, killing the ones who are on their way to fight the Islamic State. No innocents were killed in this video.

  6. also why if they are so righteous do they hide their faces?

  7. last comment, Just too many questions to ask here, “Why do they kill the unarmed & the surrendering” ?

  8. Mayhem says:

    A tactical nuke on Ar-Raqqah. Problem solved.

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