al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb ~ The Year of Jam’a – The Hope of the Umma

After the proclamation of the Islamic State / Caliphate by the Islamic State in Iraq ad as-Shām reactions by opposing al-Qaeda branches were to be expected. Here is the official reaction by al-Qaeda in the Maghreb:





In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb

***The Year of Jama’ah … The Hope of the Ummah***

Praise be to Allah, who said in His Holy Book: “And do not dispute and [thus] lose courage and [then] your strength would depart; and be patient. Indeed, Allah is with the patient.” (Al-Anfal, 46). Peace and prayers be upon he who was sent as a mercy upon mankind, who said: “Allah’s Hand is with the Jama’ah” (Ibn ‘Abbas), and on his pure family and his companions and those who followed them cheerfully to the Day of Judgment… And henceforth:

We begin this statement by congratulating our Muslim brothers everywhere on the holy month of Ramadan, praying to Allah to make it a victorious month for the Muslims and for this month to lessen the agonies of the Muslims and heal their wounds. We ask You O Allah to grant victory to the Mujahideen and to free the captured and imprisoned, amen.

We followed and did not overlook the recent incidents in Sham and why would we not do that since Sham is the land of the believers and the angels of the Gracious have spread their wings over it, and on its land the Muslim epics will take place.

We remained silent all this time not because of our inability to speak, nor a lack to be upfront, but we feared that our words will add fuel to the inflamed fire, as many who lie in wait for the Jihad of the Muslims in Sham have done, and many added flames to the fire of fitna, and there is no power but from Allah. We feared that the enemies of Allah would take advantage of our words and distort them against a group of the Mujahideen, as we hoped that the rift would mend and the ordeal would ease. We were not content with hope and silence, but we secretly tried to mend the situation with the help of other Jihadi groups, believing that conflict among the Mujahideen should be resolved secretly away from the eyes and ears of the lurking media enemies. Allah allowed incidents to accelerate and we were not successful as Allah commanded before and after.

Today, while standing in front of the most serious of these incidents, it became necessary to stipulate our position, record our words, and advise our Ummah and our brothers, and we seek help and steadfastness from Allah, may His glory be glorified.

We heard as the Mujahideen and Muslims have heard the words of the official spokesman of the Islamic State in Iraq and Sham announcing the restoration of the Caliphate and pledging allegiance to Sheikh Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as a Caliph to the Muslims. With such an announcement, we say:

First: The establishment of the Caliphate based on the prophetic platform which governs by the law of Allah in Muslims and unifies their word and preserves their noble deeds, is the effort of every truthful Mujahid and every organizations and Jihadi group that is known for their speaking the truth and the validity of their approach, and sacrificed and continues to sacrifice the soul and blood, and spends money for that cause.

Second: It is obvious to all Muslims and Jihad organizations with a truthful approach that such an announcement (about the Caliphate) cannot come without Shura, in accordance with the command of Allah the Glorious to His believing slaves: “Those who conduct their affairs with Shura” (Ash-Shura, 38). And He said to His Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him: “and consult them in affairs” (Al-Imran, 159). We speak before everyone when we say that when the signs of fitna appeared in Sham, the brothers in the Dawla brought to our attention what happened, and we thank them for this and their trusting us.

So how today when the affliction and issues greater do they make such an announcement without the advice of the leaders of the Mujahideen, whose honesty has been proven and who have advised their Ummah and pursued the establishment of Khilafat-e-Rashida.

O our brothers in the Islamic State what is your position on the command of the Taliban and their Emir Mullah Muhammad Umar, may Allah protect him, who sacrifice his state for a group of Muhajireen, including the founder of the Islamic State in Iraq, Sheikh Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, may Allah have mercy on him? What is your position on Sheikh Ayman al-Zawahiri, who hardly gave a speech without commending your heroism in Iraq, even though you disagreed with him recently? What is your position on the Islamic Emirate of the Caucasus? What is your position on the leaders of al-Qaeda branches in other areas and others from the Mujahideen?

This, let alone the scholars and callers, the people of truthfulness who proved thier dedication to Islam and called for the establishment of the Caliphate, and did not settle for the tyrants who rule with positive law in loyalty to the enemies of their Ummah. Most notable are the Lion of Tawhid Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, Sheikh Abu Qatada al-Falastini, Mujahid Sheikh Abu al-Walid al-Gazzi, the renewing Sheikh Suleiman al-’Alwan, who spent so many years in prison because of his support for Jihad in Iraq. The matter is greater than to be bounded by jurisprudential or political differences, for it is the Caliphate which all Muslims desire, the devoted and the wicked.

Fourth: In light of the new reality, we call upon those responsible ones, scholars and emirs, especially Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, Sheikh Abu al-Walid al-Gazzi, Sheikh Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Mulla Muhammad Umar, Sheikh Ayman al-Zawahiri, Sheikh Nasir al-Wuhaishi, Sheikh Abu al-Zubair, Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Julani, among other scholars and Mujahideen commanders to agree on one statement, mend the flow inside the unified house away from media so they can achieve the purity of Islam and unity of Muslims and to prevent bloodshed.

Fifth: We clearly declare that we will be at the forefront to abide by what they decide. As we await this honorable decision, we reiterate that we still pledge allegiance to our Sheikh and Emir Ayman al-Zawahiri, as our allegiance to him is firm and we do not see a reason to disaffirm it as it is an allegiance to Jihad to liberate Muslim lands and affirm Islamic Shariah law in it and bring back the Caliphate that is based on prophetic principles.

Sixth: We put our position in front of the scholars of our Ummah, head by the leading sheikhs of the Mujahideen and their references, to state their opinion very clearly on this calamity, and to make right our position if they see it to be distorted. Truth is our demand. This is the right time to mend the rift and direct the Mujahideen.

And we cannot fail in this regard to direct the following messages:

We call upon all the Jihadi groups fighting with the Dawla, head by our brothers in Jabhat al-Nusra, to stop their incitement against it, and to commit to the orders of Sheikh Ayman, may Allah protect him, as we call on our brothers in the Islamic State to commit to them. All this is to prepare the reconciliation between them, as a truthful believer does not rejoice for the fighting among the Mujahideen, and none finds joy in it but the malevolent enemy or envious hypocrite.

We hope the Jihad groups contribute to this endeavor and refer it to the scholars in order to collect the word of the Mujahideen and make the lurking enemy miss the opportunity.

We remind all the Jihadi media outlets that any announcement or position that does not come from al-Andalus Media Foundation does not represent al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, as we point out the need to verify and investigate the credibility of the carrier.

Finally: We emphasize that the Islamic Caliphate is our demand, and we strive for that through our Jihad and our fight against the enemies of the Ummah who are conspiring night and day to prevent its establishment, and want the Caliphate based on the prophetic platform and based on Shura, and that strives to unite Muslims and preserve their blood. We also emphasize that there is still time to mend the issues in this announcement, through involving the symbols of knowledge and Jihad in this decision and taking their opinion, as they are the first to be described as the people of resolution and agreement.

O Allah! Conclude for this Ummah the righteous matter that glorifies the people who obey You and humiliates the people who disobey you!

O Allah! Unify the ranks of the Muslims and disappoint the enemies who lie in wait for them and overturn the plotting of the hypocrites and the rumor-sowers!

Our last prayer is praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.

Al-Andalus Foundation for Media Production

6 Ramadan 1435H, Corresponding: 4 July 2014M

“And Be Not Like Her who Undoes the Thread which She has Spun, After it has Become Strong” ~ By Shaykh Abū Muhammad al-Maqdisī

A new message by Jihādī idiologist Abū Muhammad al-Maqdisī regarding the Islamic State / Caliphate.


“And Be Not Like Her who Undoes the Thread which She has Spun, After it has Become Strong” (An-Nahl, 92) – 13 Ramadan 1435H

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

All praise be to Allah. Peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah. And henceforth…

The Caliphate and the Imamate are among the important positions and great matters for the people of Islam, which the faithful of the people of Islam continue to aspire to restore and establish, and their anticipation of these affected them until a group rose out of haste to establish the Caliphate and install a Caliph. They made the Imam already established on the people of Islam, a man with no authority nor dominion, who sought refuge in London, and they called upon people to pledge allegiance to him and made those who did not pledge allegiance to him sinners… and others narrowed the issue by claiming to be guides for others. Without a doubt this depicts a search for a rightly-guided Caliph whose leadership people would accept.

These attempts and their like were and still come in service of one person, and they have no place in reality among the Muslims. Instead, he is named and elected by his people and group, and he is not the choice of the actual responsible people in the Ummah, its divine scholars, who would always fade and recede without the Muslims being hit with despair or distortion of this great position in their chests…

But a group comes with predominantly extremist rhetoric, and an exclusionary approach in dealing with opposition, and has no consideration for the scholars of the Ummah and its prominent figures, and for it to claim its desire to implement the Shariah upon the Ummah, while it does not accept to be judged by it in disputes of blood and money of others! So it overcomes some aspects of the lands of the Muslims, and before it holds matters firmly, and people and the virtuous scholars agree upon it even in those lands, it declares the obligation to pledge to its Caliph that it named upon the Muslims all over the world, and the obligation upon the Muslims to emigrate to him, and it considers those who do not sinners… until it was necessary for fatwas such as that of Imam Malik about the invalidity of compelled divorce and the pledge of allegiance. I have received questions from women whose husbands gave them the choice between pledging to this Caliph or divorce. I said: Pledge if you hate divorce. This the pledge to something hated and it is not obligatory. The words of Imam Ahmed are known regarding the coercion of a woman by her husband even if it is correct if her husband threatens her with divorce… I categorize such questions and fatwas for the intransigence of the intransigent and their restriction upon the Muslims and intimidating them with the sword and branding them as sinners and infidels, and they exceed this by threatening women with divorce…

More serious than this divorce, and this is what called me to write these words, is what they made as a consequence of divorce among the members of the Mujahideen and their groups and leaders, and what they will spread of chaos in the ranks and destabilization of their structure, when their official spokesman said: “The message to the factions and groups all over the face of the earth, the Mujahideen, and those who work to support the religion of Allah, and raise the slogans of Islam, and to the leaders and emirs, we say: Fear Allah in yourselves, fear Allah in your Jihad… By Allah, we find no Shariah excuse for you in delaying to support this Dawla.” And he said: “As for you, the soldiers of the factions and organizations, understand that after this empowerment and the establishment of the caliphate, the legitimacy of your groups and organizations is invalidated, and it is impermissible for any of you who believes in Allah to sleep and not have bear loyalty to the Caliph.”

Therefore, reflect on how they invalidate the Jihad of the Mujahideen and incite to follow the followed, and put students over sheikhs… What is this conspiracy to fragment the ranks of the Mujahideen and undermine and weaken their structures…

We say to our brothers, the preachers and the Mujahideen all over the world: Listen to the words of Allah and His appeal, and strike against the wall that which violates them…

Allah the Exalted said: “O ye who believe! Obey Allah, and obey the messenger, and make not vain your deeds!” (Muhammad, 33) And the Exalted said: “And be not like her who undoes the thread which she has spun, after it has become strong.” (An-Nahl, 92)

So rally around your leaders, your heads, and your senior figures, and do not be weakened by the calls of those who fragment the ranks of the Muslims, those who see that there is no truth today but with them, and all who are not with them are the enemy…

They have even used and still used – I do not know if it is deliberate or by mistake or nonsense – in achieving the pillars of this heinous plot against this blessed group in particular and against the people of Islam in general… putting on the dress of a genuine Islamic project! And thus a segment of the children of this Ummah were deceived by them, and I do not doubt the sincerity of many of them and their fervor for Islam, but I question the wisdom of their minds and the accuracy of their understanding and knowledge… It is no secret to them that due to the intransigence of the leaders of this organization and their superficiality, haste, and short-sightedness, and their refusal to be guided by the guidance of the scholars, on whose writings they were raised and they are still studying, probably because of their penetration by deviants and extremists or others, that this plot was carried out and is still carried out against the people of this current in many ways, including:

- Eliminating those who oppose them from the veterans of the Mujahideen and those who are relied upon to reap the fruits of Jihad in Syria so that all that remains in the field is the stubborn and the ignorant, or the foolish and the inane.

The atmosphere is clear for you, so make it white and yellow *** and destroy what you wish to destroy

- Taking down the symbols of the jihadi current and its scholars because they did not get caught up with the choices of this organization and did not support its intransigence, its transgressions, and its deviations.

- Corrupting the compass of the current, dispersing the circle of its conflict with the tyrants, and moving the rifle from the chests of the enemies of the Ummah to the chests of its children from the sincere mujahideen or the Muslims in general, citing various excuses and generalizations they are not allowed to make.

- Distracting the people and diverting their attention from the Islamic project and burning any potential popular support and deterring any of the supporters across the Ummah from this current due to their bad practices and their application on the ground, and the ill-dealings with the people in their various strata and religions.

- Distorting the project of the Caliphate and the Islamic State in the chests of the people with their practices, their intransigence, and their extremism and bloodshed. This could deter the people from this project for a period a time after the failure of their experiment that is replete with drawbacks, transgressions, and violations.

- They exceeded all this with their aforementioned declaration: They work to fragment the ranks of those who strive for this religion, and the Mujahideen, and sabotage their groups that strive for the religion of Allah and pit their followers against their emirs, and their students against their sheikhs!

Have you ever seen fruits more ominous than these for this current and its children, than the call for building the Caliphate?! Does building the caliphate in a spot of the earth require taking down Da’wa and Jihad in all the other areas by fragmenting and scattering the jihadi groups and pitting them against their Sheikhs in the various battlefields?!

It is another conspiracy against this blessed current and its sincere groups. In summary: Either you are with us or we sow division in your ranks and strive to fragment them. It is the method used by the anarchists in our country when they impose themselves upon others, and during games you see them say, “either I play or I will ruin your game,” meaning, either they impose themselves and accept a primary player, or they will sabotage the game. These are morals apt for children of the streets and are not worthy of those who are part of Da’wa and Jihad… So What then if the choice that these people impose, either to preside over the game and directing it according to their whims, ignorance, and intransigence, or they will sabotage and corrupt it!?? Or in other words: Them or the flood.

The face is that this is the most dangerous part of their most recent declaration. As I said before, it does not harm me if they declared the Caliphate in Sham or in Iraq or in London!!

But the harmful matter is what have those people arranged and what did they arrange in terms of effects and acts based on this declaration??

We are not the enemies of the Caliphate, but we are from among the best of its supporters and preachers and those who strive to establish it and seek to restore it. However, the Caliphate is legitimate to preserve the essence of the Muslims and put their fragments back together, and not fragment or split their ranks. Thus is the Imam, as told by the Chosen Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him: “They fight behind him and they are protected by him.” (Narrated by Muslim) It is Paradise and protection of the Muslims from all evil, not a call or invitation to evil…

The Caliphate should be a haven and safe place for every Muslim… not a threat and a matter that intimidates and brings worry to the minds…

They abrogated their first pledge of allegiance to their leaders and rebelled against their emirs, and they transgressed against their senior figures when they declared the first state, and when they declared the second they shed protected blood and refused to be judged by the Shariah. Therefore, it is our right to ask: What will they do after the declaration of the Caliphate??

The most dangerous thing they have done so far call to fragment the Muslims and strive to split the ranks of their Jihadi and Da’wai groups, after they had split the Muslims in general betwen those who are with them and those who are against them. They did not show mercy to the weak among them, and did not excuse those who aligned with other than them from the groups in Syria. Instead, all who opposed them was either a backstabber who contradicted the pledge to them, or a Salooli, a Suroori, or Sahawati or supporter the Sahawat or lover of the Sahawat, or is seen or walks or goes with the Sahawat and so on… and they would kill those who did not pledge, and they were blamed for threatening to kidnap the wives of those who are against them!! This has not yet been proven to us, but if it were true then we would have with them quite an issue, may Allah defend the Muslim women from the evil of every aggressor and oppressor.

They know today when they call to disband the groups in order to pledge to them and to them, that there are superficial people in most of the groups, and most of those who listen to them are from this rank and from the ranks of the extremists, as well… and those whose enthusiasm and extremism dominates their wisdom, thought, and insight, their ignorance exceeds their knowledge. They build their hopes and manage the fuel of their battles upon those due to the separation from them of the scholars, the sages, and the people of understanding…

And then there is the fact of their call to abrogate the pledge of allegiance of the groups to break the jihadi current fragment their groups, and split their ranks. This makes us look to what is behind the masks and not take their path with the naïveté and superficiality of the masses… If the situation before declaring the Caliphate was: either you are with us or against us, how will they be after…?

The Caliphate should be a haven for the Muslims and their lost paradise that they seek, so do not make it hellfire upon them and increase their frustration…

It is the dream of the Muslims that they are trying to achieve, so do not maim this beautiful dream with your bullets that split open the heads of those who oppose you, and spill what is inside!! Instead, achieve it, if you wish, while having mercy for the Muslims and supporting the oppressed. You are mortal as others are mortal, so keep the good thought and not the mutilation, and contribution to the construction, which will be the pillars of the rightly-guided Islamic Caliphate, and not the intransigent, transgressing, and unjust one. Contribute to reuniting the people of Islam and their groups, and not fragmenting them. Contribute to supporting the oppressed and removing from them the hardships and not increase them. Contribute to preserving the blood of the Muslims, not spilling it…

Imams Ahmed, Muslims, and al-Nisa’i reported that Abu Huraira said: “Whoso attacks my Ummah killing the righteous and the wicked of them, sparing not even those staunch in faith and fulfilling not his promise made with those who have been given a pledge of security – he has nothing to do with me and I have nothing to do with him.”

The Caliph Sulaiman bin Abdul Malik said to the Follower Salamah bin Dinar al-Madani, the ascetic: O Abu Hazim, what do you say in what we are in? [Salamah] said: Would you pardon me [from this question], O Emir al-Mu’mineen? [The Caliph] said: But as an advice, give it to me.

[Salamah] said: Your fathers established rule over the people in this matter, taking it by force of the sword without consulting nor meeting with the people, and killing in a heinous fasion, then they departed. So if you were feeling what they said and what was said to them. So a man among the sitting ones said: How regretful is what you said!

Abu Hazim said: You lied. Allah the Exalted had the covenant upon the scholars to set it forth.

Yes, by Allah: They departed, so if you were feeling what they said and what was said to them…

And if thy Lord created for ants *** Their wings they would have retreated

Every person has limits *** And the end of him is when he crosses it

In the Hadith of Abu Huraira, may Allah be pleased him, the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said: “An Imam is a shield for them. They fight behind him and they are protected by him.”

The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, was and remains to be the Imam of not only the Muslims, but the world, and his Imamate was not to separate the Muslims and fragment them, but to unify them; and it was not to fill the heads of the protected with bullets or to split them with swords to empty what is inside them, but to preserve those heads and what is in them, and develop them, and elevate them to the highest of stations and raise them above their meager options. Even the fighting factions that were unable to give allegiance to the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, or to enter under his political

territory, like the gathering of Abu Baseer at the time of the Treaty of Hudaybah, and also those working against al-Aswad al-Ansi after his revolt against the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, in Yemen, he did not call any of their jihad void or their Hijrah mandatory while leaving the lands of work and jihad. They were not declared as sinners or threatened or exiled or their group dissolved; instead they were left alone and working until they were able to emerge victorious and catch up to Dar al-Islam.

This is the case in the time of the Caliphate. The Caliphate was never a position that works to invalidate the Jihad of the Mujahideen or to fragment them or call upon them to turn against their seniors, leaders, and scholars in the lands that were outside of or left the fold of the Caliphate. Instead, the likes of those scholars would call to remain steadfast on their method and support them from the Caliphate. They were sponsored and not asked to leave the fields of Jihad and dissolve their groups, and those who did not do so were not called sinners. History has glorified and recorded the steadfastness of such groups from the people of Islam with the leaders and scholars in lands who left the fold of the Caliphate and its rule and pledge, and entered under the rule of the Ubayyads, Tatars, or Crusaders…

Therefore, we warn the Muslim public and particular ones among them from responding to the call of fragmenting the ranks, destabilizing the structure, and scattering the Mujahideen. We call upon them to remain unaffected by this psychological, moral, and physical terror that is being spread by the advocates of fragmentation and to remain steadfast on their promise, and around their leaders, gathered and prevalent on the truth, unharmed by those who oppose them and from those who disappointed them, until the order of Allah arrives.

I conclude with these warnings:

- The Imam of Haramayn said in his book Ghiyaath al-Umam fi al-Tiyath al-Zulm):

“If the era is void of an Imam, and lacks the presence of a wise, intelligent and able Sultan, the matters turn over to the hands of scholars, and it is mandatory upon the creation in spite of the differences in their status, to return to their scholars and take all their matters and concerns to them. If they do this, they have been rightly-guided. The scholars will then turn into caretakers of people. If they cannot agree upon one, every area should follow their scholars, and if there are many scholars in one area, the most knowledgeable among them should be followed”.

This is the weakest point of those who declared the Caliphate today. Not even one scholar from the divine scholars supported them or trusted them or aligned with them, from the scholars attributed to them in creed, thought, and method… Let the people think of this, and let the reasonable person think of it well: Why did those people lose the trust of the scholars from whose letters and ooks they studied and learned, until they abandoned them and no one supported them?!! They are scholars who do not fear the blame of anyone other than Allah… there must be an answer.

- The Caliphate cannot achieved by Da’wa and the name, nor by intentions or want, but by the actual application on the ground. When Omar named Abu Bakr the Caliph, he did not become the Caliph just because of this announcement; he did not become the actual Caliph until the Sahaba pledged allegiance to him and he firmed up his position unchallenged… Every Emir who is not given loyalty by the Muslims and the best of the people of knowledge from the divine scholars is the emir of his group or his emirate, but not Emir al-Mu’mineen in general or the Caliph of the Muslims, and it is not right to call sinners those who do not pledge allegiance or travel to him. The fact that the outstanding scholars who are trustworthy have not flocked to give their allegiance shows that the one named and his group are not their point of trust with regards to religion and the world.

- It is necessary to state that if there was no other group on the fronts, then the knowledge of these scholars would have forced them to support the emir of this group because they are required to put the most ideal emir at the lead. So there is no doubt that these are better than the tyrants and the apostate rulers. However, as the front is filled with fighting factions and groups who rival and are on equal footing with this group in power and strength, and better in methodology and leadership, then the worse should not put about the better…

- Lastly, we do not accept for ourselves to be from those who do not engage in anything except words with Jama’at al-Dawla, and we do not like our enemies to feel pleased when we speak, or that they think that we are on their side, that is in truth not against Jama’at al-Dawla, but against the project of the Islamic State and the Islamic Caliphate. We do not like these people to be pleased with what we write, for it is not for them that we write, and we seek refuge in Allah that there must be any connection or understanding between us. What we are writing and saying is due to the trust of knowledge and Da’wa, and telling the statement of truth and supporting the truth and its people. Other than that we do not care who is pleased with our saying or who is angered, and who is happy or whose throat narrows on it. If we sought the approval of the people and put fame and glory in what we write and say, we would have ridden the wave of the Dawla and they would have raised us above their heads or even above the clouds, but we have decided to ride the wave of truth no matter how difficult it is. We shall not step back from it or leave it, even if they put us below the earth, or fill our heads with bullets and empty their contents.

However, the dilemma is that Jama’at al-Dawla and its chiefs and spokesmen attack us every day, which obliges us to respond to them; otherwise we would have left ourselves to statements and their confirmation, as the war is not declared on Jama’at al-Dawla, from my side at least. Instead, it is truth that I support and speak of when there is need, and it is not permissible to delay the statement when it is needed. They are the ones who compel us to this and we can no longer remain silent.

O Allah, we ask You for guidance, rightness, determination, and a good conclusion. May Allah pray on and have peace on our Prophet Muhammad, and upon his family and his companions, all of them.

Written by Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi

13 Ramadan 1435H

A Clarification Regarding the Alleged Announcement of an Emirate by Jabhat an-Nusra

In reaction of the leaked audio-message in which Jabhat an-Nusra allegedly announced their own Emirate in Syria; it didn’t take too long before Jabhat an-Nusra reacted officialy on this rumour. Below is their official reaction published via their official account on Twitter:



بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

بيان توضيحي حول ما أشيع عن
إعلان جبهة النصرة لإمارة إسلامية

الحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله وعلى آله وصحبه ومن والاه، وبعد:

1-إنَّ مشروع جبهة النصرة من أول يوم أُسست فيه هو إعادة سلطان الله إلى أرضه وتحكيم شريعته.
2-إننا نسعى لإقامة إمارة إسلامية وفق السُنن الشرعية المعتبرة ولم نعلن عن إقامتها بعد، وفي اليوم الذي يوافقنا فيه المجاهدون الصادقون والعلماء الربانيون سنعلن عنها بإذن الله.
3-إننا نسعى لتحكيم الشريعة من خلال إقامة دور للقضاء ومراكز حفظ الأمن وتقديم الخدمات العامة للمسلمين في غضون عشرة أيام بديلا عن الهيئات الشرعية السابقة.
4- لن نسمح لأحد أن يقطف ثمار الجهاد ويقيم مشاريع علمانية أو غيرها من المشاريع التي تقام على دماء وتضحيات المجاهدين.
5- لن تتهاون جبهة النصرة مع المجموعات المفسدة في المناطق المحررة بالاتفاق مع الفصائل الصادقة.
6- رص الصفوف ضد الأخطار التي تهدد الساحة سواء من قبل النظام النصيري أو جماعة الخوارج الغلاة.

{ وَاللهُ غَالِبٌ عَلَى أَمْرِهِ وَلَكِنَّ أَكْثَرَ النَّاسِ لَا يَعْلَمُونَ }

(( جَبْهَةُ النُّصْرَة ))
|| مؤسسة المنارة البيضاء للإنتاج الإعلامي ||

لا تنسونا من صالح دعائكم

والحمد لله ربِّ العالمين

تاريخ نشر البيان: يوم السبت14 من رمضان 1435 للهجرة، الموافق 12/ 7/ 2014


All Praise is due to Allah, and may the Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon the Prophet of Allah, his family, companions and those who follow him. As for what is to come…

1. From the first day of its establishment, Jabhat Al-Nusrah had set its mission to restore the dominion of Allah on the earth and establish His Shari’ah.

2. We, in Jabhat Al-Nusrah, strive to establish an Islamic Emirate according to the regarded Islamic Sunnan. We have not announced the establishment of and Emirate, yet. When the time comes and the sincere Mujahidoon and the pious scholars agree with our stance, we will announce this Emirate, by the Will of Allah.

3. We strive to rule by Shari’ah by establishing Islamic Courts, Security Offices and offering general services to the Muslims within the next ten days. This project will replace the previous project of Al-Hay’aat Al-Shari’eeyah.

4. We will not allow anyone to pick the fruits of this Jihad and establish a secular scheme, or any other scheme, which takes advantage of the sacrifices of the Mujahideen and is established on their blood.

5. Jabhat Al-Nusrah will not hesitate to deal [militarily] with the corrupt groups in the liberated areas. This will be done by cooperation with the sincere groups [Mujahideen].

6. Jabhat Al-Nusrah is determined to unify ranks to face the dangers which threaten the Jihadi front [in Al-Shaam], whether these threats are from the Nusayri Regime or from the group of Khawarij and ghulaat (extremists).

“And Allah is predominant over His affair, but most of the people do not know.”

(Qur’an 12:21)

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All Praise is due to Allah, Lord of all

Date of Publication: Saturday, 14th Ramadan 1435 Hijri

13th July, 2014

This is Some of What I Have and Not All of It – By Shaykh Abū Muhammad al-Maqdisī

After the Islamic State announced its Caliphate on the first day of Ramadan 1435 (Sunday June 29th 2014) it was to be expected that Shaykh Abū Muhammad al-Maqdisī, one of the most influential Jihadist ideologues, recently released from a Jordanian prison would react on it.

This text was published on his website just a few days after the Caliphate was re-established by the Islamic State:

In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

All praise be to Allah. Peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah.

To proceed,

These are some of the points and observations that I wished to write down in this Blessed Month (Ramadan), the month of the Qur’an. We ask Allah to grant us the blessing to be able to distinguish between right and wrong, and to use us in support of the truth, unafraid of any enemy or affected by contradictions. May Allah guide us and all our brothers to the right path. (Ameen!)

First: Due to the flow of visitors, I heard much in the past two weeks. I was unable to read much and I still have a lot to read, but from the little that I have read, every side was eager to attain victory for the faction (party, group) to which they pledged allegiance. They worked hard to show its evidence, data, and arguments, and many of it has no juristic (fiqh or shar’i) basis. Much of it was given to me and I looked at it prior to my release from prison. I will not dismiss completely what was presented to me as I see no usefulness in it. Either affirm the truth or admit that you were wrong.

Second: In the parties I heard from there are certainly wise and virtuous people. Both parties have those who seek righteousness and desire its success, and they do not wish for evil but reject it, even if it comes from those with whom they are allied. I was pleased with them and decided to continue to communicate them and they strengthened my assemblies. Such people are counted upon for reform and closing the rifts. And in those parties are also fanatics and on whom the saying applies: “the fanatic does not distinguish”. They did not provide much use to the assemblies, but enflamed issues and they must learn to listen and understand.

Third: Moral pressure was exerted on me to retract that statement that I [previously] issued after a productive and lengthy communication between the parties involved in either the reconciliation or the arbitration that was refused by the State’s (ISIS) group. A large number of people claim that the statement is null or will be voided. None of it was issued by me (promises of recantation) and I did not promise anyone of it [in retracting the statement].

What I have said in front of them and still say: The statement and its author are not flawless. [The statement] came about as a result of fruitful communication between all those involved especially those who refused the previous initiatives and who refused to resort to legal (Shariah) arbitration. Some of them claim that I only listened to one side only.

[Yet] in my prison cell, I had a supporter of the State (ISIS) who used to call weekly about Syria and often provide us with pro-State (ISIS) news. I received State (ISIS) news, reports, and writings that are pro-State (ISIS), as I also looked at the State’s scholars’ response to such news. The replies are saved to keep-off those who doubt it. I reiterate that if I appear unjust to one side in my statement or deviated from the truth, then I will immediately and without hesitation retract it as truth is my guide and it is easily followed as I am not committed or biased to either side.

Regarding the statement, its issuance was borne from those who refused to go down to the judgment of Allah, and in it I advised to stand by the side of those who arbitrate with the Shariah of Allah. That does not mean that the party in which we called to stand aside is infallible or that we recommend them with an absolute recommendation, but the matter is as Sheikh al-Islam (ibn Taymiyyah) said: “Pure justice in everything is impossible, by knowledge and work, but the ideal is idealized.” Fatwas (10/99)

Fourth: I still repeat that fairness is the suit of the honourable, and the honourable are few among the contesting parties and their supporters in all the countries. The result of this lack of fairness by many among the prominent ones in the media and the muftis of the contesting parties is that negative phenomena have spread among the youth of the current in many of the countries. They found bad examples and follow them in swearing, lacking manners, having mistrust, and lacking in polite dialogue.

Before my release, I heard about abuses by some of the media spokesmen and jurists of both contesting sects, and I relayed some of this and rejected it. After my release from prison I read about abuses and abasement from people who do not deserve to describe the Mujahideen or jurists in such a way. If they had described street people instead of jurists it would have been better. They accused the offenders as being bastards, sons of whores, and other obscene and vulgar language, and uttered other than that of lies, falsehood, and slander – and this is not worthy of those who issue the signature of Allah and give fatawa in the religion of Allah – to inciting for the spilling of protected (Muslim) blood and devaluing it (the blood and lives of the Muslims).

They became bad examples for youth of this current all-over the world and not only in the Syrian field; affliction overran them, lack of manners spread among them, as well as insults towards young and old, and scholars and educators. The assault even spread to offenders among the Muslims, and their blood and souls were made permissible. Sufficient for us is Allah and (He is) the best Disposer of affairs from these mistakes that they spread among the public and the villainous among the people.

We are surprised by anything that comes from the like of those jurists, muftis, and spokesmen who are characterized by such base morals and daring against the blood of the Muslims! Therefore, we disavow their falsehood and we demand their officials from all the parties be concerned for the religion of Allah, the purity of this current, and the character of its people and the affair of Jihad and the Mujahideen. We demand that they exclude them and keep them away from positions of directing and giving speeches, for everyday they repel from this religion with their contradictory speeches, and they flee from its correct method with their crooked method, and they deform its honourable morals with their base “ethics”.

Whoever seeks the interest of Jihad must exclude the low ones, the misguiding ones, those who incite to shed the blood of the Muslims, who spread bad morals and obscenities among the Muslim youth. Instead, make them guiding advocates who are merciful with the Muslims, who adhere to the ethics of the Prophethood and follow its guidance in the Ummah and know how to address all the people.

Fifth: Some good people conveyed to me that some people in Sham, in an attempt to influence me to retreat from the statement, saying that blood was shed because of it, or at the time of its issuance, a bombing was dedicated to me under name of “Millat Ibrahim” (a famous book authored by the Shaykh) from parties hostile of the State organization (ISIS).

This is intimidating talk and pressure as much as possible to obtain greater portions of concessions, and it is a technique which might be useful in negotiation or buying and selling, but it is not useful in arguing, convincing, or fulfilling truth and aborting falsehood. Therefore, it is not beneficial to use it in this aspect. The complaint is lacking credibility, because the statement did not incite to shed blood of a Muslim, nor did it not mention a call to kill or fight.

Rather, all the efforts exerted over the past eight months resulted in this statement, which was for the sake of stopping the bloodshed and keeping the rifles from being directed at the chests of the Muslims and the Mujahideen; and for the sake of stopping the negligence of others among the Muslims or objecting to perform their rights; and for the sake of stopping from devaluing their blood and money, under pretexts of interests of the State (here he means both the interests of the true Islamic State and also the organisation ISIS), building the (Islamic) State, etc, as if everyone else (other than ISIS) does not want to build an (Islamic) State or empower the Shariah of Allah.

In any case, whoever refused the arbitration will be the one to bear the responsibility for the ongoing bloodshed, just as whoever embarked in shedding it (initiating the fighting to begin with) will bear it from all the parties. On my part, I praise Allah, He who saved me from shedding one drop of Muslim blood. I ask Him the Almighty, [for me] not to be a cause, not even with a single letter or half a word in that. I say that those who apply pressure in such these techniques: “I am not a man who heeds the sound of hatred”.

I say: To whoever dedicated any operation to me that shed the blood of a Muslim from any party of the parties: “Nay it is ye who rejoice in your gift!” [Al-Naml, 36] Dedicate to me if you like, but obey my advice and respond to my calls to stop the bloodshed and accept arbitration, reform, and straightforwardness on the guidance of the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, in Da’wa and Jihad. This is what we demand of you to dedicate it to us if you love us or love to delight our eyes.

Our eyes cannot be delighted with the shedding of Muslim blood from any party that is within the circle of Islam even if they were disobedient. We do not give permission to fight any Muslim at all but to push away the assailant, and it is known that pushing away the assailant does not mean killing specifically, but to push away first, and what cannot be pushed by the tongue or hand then it is not permitted to push by weapon, because the origin is the sanctity of the Muslim blood and his money and honour.

Sixth: I was asked about the victories of the State organization (ISIS) in Iraq, so I said: There is no believer that does not rejoice for the victories of Muslims, no matter their condition, (over those who) their description is as Rawafidh and apostates. The fear is for the consequences of these victories and how the Sunnis and the other Da’wa or Jihadi groups and all the Muslims in the liberated areas will be treated? And against whom the heavy weapons will be used that were taken as spoils from Iraq and sent to Syria? This is my question and my concern. We are afraid of the answers on the ground, because we do not trust the minds that hold these weapons for many reasons.

Seventh: In the morning today I was asked: Do you know about the writings of someone about the Caliphate and his saying that its empowerment is not a requirement!

I said: I did not know about it, but the writing is read by its title, and the announcement of their naming their organization the Caliphate must be soon.

Then he said: And what is your opinion if they (ISIS) announce that (Caliphate)?

I said: The name and its announcement do not bother me and I will not waste my time refuting what someone blackened in his writings, because all of us wish for the return of the Caliphate, the breaking of borders, the raising of banners of Tawhid, and the dropping of the banners of denouncement. No one hates that but a hypocrite. The wise lesson is through matching the names with the facts and its existence and to apply it truly and, indeed, on the actual land. Whoever rushes something before its due time will be punished by being deprived from it.

But what concerns me the most is what those people will require for this announcement and the name in which they developed it from an organisation (AQ in Iraq the ISI), to the State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS), and then to a general Caliphate (IS). Will this Caliphate be a safe haven for every vulnerable one, and a shelter for every Muslim? Or will this name be considered a sword hanging over those who disagree from among the Muslims? Will it write-off all the emirates that preceded their announced state? And will they abort with it all the groups that do Jihad in the Cause of Allah in all different fields before them?

The brothers in the Caucasus have already announced their blessed emirate and did not require that all the Muslims everywhere comply, and neither did they shed inviolable blood for the sake of a name. What then is the destiny of the Islamic Emirate of the Caucasus to those people after declaring aloud the name of the Caliphate?

The Taliban announced an Islamic Emirate before them, as well, and its Emir, (Amir al-Mu’maneen) Mullah Omar, may Allah preserve him, is still fighting the enemies, he with his soldiers. They did not require the shedding of inviolable blood or untangling a complex knot in the name of the emirate, which was truly founded on the land for years. So what is the destiny of this emirate to those who speak in the name of the Caliphate today and announced it?

What is the destiny of all the active Muslim groups, those whose members pledged allegiance in Iraq and Sham and all-over the land? And what is the destiny of their blood to those who speak in the name of the Caliphate today and have yet to stop threatening those who offend them among the Muslims by tearing apart their bodies with bullets?

These are the important questions that I have that require answers.

And here we are, before the day is over, al-Adnani shouts out the expected questions. He was like we have expected. We did not do him injustice.

O Allah, have mercy and grace on the Muslims, O Lord of the Worlds. Distance evil and malice away from them. (Ameen!)

I conclude with a warning to those who wade in the blood of Muslims, whoever they are: Do not think that with your loud voices you will silence the voice of truth, or that with your threats, your shouts, your lack of manners, and your aggression that you will silence our bearing witness to the truth. No, a thousand times no… We will stay loyal guardians for this religion, protectors who stand on guard for these groups, defending them from those who tamper and do wrong, from the slander of the fanatic and the intransigent and others who maim… Either you reform yourselves, repent, and keep away from the blood of the Muslims and distorting this religion, or we will strike upon you with words like swords, striking with evidence the livers of mounts and moving with its sayings the riders.

You and others know that we will not be silent in prison or behind bars, and we will not be silent after escaping the jaws of the jailer. By Allah, He who raised the sky without pillars, we will not leave anyone to tamper with this religion and devalue the blood of the Muslims, even if they accuse us of hostility, distortion, and lies, and slander everyone near and far… We warn you about distorting the religion of Allah and corrupting and staining with the blood of the Muslims and the Mujahideen. Be pious and always speak the truth.

For every event there is a Hadith, and for every situation there is a saying.

I say: This is some of what I have and not all of It… I put it forward in this Blessed Month (Ramadan), recalling the Hadith of the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him: “Whoever does not give up lies and false conduct, Allah has no need that he should give up his food and drink.”

It was said that Abu Mas’ud, may Allah be please with him, had asked: How do you welcome the month of Ramadan? He said: “None of us would dare to welcome the crescent [moon] and in his heart with malice on his Muslim brother.”

Fourth of Ramadan, 1435 (July 2014) from the Hijrah of al-Mustafa, Peace and Blessings be Upon Him


Islamic State ~ Message To the Mujāhidīn and the Islamic Ummah In the Month Of Ramadān

رسالة إلى المجاهدين والأمة الإسلامية في شهررمضان لمولانا أمير المؤمنين أبي بكر الحسيني القرشي البغدادي


An expected audio-message by ISIS proclaimed Caliph Ibrahim, Abu Bakr al-Hussayni al-Qurayshi al-Baghdadi, after the Islamic Caliphate was restored (on June 29th) by the Islamic State in Iraq and as-Sham (ISIS), now known as the Islamic State (IS).


“Message To the Mujāhidīn and the Islamic Ummah In the Month Of Ramadān”
Translation [pdf]

al-Furqan media: Salil as-Sawarim ~ Part IV

An official English translation of Salil as-Sawarim (The Clanking of the Swords) Part IV



Abū Muhammad al-Maqdisī: The Case of ISIS and the Position of the Duty Toward It


    Original text:

بيان صادر عن الشيخ أبي محمد المقدسي – فك الله أسره

في بيان حال ” الدولة الإسلامية في العراق والشام ” والموقف الواجب تجاهها

1435ه | 2014م

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

مقدمة منبر التوحيد والجهاد
الحمد لله، والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله، أما بعد ..
فقد تابعنا خلال الأشهر الماضية مع شيخنا أبي محمد المقدسي العديد من الأعمال والإتصالات المتعلقة بالتجهيز والتحضير لمبادرة كان سيطلقها الشيخ للصلح والتحكيم بين جبهة النصرة والدولة الإسلامية في الشام، وقد يسر الله خلال ذلك للشيخ ما أراد من تواصل مباشر مع عدد من القادة والشرعيين من كلا الطرفين، بل من مختلف الجبهات.. فكان مهجع الشيخ – فك الله أسره – ورشة عمل على مدار الساعة، ولولا أن نهدي أعداء الله ما يتمنون ويرجون مع معلومات وإلا لذكرنا لإخواننا تفاصيل كافة المراسلات مع مختلف الجهات والجبهات، وما يصبرنا عن ذلك إلا أن الجميع سيشهد خلال الأيام القادمة بإذن الله ثمرات الجهود المتواصلة لكافة المشايخ والقادة وطلاب العلم الفضلاء في بيان حقيقة الدولة وما جنحت إليه من غلو وسفك للدماء المحرمة والإعراض عن التحاكم لشرع الله.
ولولا الحرص الشديد من طرف الشيخ على التواصل والسماع من مختلف الأطراف، لما امتد العمل على هذا المشروع لعدة أشهر – على ما فيه من مشقة على الشيخ ومخاطر على إخوانه – وإنا لنحمد الله عز وجل على مكره وتدبيره، فيسر من كوة السجن بعد أن ظن السجان إحكامها فرجا لعباده، وصدق ربنا اللطيف لما يشاء: (( فَأْوُوا إِلَى الْكَهْفِ يَنْشُرْ لَكُمْ رَبُّكُمْ مِنْ رَحْمَتِهِ وَيُهَيِّئْ لَكُمْ مِنْ أَمْرِكُمْ مِرْفَقًا ))
وليستمر شيخنا وهو في أسره في ضرب أروع الأمثلة في أن العالم الحق هو ذلك العالم العامل بدينه والذي لا تقعده مهابة الناس عن قول الحق، ولا تقعده الأسوار والاقفاص ولا سياط الظالمين عن قول حق يعتقده، ولا يشوشن المشوشون على بيان الشيخ ووضوحه بأن الشيخ مسجون وقابع في زنزانته، فهلا ذكر أولئك أن جلّ مؤلفات الشيخ التي زعموا أنهم يدرسونها في معسكراتهم ولجنودهم ما خرجت إلا من ذات السجون !
فليتعظ إخواننا في الدولة وليتدبروا وليدركوا أنفسهم، وليفارقوا أهل الغلو قبل أن يصيبوا المزيد من الدماء، ولينحازوا إلى أهل الحق، وليعملوا بوصايا علمائهم ومشايخهم الذين أفنوا أعمارهم في تجلية الدين ومقارعة الطواغيت وأنصارهم ..
(( وَاللّهُ يَعِدُكُم مَّغْفِرَةً مِّنْهُ وَفَضْلاً وَاللّهُ وَاسِعٌ عَلِيمٌ، يُؤتِي الْحِكْمَةَ مَن يَشَاءُ وَمَن يُؤْتَ الْحِكْمَةَ فَقَدْ أُوتِيَ خَيْراً كَثِيراً وَمَا يَذَّكَّرُ إِلاَّ أُوْلُواْ الأَلْبَابِ ((
منبر التوحيد والجهاد
27-رجب – 1435 هـ
مراسلة الجبهات الجهادية ببيان الشيخ أبي محمد المقدسي
الحمد لله، والصلاة والسلام على خير الأنام … وبعد
فحي الله قادتنا وإخواننا المجاهدين في مختلف المناطق والميادين، ونحمد الله عز وجل أن يسر إبلاغ كلماتنا هذه إليكم ..
تأتي رسالتنا هذه كتابعة ومتممة لرسالتنا السابقة إليكم، والمتعلقة بطلب دعمكم وتأييدكم لمبادرة الشيخ أبي محمد المقدسي – فك الله أسره – للصلح والتحكيم بين تنظيم الدولة وبين جبهة النصرة.
فبعد إيصال رسالة الشيخ أبي محمد وتفاصيل المبادرة لأبي بكر البغدادي، وبعد تعنت الدولة ورفضها للمبادرة، واعتبارها ومثيلاتها “بالمبادرات البدعية”، وبعد استنفاذ كل وسائل النصح لهم، ومع استمرار عدوان الدولة على العديد من خيرة المجاهدين وقذف إخواننا بالصحوات بل واستحلال دمائهم وأموالهم ومقراتهم في أرض الشام، جاء هذا البيان المرفق مع رسالتنا هذه والصادر عن الشيخ أبي محمد المقدسي، والذي يحتاج لدعمكم الواضح لرفع أي غطاء شرعي عن هذا التنظيم حتى لا يستفحل خطره وشره أكثر من ذلك، وحتى يكون سندا وعونا لكافة الإخوة المغرر بهم داخل التنظيم لينسحبوا ويلتحقوا بإخوانهم في جبهة النصرة تحت لواء قاعدة الجهاد.
إخواننا وقادتنا المجاهدين..
سنعمل على نشر بيان الشيخ وشهادته في حق تنظيم الدولة، مع ملحق يحتوي على العديد من الوثائق والإثباتات والمراسلات المتعلقة بموضوع البيان خلال أيام بإذن الله، سائلين المولى عز وجل أن ييسر الله لكم إلحاق بيان الشيخ ببيانات تأييد من طرفكم …
والله من وراء القصد ..
إخوانكم في منبر التوحيد والجهاد
19-رجب – 1435 هـ

بيان صادر عن الشيخ أبي محمد المقدسي – فك الله أسره
في بيان حال ” الدولة الإسلامية في العراق والشام ” والموقف الواجب تجاهها
إلى الإخوة قادة المجاهدين في خراسان واليمن والمغرب الإسلامي وسيناء والصومال والقوقاز حفظهم الله ونصر بهم الدين …
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبعد …
فإني أحمد إليكم الله الذي لا إله غيره، وأصلي وأسلم على المبعوث بالسيف بين يدي الساعة حتى يعبد الله وحده لا شريك له ..
تعلمون يا إخوتنا ما جرى ويجري في الساحة الشامية من اختلاف واقتتال بين المجاهدين، حرق قلوب الغيورين على الجهاد والمجاهدين، وأرق كل حريص على الإسلام والمسلمين، وأقر أعين أعداء الدين، ولعلكم تعلمون أننا حاولنا جاهدين التدخل في الإصلاح كما حاول غيرنا من الأفاضل والعلماء والمجاهدين، وأننا راسلنا المعنيين في هذا الخلاف والإقتتال ومنهم البغدادي، وناصحناه سرا كما ناصحنا تنظيم الدولة علنا، ورددنا على بعض تجاوزات ناطقهم العدناني فيما قدرنا على إخراجه من السجن، وإلا فما يستحق الرد عليه في مجازفاته وتجاوزاته أكثر من ذلك .
وقد راسلنا أخانا الشيخ القائد المجاهد أيمن الظواهري حفظه الله، ووضعناه في صورة سعينا في القيام في مبادرة إصلاح أو تحكيم بين تنظيم الدولة وجبهة النصرة، وأننا سنوكل في القيام في ذلك بعض خواص طلبتنا الذين نثق بهم، ممن تنطبق عليهم أيضا شروط تنظيم الدولة التي تعنتوا سابقا بها لرفض مبادرات التحكيم، وهو الشيء الذي أحطنا به البغدادي أيضا، ونبهناه إلى أن رفضه لهذه المبادرة سيحملهم المسؤولية أمام كافة المجاهدين، وسيحصدون عواقبه الوخيمة .
كما أننا راسلنا بعض مسؤولي الدولة الشرعيين، ولدينا وثائق بهذه المراسلات تظهر تدليسهم ولفهم ودورانهم وافتراءهم على قادة المجاهدين وكذبهم، وغير ذلك مما لا يليق بالمجاهدين الذي يفترض انهم أولى الناس بالقيام بالقسط والشهادة لله بالحق ولو على أنفسهم.
وتعلمون أن تنظيم الدولة قد سفك الدماء المحرمة؛ وهذا موثق، ورفض الإنصياع لقادة المجاهدين ومشايخهم ومبادراتهم ونصائحهم؛ وهذا مشهور معلوم وموثق أيضا، وأن الغلو قد نخر في صفوف بعض أفرادهم بل وشرعييهم، واعترف بعضهم علنا أن في صفوفهم خوارج.
وتعلمون أن تسلط أمثال هؤلاء على المسلمين في سوريا، وتصدر صوتهم العالي وتكلمهم باسم الجهاد والمجاهدين، وارتدائهم لرداء الدولة الإسلامية واستعمالهم مصطلحاتها قد شوه ويشوه الجهاد والمجاهدين والدولة الاسلامية المنشودة، كما أنه سيصنع تحالفا من الشعوب ضد عموم المجاهدين وسينتج الصحوات، لأن الإنحراف عن شرع الله وعن هدي النبوة سيؤدي إلى الغلو وتسمية الأشياء بغير أسمائها، وسفك الدماء وظلم العباد لا بد أنه سيثمر مثل هذه الشجرة الخبيثة.
وتعلمون أن تنظيم الدولة وناطقها وشرعييها ما فتئوا يتطاولون على كبرائنا وعلمائنا ومشايخنا، خصوصا أخانا وحبيبنا الشيخ أيمن الظواهري، وأنه لما عصوا أمره ورفضوه، وشهد عليهم المجاهدون بخلاف ما ادعوه من عدم بيعتهم له، صاروا يبررون معصيتهم وخروجهم على المجاهدين وتمردهم على قياداتهم ورفضهم لنصائحهم بدعوة انحراف القاعدة عن نهج الجهاد، وبكلمات يتصيدونها هنا أو هناك في خطابات قاداتها لا غبار عليها شرعا.
ويدل إتنقادها وتحاملهم بسببها على سوء فهمهم وسوء مقاصدهم، كل ذلك ليبرروا معاصيهم ويبرروا تمردهم وشقهم لصف المجاهدين، وهي مبررات تثبت وتؤكد سطحيتهم وضحالة تفكيرهم وتهلهل فقههم ونزوعهم إلى الغلو وتضخيم المسائل وإعطائها أكبر من حجمها، ولقد سمعت خطاب العدناني الأخير الذي يمثل عينة من ذلك – ومن كثير من غيرها مبثوث في خطاباتهم الاخرى – والذي أعنلوا به صراحة رفضهم للتحكيم الذي أوصى به الشيخ القائد الظواهري، وهو ما كان في لب مبادرتنا التي خاطبناه وخاطبناهم بها، وعليه فقد قطعت جهيزة قول كل خطيب، وأغلقت كل سبل الإصلاح والتحكيم بهذا الرفض الصريح الواضح الذي سمعه كل من عليها .
ومن ثم، لم يعد للتأجيل والتسويف والإنتظار جدوى، إلا السكوت على إنكار المنكر وعدم إبطال الباطل! فصار لزاما علينا وعلى جميع مشايخ المجاهدين وقاداتهم في كافة أنحاء المعمورة، قول كلمة الحق والإنحياز لأهله، وإظهار الفئة الباغية الممتنعة عن التحكيم، الرافضة للإصلاح، العاصية لأوامر قادتها ومشايخها الكبار .
وعليه، فنحن نعلن هنا أن تنظيم الدولة في العراق والشام؛ تنظيم منحرف عن جادة الحق، باغ على المجاهدين، ينحو إلى الغلو، وقد تورط في سفك دماء المعصومين، ومصادرة أموالهم وغنائمهم ومناطقهم التي حرروها من النظام، وقد تسبب في تشويه الجهاد، وشرذمة المجاهدين، وتحويل البندقية من صدور المرتدين والمحاربين إلى صدور المجاهدين والمسلمين .. إلى غير ذلك من انحرافاته الموثقة .
كما أننا ندعو كافة المجاهدين إلى تبني هذا البيان، وإعلان الإنحياز إليه نصرة للحق وأهله، وندعو أفراد تنظيم الدولة إلى تركها والإنحياز إلى جبهة النصرة ومبايعة قاداتها، هذا ما نفتيهم به ونحثهم عليه ونختاره لهم، كما أننا ندعو كافة المواقع الإسلامية الجهادية وغيرها ممن يهمهم أمر المسلمين وجهادهم، أن ينشروا هذا البيان، وأن ينصروه، وأن يمتنعوا عن نشر إصدارات تنظيم الدولة وخطاباتها وكتاباتها.
فهذا البيان هو بمثابة سحب الغطاء الشرعي عن هذا التنظيم العاق لقيادته، وهو بمثابة إعلان للبراءة من نهجه المغالي وسفكه للدماء المعصومة، المشوه للجهاد والمجاهدين، والضال عن سبيل الله لانحرافاته وبغيه وإمتناعه عن حكم الله.
وبإنحرافاته وصده عن التحاكم، ورفضه لجيمع المبادرات؛ فهو الذي أضطرنا إلى هذا بعد بذل المناصحة له ومراسلة قادته وشرعييه سرا وعلنا، وبعد أن لم يلتفت إلى نداءات قادته ومشايخ الجهاد وامتنع من النزول إلى التحكيم، فصار ممتنعا عن الشرع وأداء الحقوق إلى أهلها، كما امتنع من قبل عن طاعة قادته، فصار لزاما علينا القول بالحق بعد أن بذلنا ما في وسعنا من أسباب ومحاولات وسعي في إعادته إلى جادة الصواب، فأبى وأصر هو وقيادته وشرعيوه على انحرافاتهم.
وصار لزاما على أهل الجهاد التحذير منه، ودعوة المجاهدين إلى مفارقته والانحياز إلى أهل الحق والجهاد الأتقياء الصادقين، ليلتئم أمر الجهاد، وتتوحد صفوف المجاهدين، فإن الله يحب الذين يقاتلون في سبيله صفا كأنهم بيان مرصوص، ولا يرضى لأهل الجهاد التفرق والتشرذم الذي يذهب بالريح، ويضعف الجهاد، ويسلط عليهم الأعداء.
نسأل الله تعالى أن يوحد صفوف المجاهدين على أتقى قلب رجل واحد منهم، وأن يرفع راية التوحيد وينكس راية الشرك والتنديد، وصل اللهم وسلم على نبيه .
سطر في منتصف رجب 1435 هـ .
أبو محمد المقدسي

الملحق التفسيري الموثق للبيان ()
الحمد لله رب العالمين، والعاقبة للمتقين ولا عدوان إلا على الظالمين، وأشهد أن لا إله إلا الله وحده لا شريك له، له الملك وله الحمد وهو على كل شيء قدير، وأشهد أن محمداً رسول الله، الرحمة المهداة والنعمة المسداة، والسراج المنير، وعلى صحابته وآله أجمعين .
بين يدي هذا التفسير الموثق أحب أن أكرر هنا ما قاله الدكتور علاء (لؤي السقا) () في بيانه الذي برأ فيه أبا مصعب من نهج تنظيم الدولة في الشام .. فأقول :ما كان هذا منهج أبي مصعب وما كان هذا هديه؛ فلم يسجل التاريخ أن أبا مصعب رد التحاكم لشرع الله، ولم يسجل أنه سفك دماء المجاهدين الأخيار، وما أزرى بقادتهم الأبرار بل حفظ لأهل السبق سابقتهم، ولأهل الفضل فضلهم ..
أما تمحك هؤلاء بالشيخ أسامة وبأبي مصعب تقبلهما الله فما هو إلا من قبيل التسلق على أكتاف الأبطال ليس إلا .
أولا: في ردهم للنصائح
وصلني عن طريق أحد الإخوة أن تنظيم الدولة كره المناصحة العلنية التي جاءت في مقالتي ” الإنصاف حلة الأشراف “، وأن التنظيم يهتم بنصائحي ولكنه يرغب بأن تكون سرية، ثم ذكر لي اهتمامهم بكتبي وأنهم يعتمدون عليها في تدريس طلابهم، وكلام من هذا القبيل، وأبدى استعداده لإرسال أي مناصحة للبغدادي مباشرة .. فقلت هذا الذي أرغب، وفعلا كتبت مناصحة بعد أن أثنيت على جانب لهم في العراق كنت أعتقده، وفي نهاية الرسالة قلت له: حبذا لو أمرت أنصارك بإلغاء كلمة مولانا التي تتصدر كلماتكم لما لها من إيحاءات ومدلولات ..
هذه الرسالة كان من المفترض أن يرد عليها البغدادي كما وعد صاحبنا الوسيط، لكن يبدو أنه لم يرق لهم حتى المناصحات السرية والتي ابتدأتها بثناء يلطف الأجواء .. ثم رد علينا شرعيوهم بأجوبة في غير محل المناصحة، ثم وعدوا بالرد .. ومنذ ثمانية أشهر لم يأت رد على مناصحتي كما وعدوا، مع أنهم أرسلوا أربعة رسائل بعد رسالتي الأولى تتعلق ببيان حالهم .
ويا ليتهم اكتفوا بذلك، بل ردوا على مناصحتى بلسان حالهم وبالتعمق فيما حذرتهم منه والتمادي فيه، بل لم يجاملوني مجرد مجاملة بإلغاء كلمة مولانا التي يستفتحون بها كلمات البغدادي، فأسررت في نفسي أن القوم لا يرفعون بنصائحنا رأسا .
فمن شح بالقليل الحقير فر من الكثير الخطير .
ثانيا: في ردهم مشروع الصلح والتحكيم
بعد أن تطورت الأحداث في الشام وانزلقت إلى منزلق خطير سحيق .. وبعد تفجيرات مقرات المجاهدين .. وبعد مقتل أبي خالد السوري رحمه الله، جاءني خبر بأن أبا محمد الجولاني توعد تنظيم الدولة برد كاسح إن لم يخضعوا لمحكمة شرعية ترد الحقوق إلى أهلها .. واقترح اسمي ضمن هذا المشروع، وأمهل الدولة أياما لترد على هذه المبادرة ..
فيسر الله إخراج كلمة صوتية لي وللشيخ أبي قتادة تنهى الجولاني عن مثل هذا، وتحث البغدادي على قبول التحكيم بلا قيد أو شرط .
بعد هذا اقترح علي بعض الفضلاء أن أتدخل في حل النزاع عن طريق مشروع للصلح والتحكيم أراعي فيه شروط الدولة من باب التنزل مع القوم .
وقبل أن أشرع في مشروع التحكيم هذا، نظرت إلى مبادرات التحكيم التي مضت، فوجدت أن الدولة لم يلتفتوا إلى مبادرة الشيخ يوسف الأحمد مجرد التفات، ووجدت رفضهم لأوامر أميرهم الشيخ الدكتور أيمن الظواهري في وجوب إنشاء محكمة مستقلة، ووجدت أنهم يوم أن يكون لهم الحق يأتوا اليه مذعنين ويرتضون بالشيخ المحيسني مرجحا، ولما يكون عليهم الحق يتملصوا بعدة طرائق .. فإما أن يرفضوها علانية أو أن يهملوا الرد – وهذا أكثرها – وإما أن يعدوا دون أن يفوا، وإما أن يتسجيبوا لمحكمة صورية لا تتيح لحَكَم الخصم أن يرى الشهود فضلا أن يسمعهم ويسألهم، بل لا يتيحون له مجرد رؤية المتهمين وتكليمهم، ثم يكون لحَكَمهم الترجيح والحُكم وإن عارض حكم الخصم وناوءه؛ كما في قضية البنشي.
ثم كانت مبادرة المحيسني، فرأيت استجابة الفصائل ونكول الدولة باشتراط الإجابة على أسئلة في التوحيد والبراءة من الطواغيت، وهذا لو اشترطوه على القاضي لما أنكرناه، لكن اشترطوه على المستقضي وصاحب الحق الذي يطالب بدماء وأموال وحقوق، فهلا وسعهم ما وسع الصحابة في حادثة القسامة ؟!! .
ومع ذلك قلت أقدم مشروعي للصلح والتحكيم وفقا للشروط التي وضعتها الدولة .. حكما من عندها وحكما من عند النصرة المحققة لشرط الدولة، ومرجحا – عند الاختلاف – قضى أكثر عمره مناوئا للطواغيت، يوم أن كان أكثر شرعييهم في مرحلة الحبو، وهو من أبرز طلابي المحايدين في الخارج .
وبالفعل راسلت البغدادي واستحلفته من أجل قبول المبادرة، وأعلمته أن المبادرة عند شروطهم التي وضعوها، وحذرته أن عدم قبولهم للمبادرة سيؤدي إلى نزع شرعيتهم والإفتاء بذلك …
وجاء الرد، ومن خلال هذا الرد لا من خلال ما تقدم، أفتيت بما جاء في البيان ..
وأنا هنا أسرد مقتطفات من ردودهم – مع مناقشتها – كانت كافية للحكم عليهم أنهم ناكلين عن التحاكم لشرع الله تعالى – ومن فمهم أدينهم لا من أفواه خصومهم كما يزعم البعض ظنا وهوى.
فبعد أن أرسلت للبغدادي برسالة جاء فيها :
(أيها الأخ الكريم إني والله ناصح لكم ولسائر إخواني المجاهدين ولست بنائحة مستأجرة وما أنا بالأم الدعية بل أنا النائحة الثكلى التي تبكي على أحوال المجاهدين والأم الحريصة على ولدها وترضى بأن تنفى عنه وتكذب وتشوّه كي لا يشق أو يمزق أو يتضعضع .. ولذلك لا أكل من مناصحتكم والمحاولة معكم ومع غيركم من أجل توحيد المجاهدين وحقن دماء المسلمين .. وأنا هنا أضع المسؤولية في رقابكم بين يدي مبادرة سأدعو إليها قريبا إن شاء الله بعد فشل مبادرة المحيسني بسبب التعنت واشتراط شروط لا يصح تعطيل الاحتكام بسببها .. وسأحاول قدر الإمكان تضييق أسباب الخلاف كلها حتى لا يبقى عذر للمستنكف عن هذه المبادرة ليتحمل بعد ذلك المسؤولية أمام الله وأمام الناس مسؤولية فشل مشروع التمكين لراية التوحيد في سوريا ومسؤولية تشويه الجهاد ومسؤولية حرفه عن غايته النقية ومسؤولية دماء المجاهدين والشهداء وعموم المسلمين المتشوقين والمحتاجين أمس الحاجة إلى تمكين دولة الإسلام والحكم بشريعته ..
وقد بادرت بإرسال هذه الرسالة مناصحة لكم أولا ولكي لا تتفاجأوا بالمبادرة ثانيا عسى الله أن يفتح بها آذانا صما وأعينا عميا وقلوبا غلفا وأن يصلح بها بين المجاهدين ويحقن دماء المسلمين فأسألكم بالله الذي لا إله غيره والذي خرجتم للجهاد في سبيله ولإعزاز رايته ورفع كلمته أن تكونوا عوناً على إنجاحها حقنا لدماء المسلمين وإقرارا لعيون الموحدين وإغاظة للكافرين والملحدين واتقوا الله أن تضعوا الشروط والعقبات التي تصد عن الإصلاح( اهـ .()
وأرسلت أيضا رسالة – من خلال أحد الفضلاء – إلى الشرعي المبرز فيهم أحثه فيها على تسهيل المبادرة والعمل على إنجاحها وأعلمته أنه سيأتيهم تفاصيلها ..
وبعد هاتين الرسالتين جاء رد من أحد شرعييهم المبرزين ؛ قال فيه :
” شيخي الغالي، أنت وغيرك من الشيوخ تتكلمون عن الخصم والحكم، وأنت يا شيخي كنت ذلك الرجل لا سيما في رسائلك ! حيث صدقت عددا من التهم غيابيا ثم سارعت إلى إنشاء مبادرة وإعلانها دون التأني والتثبت والتحقيق ! بينما الدولة هي الدولة، وهل سمعت قط أن دولة النبي صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم أو دولة الخلفاء الراشدين أو دولة بني أمية أو دولة بني العباس أنها تحاكمت إلى شخص مستقل ؟! أم أن محاكمها هي التي تحكم في الأشخاص المستقلين وغيرهم ؟! أليس القضاء في الشرع جهة مستقلة ؟! ” اهـ بحروفه واستفهاماته وتعجباته .
قلت : كذب وجهل واستبداد وتزوير
أما الكذب…
فهو في قوله أني أعلنت مبادرتي، والصحيح أنهم سربوها عن طريق ذراع من أذرعهم الإعلامية، والذي بدروه نشر ردا لأحد أنصارهم يسخر ويستهزء في المبادرة قبل نشرها .. ()
أما الجهل…
فهو في قوله: (.. إنشاء مبادرة وإعلانها دون التأني والتثبت والتحقيق .. )، والصحيح أن مبادرات التحكيم هي من أجل التثبت والتحقيق، ثم رد الحقوق لمن يثبت له حق، وأخذه ممن وقع في الظلم والبغي .
وأما الاستبداد والتزوير …
فهو في زعمه بأنهم دولة خلافة ! كالعباسيين والأمويين لا بل كدولة النبوة !!! وكخلافة أبي بكر وعمر !! .
وأنا أدينهم من أفواههم، وأبطل ادعاءهم من خلال رسائل شرعييهم؛ فقد أرسل لي قبله أحد شرعييهم برسالة جاء فيها: (.. ولم نعتبر من لم يبايعنا عاص أو باغ يجب قتاله ولم نعلنها بيعة خلافة فهذه ليست سياسة الدولة ولا اعتقادها ولا منهجها وقد صرح العدناني تصريحا لا لبس فيه) اهـ .
فلماذا تلزمون الخصوم بما لا تلتزموه ؟!!
فلماذا تلزمون الخصوم بما تزعمون أن دولتكم لا تلتزمه ؟!!
ثم رتب على تزويره جهلا خالف به الإجماع ..
قال: “وهل سمعت قط أن دولة النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم …. أنها تحاكمت إلى شخص مستقل .” اهـ
وأقول إن كان مفتيهم المبرز يجهل الفرق بين التقاضي والتحكيم !! فكيف لهؤلاء أن يقيموا دولة خلافة ؟!!.
فإن استدركت على نفسك بعد دراسة الفرق وقلت إن التحكيم في حالتنا يفتقر إلى الرضا بالحَكم . قلتُ : أنتم رددتم أصل التحاكم الذي أجمع عليه.
ويكفيك قوله تعالى (( وإن طائفتان من المؤمنين اقتتلوا فأصلحوا … الآية ))
فالمخاطب في هذه الآية بصيغة الأمر الذي يقتضي الوجوب هم المسلمون من غير المقتتلين، وأولى الناس دخولا في هذا الخطاب هم العلماء وطلبة العلم .
قال شرعيهم المبرز: ( شيخي الحبيب، إني أراسلك خوفا عليك أن تواكب أصحاب المبادرات فتنشر مبادرتك بعد فوات الأوان ! تلك المبادرات التي لم تطرح على الدولة الإسلامية إلا في العلن ! أما تساءلت يا شيخي عن سبب ذلك ؟! ولم لم تطرح عليها سرا بادئ ذي بدئ، حتى يتم الحوار فيها ومناقشة بنودها ؟! أم هو الإحراج فحسب ) اهـ .
قلت : وهل مواكبة الفضلاء بمعروف أمر الله تعالى به منكر يُنكر ويُخاف على صاحبه ؟!!
ثم وهل دعوة المقتتلين للجلوس لشرع الله تعالى يسن فيها الكتمان والسرية !!! .
مع أني لم أعلن .
ثم ثالثة الأثافي … قوله – وتأمل هذا جيدا – : ( .. أم هو الإحراج فحسب ) اهـ .
فهل دعوة المتنازعين المتناطحين المقتتلين إلى التحاكم لشرع الله فيها حرج ؟!!!
قال تعالى :
((فَلَا وَرَبِّكَ لَا يُؤْمِنُونَ حَتَّى يُحَكِّمُوكَ فِيمَا شَجَرَ بَيْنَهُمْ ثُمَّ لَا يَجِدُوا فِي أَنْفُسِهِمْ حَرَجًا مِمَّا قَضَيْتَ وَيُسَلِّمُوا تَسْلِيمًا ))
قال شرعيهم المبرز: ( شيخي الحبيب إن أيسر وأسهل مبادرة هي التي أطلقها أمير المؤمنين أبي بكر البغدادي حفظه الله فقال: ( كفوا عنا نكف عنكم ) اهـ .
قلت : إذا كان مفتيهم يجهل أن الواجب المحتم عند التنازع والشح بالحقوق المدعاة هو التحاكم لشرع الله تعالى لاستيفاء الحقوق ورد المظالم .. ويستبدله بمطالبة خصوم يطلبون دماءا وأموالا وحقوقا بالكف عن مطالبتها !!
فهل يصح هذا مع طالب حثيث لها يشح بها ؟!!
فكيف لهم أن يحكموا الشرع الحنيف وهم يجهلون أبجدياته ؟!!!! .
ثم كانت الطامة الكبرى، وذلك بما أورده في رسالته بقوله: ( غير أن هذه المبادره ” يقصد كفوا عنا لنكف عنكم ” لم يسمع لها من أحد! وراح الجميع يتسابقون في مضمار ما يسمى بالمبادرات البدعية !! )
قلت: تأمل كيف اضمحل فقهه وانتكس قياسه .. يتعجب من انفكاكهم عن مبادرة يلزمونهم بها بإسقاط دمائهم وأموالهم وأراضيهم التي يدعونها، ثم يسمي دون خجل دعوة الصادقين لتحكيم شرع الله في هذه النوازل العظام عبر محاكم شرعية مستقلة ترد المظالم .. بمبادرات بدعية !!! فهل تحقيق أمر الله تعالى عند التنازع بدعة ؟!!
ثم بعد ذلك أرسل المشرف على منبرنا ردا عليه جاء فيه:
( … ثم كيف لكم أن تلزموا الناس بما لا تلتزمه الدولة … فالدولة لا تقدم نفسها لغاية الآن على أنها خلافة، فكيف تلزمون خصومها بالتحاكم لديها كونها دولة خلافة وتشبهونها بدولة النبوة ودولة أبي بكر وعمر وبخلافة الأمويين والعباسيين ؟!
كما أن الشيخ يدعوكم إلى دراسة الفروقات بين القضاء والتحاكم.
وأحسب أن شيخنا المقدسي سيعمل على نزع الشرعية من كل من يرفض النزول لحكم الشرع، وما أظن أن مثله يلتفت لتشغيب أعلام فضلا ان يلتفت لتشغيب مجاهيل جهال …) أهـ.
فجاء في رد شرعيهم المبرز على هذا الرد أثناء مناقشة جرت بينه وبين مشرفنا، أنقل طرفا منها مع ذرائع أخرى تذرع بها ليرد المبادرة:
(والذي رفع السماء بغير عمد نحن دولة، فكيف توجبون علينا التحاكم لمحكمة مستقلة؟! )
وقال أيضا: ( ألا تعلمون أن المحكمة المستقلة تعني دولة أخرى؟! ) !!!
ثم قال المشرف: ( بالله عليك أخبرني … هل ينتقص من الدولة أو من هيبتها أو من شرعيتها أن تجيبوه لمبادرته ؟ )
فأجابه الشرعي المبرز: ( أخي الحبيب ينبغي أن يكون القاضي محايدا ليس له قول مسبق… وشيخنا ليس كذلك بل قال ارجعوا للعراق!! )
وقال أيضا شرعيهم المبرز : ( أتريد أن تحل دولة حاكمة بشرع الله على أرض أكبر من دولة النبي وأكبر من دولة الشيخ محمد بن عبد الوهاب لحكم شخص واحد؟! )
فأجابه المشرف حفظه الله: ( يا أخي … هو لم يقل ذلك … بل قال :
” فلا بد من حل لهذا البلاء ولو بالجلاء، فإذا أغلقتم السبل أمام التحكيم والإصلاح، ورفضتم التوحد والاندماج، وأبيتم واستنكفتم عن التعاون والاعتصام الذي يقر عيون الموحدين ويغيظ الأعداء، فأي شيء يحول بينكم وبين قبول نصح إخوانكم بالانحياز إلى العراق والعمل على التنكيل بالروافض الأنجاس والسعي في تحرير أسارى المسلمين وغير ذلك من الأعمال التي ” … )
وهذا الذي اقتصه أخونا المشرف هو جزء من رسالتي إلى البغدادي .. وتأمل كيف تقولوا علي ما لم أقله !
ثم قال مشرفنا : ( يا أخي … أنت عاقل … فكيف لا ترضون بمبادرة شيخكم ؟
وحتى متى تستمر إراقة الدماء .. إن كنتم لا تثقون بشيخكم … فبمن إذن ؟ )
قال الشرعي المبرز: (لكن المسألة أكبر من أن يقضي فيها شخص واحد لاسيما وإن كان له أقوال سابقة معارضة لمشروع إقامة الدولة ..والله إننا نثق بشيخنا .. وأنا أكثر الناس في الدنيا ثقة فيه ..ولعلك تحسبها مبالغة )
قال المشرف: (يا أخي … وهل تظنوه يحيف عليكم ؟)
فأجابه الشرعي المبرز: (سيحكم بنحو ما يسمع)
فأجابه مشرفنا : ( نعم … سيسمع منكم)
فقال الشرعي المبرز : (وهم ألحن بالحجة منا فهم يحسنون الخداع والكذب ليت شيخنا يسمع منا)
ثم بعد مناقشات قال مشرفنا : ( إذن … هل أنقل لشيخنا رفضكم للمبادرة أخي . حتى لا يبقى ينتظر ردكم ؟)
قال شرعيهم المبرز :(أخي بالله عليك كيف يتم قبول أو رفض مبادرة لم نطلع عليها؟؟؟! () أم هو الإحراج فحسب .. فقط تريدون بشيخي أن يواكب بقية الشيوخ؟)
المشرف : (سبحان الله … وكيف تسمعون بها دون أن تشعروه بالإيجاب، فيرسل لكم من يعرضها عليكم كما سيرسل للنصرة.
لكن السؤال هل تقبلون بفكرة المبادرة وأن يكون الشيخ قائما عليها، ثم لما تبدأ إن رأيتم حيفا عليكم شنعوا على القائمين عليها )
قال شرعيهم المبرز : (سأسأل الإخوة بعون الله) اهـ
ثم انتظرنا جوابا فلم يجب، وراسلناه فابتعد … ثم خرج العدناني بكلمته التي قطع بها قول كل خطيب ..فرفض التحاكم بعلة أخرى – غير التي ساقها الشرعي – ساقطة متهافتة.. واستبدل التحاكم بأمر أولى دخولا في علته، رفض التحاكم بحجة عدم وجود من يصلح لذلك ويتفق عليه، ثم دعا للاتفاق على خليفة يعين القاضي !!! ()
وهنا أسجل عليهم اللف والدوران والتخبط والتشغيب و مخالفة لبديهيات الشرع والجهل بها .
أما التخبط والتهرب واللف والدوران ..
فهو أنه كلما كشفنا لهم علة أو حققنا لهم شرطا قفزوا إلى شرط آخر أو علة أخرى دون ضابط .
فمثلا جعلوا العلة في رفضهم التحاكم – كما في مبادرة المحيسني – أن الخصم غير واضح العقيدة والمنهج، فاشترطوا بيانه لذلك وإثباته على أرض الواقع، فلما أتيناهم بما يشترطون – خصم ومرجح يحقق ما اشترطوه -
قالوا : أنهم دولة خلافة لا تتحاكم لمستقل .
فلما ذكرناهم أنهم أرسلوا لنا بخلاف ذلك .. وأنهم لم يعلنوا ذلك بعد ولم يلتزموه .. فكيف يريدون أن يلزموا الخصوم بما لا يلتزموه ..
تذرعوا أن لنا أحكاما مسبقة عليهم بإخراجهم ..
فلما بين لهم المشرف أنه تقول علينا، إنما توعدنا من لم يلتزم الشرع بأن نفتي بإخراجه ..
قالوا : أنهم لم يطلعوا على تفاصيل المبادرة …
قلت : وهذا باطل فقد قلنا لهم: سنطلعكم على التفاصيل، فردوا برفض المبدأ ككل .
ثم قالوا : أن الامر أكبر من أن يحكم به رجل!!!
ثم قالوا : أنه سيقضي بنحو ما يسمع !!!
ثم قالوا : نشاور الإخوة.. ثم خرجت كلمة العدناني بذريعة جديدة عجيبة أسدلت الستار وقطعت كل الخطاب .
أما مخالفة الشرع والجهل ببديهياته
فهو في قوله مجازفة منه وجهلا :
أنه سيقضي بنحو ما يسمع !!! .
وهل في ذلك منكر من القول وزور .. وهل المسلمات في القضاء والتي قال بوجوبها الجمهور و جاء بها صريح المنطوق وصريح المعقول بقوله صلى الله عليه وسلم ” إنما أقضي على نحو ما أسمع ” متفق عليه، تكون ذريعة لرد التحاكم لشرع الله !! ..
والثانية بقوله : أن الامر أكبر من أن يحكم به رجل ..!!!
قلت :وهل في شرعنا يحكم العشرة والخمسة عشر !!
لأن القضية أكبر من أن يحكم بها رجل !!!.
أم ان الذي ورد.. قضاء الرجل وله أن يستشير .. وحكم الرجلين وعند الاختلاف الترجيح .. سبحان الله ..جهل حتى في بديهيات القضاء.
ثالثا: في كذبهم علي
في إحدى الرسائل التي أرسلوها ليذبوا بها عن أنفسهم ويتهجموا بها على النصرة، كتب إلي أحد شرعييهم التالي : ( .. لكن إن طال بكم عمر ستعرفون حقيقة قيادة جبهة النصرة حاليا والمسار الذي تتبعه والذي ستؤول إليه وستعلمون أنها مخترقة وظيفيا من حاكم المطيري ومن هم وراءه وبعض شرعييها بل وقاضيها العام أبو حسن الكويتي هم من جماعته، وستعلمون حقيقة أبي ماريا شرعي الجبهة والدور الذي لعبه وغرضه من ذلك قد لا تصدقون وتقولون أنكم تخونوهم لأنهم انشقوا عنكم ونحن ليس كذلك بحمد الله ونعوذ بالله أن نغامر بديننا لمجرد خصومة شخصية بل نتكلم بناء على معلومات يقينية ثابتة .. ( .
قلت :
يقول أنهم ينطلقون من معلومات ثابتة يقينية .. وهل الثابت اليقيني أن أبا حسن الكويتي هو قاضيهم العام ؟!!! .
لما تتبعت ما أخبرني به وجدت أن أبا الحسن الكويتي ليس بالقاضي العام بل هو شرعي من شرعييهم الكثر له مدونة في الشبكة العنكبوتية ينشط فيها .. وإن كانت له خلفية سابقة مع المطيري فلا يعني البتة ارتباطه تنظيميا أو منهجيا به، بل ارتباط ابي حسن الكويتي ومن على شاكلته ممن كانت له خلفية مع باقي الجماعات العاملة على الساحة بالقاعدة ينسخ تلك العلاقات .. ولا تزال القاعدة وباقي الجماعات المقاتلة تُرفد بأمثال هؤلاء دون نكير من العلماء والعقلاء بل هي ظاهرة صحية ما دام أنه ينخرط متعلما في صفوفها .
ثم بنى على معلومته الكاذبة – التي أسماها ثابتة يقينية – أمرا جللا قال : ( مخترقة وظيفيا من حاكم المطيري ومن هم وراءه ) فمن الذي وراءه؟!! أهكذا يكون النهج العلمي التوثيقي لدولة ستكون نواة خلافة ؟!
وكرروا المعلومة الثابتة اليقينية !!! هذه (أن القاضي العام لجبهة النصرة هو أبو حسن الكويتي)، فقالوا لي في رسالة أخرى أتت على أنها لأحد شرعييهم لكن هذه المرة دون توقيع : (… أما جبهة النصرة فالحديث عنها ذو شجون، فهذه الجبهة فيها الكثير من الصادقين جنودا وأمراء، إلا أن الخلل في المتحكمين بالقرار فيها: حيث المتحكم الفعلي إنما هو حاكم المطيري ( زعيم حزب الأمة !! وأنت تعلم خبره ) ويده في الجبهة القاضي العام أبو الحسن الكويتي، أما ابو مارية الجبوري المسؤول الشرعي فهو رأس الفتنة في الشام …..)
قلت : يقول أن المتحكم الفعلي بالقاعدة في الشام حاكم المطيري !!! .
ثم في نفس الرسالة قال : ( ..ومن الكذب أيضا أنهم استباحوا دماء كل الفصائل المخالفة والمقاتلة لها وأنها تفجر مقرات الفصائل بعمليات استشهادية ونحو ذلك..)
قلت : ثم بعد ذلك أراد أن يوهمني أن قتالهم وتوعدهم هو للمجلس الوثني والمجلس العسكري .
وأنا أجيب هنا بما خطه لي شرعيهم المبرز في رسالته التي رد بها على مبادرتنا .. قال تعليقا على نهيي لهم قتال النصرة والأحرار وباقي الفصائل: ( كيف تنكر على الدولة الإسلامية قتال المرتدين من أرباب الديمقراطية التي حاربتها طوال عمرك؟! )
وهذا إقرار لقتالهم لمن نهيتهم عن قتالهم .
وجاء في رسالة أخرى لأحد شرعييهم : (… شيخنا الفاضل يقولون لكم أن القتال قتال فتنة وأن على الدولة إيقاف القتال مع فصائل الجبهة الإسلامية ولكن الذي لا يذكرونه لكم – إما جهلا أو غفلة أو عمدا – أن هذه الجبهة مرتبطة بالمخابرات السعودية والقطرية مباشرة (.
وهذا إقرار آخر بقتالهم للجبهة الاسلامية .. ورميها بما هو كفر بواح يبيح قتالها .
وقال الشرعي في موضع آخر من رسالته يشرح لي وقائع قتالهم مع النصرة والأحرار: ( فاستغل أحرار الشام وجموع تابعة للنصرة الوضع للأسف ونصبوا حواجز وحاولوا اعتقال الشباب والسيطرة على مقرات الدولة وضرب الدولة هناك مع أن الدولة هي التي تحكم …)
ثم ذكر جانبا من إحسانهم للأحرار والنصرة ثم قال: ( فما كان منا الا أن واجهنا ذلك ورددنا عدوانهم وأسرنا منهم من أسرنا وقتل منهم ومنا من قتل ..)
فهذا إقرار منهم آخر .
قال أحد شرعييهم في إحدى الرسائل التي أرسلت لي : (ويكفيكم شيخنا أن جميع المحللين السياسيين وقادة الغرب والشرق أطبقوا أن هذه الحرب المقصود منها القضاء على الدولة الإسلامية ليتيسر لهم تبرير مشروعهم في جنيف لتصفية الجهاد في الشام على الأرض)
قلت : فهل فعلا أن جميع المحللين وقادة الغرب والشرق أطبقوا على ذلك .. وهل جبهة النصرة والأحرار الذين تقاتلوهم وباعترافكم يمهدون لجنيف !!!.
لماذا لم تذكروا لي أيها الشرعيون !! أنهم أعلنوا براءتهم من مؤتمر جنيف وفضحوه .
أما شرعيهم المبرز فكتب لي في رسالته الأولى:
(وأحب أن أبين لك أن جبهة الجولاني كانت تمنع نشر كتبكم من باب المحافظة على الحاضنة الشعبية . بينما على العكس من ذلك تجد الدولة الاسلامية في العراق والشام تتبنى طباعة كتبكم ورسائلكم، بل ما دخلت مقرا إلا وجدت كتابا من كتبكم فتأمل .) .
قلت : أسلوب تحريش لا يليق بمجاهد فضلا أن يكون طالب علم فضلا أن يكون كبير من كبار شرعييهم، والأدهى والأمر أنه افتراء وبهتان .
ثم من فيكما رد مبادرتي وسخر منها ومن وقرها ؟!! .
وقال شرعيهم المبرز في نفس الرسالة :
(ومن ذلك ما وصل لك شيخنا من زعمهم أن الدولة استحلت مقراتهم في درعا حينما كانوا في الثغور مع العدو النصيري !! وهذا من الكذب الواضح البين إذ أنه لا تواجد أبدا للدولة الإسلامية في درعا فكيف يسيطرون على مقراتهم ! .)
قلت: لم يصلني أنهم استحلوا مقراتهم في درعا بل الذي وصلني أنهم استحلوها في الشرقية .. فلماذا تفترض واقعا هشا ساقطالم يقل به أحد ثم ترد عليه .. ولا ترد على الواقع الوارد إلينا والظاهر الواضح ؟
وقال أيضا شرعيهم المبرز: (أما موضوع بيعة الشيخ أبي بكر البغدادي للشيخ أيمن الظواهري فلم تكن ثم بيعة رسمية .
الأمر عبارة عن توقير شيوخ العراق لشيوخ خرسان الذين سبقوا في الجهاد أن بينهم رسائل في استشارتهم واستفتائهم في مسائل، ووصفهم بشيوخنا وأئمتنا (.
قلت: جاء في كلمة أخينا الشيخ أيمن الظواهري التي أَشهد الله على صحتها وأقرها العدناني بقوله (إنّ كل ما ذكرتَ من شهادتك صحيح ) :
(أرسل الشيخ الشهيد كما نحسبه أبو حمزة المهاجر رحمه الله رسالة للقيادة العامة يبرر فيها إنشاء الدولة ويؤكد فيها على ولاء الدولة لجماعة قاعدة الجهاد وأن الإخوة في الشورى قد أخذوا العهد على الشيخ الشهيد كما نحسبه أبي عمر البغدادي بأن أميره هو الشيخ أسامة بن لادن رحمه الله وأن الدولة تابعة لجماعة قاعدة الجهاد ولكن رأوا أن يُعلموا الأخوة بذلك ولا ينشروه لبعض الاعتبارات السياسية التي رأوها في العراق حينئذ .)
قلت: وهل أخذ العهد بأن أميره هو الشيخ أسامة بن لادن رحمه الله من عبارات التوقير والاحترام !!! .. وهل يشترط للتوقير أخذ العهد ؟
وجاء أيضا في رسالة الدكتور حفظه الله :
( .. فأجاب مندوب شورى دولة العراق الإسلامية في غرة ذي القعدة 1431 بما يلي : ( …. أجمع الأخوة هنا وفي مقدمتهم الشيخ أبو بكر حفظه الله ومجلس الشورى على أنه لا مانع من أن تكون هذه الإمارة مؤقتة وأن إرسال أي شخص من قِبل المشايخ عندكم إن رأوا أن ذلك من تمام تحقيق المصلحة ليتسلم الإمارة فلا مانع لدينا وسيكون الجميع هنا جنوداً له عليهم واجب السمع والطاعة وهذا الالتزام مجمع عليه من مجلس الشورى والشيخ أبو بكر البغدادي حفظهم الله)
قلت: وهل استلام الإمارة التي توجب السمع والطاعة من لوازم الاحترام والتوقير ؟!!!
وجاء أيضا في رسالة الدكتور حفظه الله نقلا عن رسالة أرسلتها الدولة له :
(…وهو يسأل عن المناسب من وجهة نظركم عند إعلان الأمير الجديد للتنظيم عندكم هل تجدد الدولة بيعته علناً أم تكون سراً كما هو معلوم معمول به سابقاً وهذا لتعلموا أن الإخوة هنا سهام في كنانتكم.. )
قلت : وهل التوقير والاحترام يفتقر إلى تجديد البيعة ؟!!
وجاء أيضا في رسالة الدكتور حفظه الله :
( .. بعد أن توليت الإمارة خلفاً للشيخ أسامة رحمه الله كان الشيخ أبو بكر البغدادي الحسيني يخاطبني بصفتي أميره حتى آخر رسالة لي منه حفظه الله في 29 جمادى الأولى 1434 والتي بدأها بقوله (فإلى أميرنا الشيخ المفضال) .. )
قلت :فأين الى شيوخنا في خراسان .
وجاء أيضا في رسالة الدكتور حفظه الله :
( وكذلك أرسل الشيخ أبو محمد العدناني بشهادة لي ختمها بقوله: (كتبها العبد الفقير أبو محمد العدناني في 19 جمادى الأولى 1434 معذرة إلى الله تعالى ثم إلى الأمة ثم إلى أمرائه الشيخ الدكتور أيمن الظواهري ثم إلى الشيخ الدكتور أبي بكر البغدادي حفظهما الله) .
قل لي بربك هل جمعه للظواهري مع تقديمه والبغدادي مع تأخيره في لفظ أمرائه للاحترام والتوقير ؟!!! .
رابعاً: في تحريضهم لي على الشيخ الظواهري زورا وبهتانا
لا أدري إلى ماذا يهدف هؤلاء .. لماذا هذا الإصرار على إسقاط رموزنا وكبراءنا .. لماذا يدفعوننا لنحر الذات وجلدها ؟!! .
وهل تظنني سهما في كنانتك تنخز به الكبار وسيفا في جفنك تعض به العظام .. خبت إذا وخسرت ..بل نحورنا دون نحورهم وأنفسنا وقاء لأنفسهم نتلقى بصدورنا وظهورنا عنهم سهام المغرضين والشانئين
قال شرعيهم المبرز محرضا :
وأخيرا أدعوك يا شيخي للتأمل في خطابات الشيخ أيمن الظواهري وخاصة الأخيرة منها.
( فتامل شيخي في قول الشيخ أيمن عن أوباما أو بوش ” مستر ” ) اهـ
ثم سكت ..
وأقول له: ارفع يدك وأكمل العبارة ….
(( : “مستر أوباما”، عسى أن يكون قصم ظهوركم على أيدى مجاهدى أمة الإسلام بإذن الله حتى تستريح الدنيا ويستريح التاريخ من إجرامكم وصلفكم وكذبكم. )
وقال أيضا : ( وتأمل في شكره للطاغوت هنية !)
قلت : ساقها دون دافعها .. تعزية هنية للشيخ أسامة .. وهذا لي لمعناها وإخفاء لمرادها
وقال أيضا شرعيهم المبرز: ( وتأمل في ثنائه على الطاغوت مرسي ! )
أجمل بمجمل يذهب بالمعنى.. وعنون دون تقييد ولا تبيين .. وهذا أقبح التدليس ..
ووضع يده كعادته على الموضع المبين والمفسر وهو قول أخينا الدكتور أيمن الظواهري : (( وأنصحك مخلصًا لك النصيحة وراجيًا لك الهداية والتوفيق والتثبيت، فأقول لك: لقد تعاملت مع العلمانيين ووافقتهم، ومع الصليبيين وتنازلت لهم، ومع الأمريكان وأعطيت لهم الضمانات، ومع الإسرائيليين وأقررت بمعاهدات الاستسلام معهم، ومع عسكر مبارك الذين تربوا على مساعدات أمريكا فوافقتهم، ومع جلادي الداخلية فطمأنتهم، فماذا كانت النتيجة؟ وأنت اليوم في امتحان عظيم، إما أن تتمسك بالحق غير متزلزل ولا متذبذب ولا متزحزح، فتطالب بحاكمية الشريعة في وضوح وجلاء، وترفض القضاء الفاسد، والقوانين العلمانية، والدستور العلماني، وتصر على تحرير كل شبر من ديار الإسلام المحتلة، وتأبى الاعتراف بأية معاهدة أو اتفاق يتنازل عنها، وتعاهد ربك أنك ستجهر بالحق الذي يفرضه عليك شرعه، ولا تتنازل قيد أُنملة عن ذلك، فحينئذ أبشرك بأنك ستكون من أبطال هذه الأمة، ورموزها البارزة، وقادتها العظام، وستحشد الأمة في مصر والعالم الإسلامي خلفك في معركتها مع أعدائها، وإن توفاك الله مخلصًا على ذلك فأبشر بحسن الخاتمة وعظيم الثواب فيها في آخرتك. .)
قال شرعيهم المبرز: (وتأمل في توجيهاته الأخيرة وأننا لا بد أن نتعايش مع البوذيين والمشركين وغيرهم في سلام ودعة !! .) .
قلت : إخراج للكلام عن سياقه وسرده دون شرطه .
عدم التعرض للنصارى والسيخ والهندوس في البلاد الإسلامية، وإذا حدث عدوان منهم، فيُكتفى بالرد على قدر العدوان، مع بيان أننا لا نسعى إلى أن نبدأهم بقتال، لأننا مشغولون بقتال رأس الكفر العالمي، وأننا حريصون على أن نعيش معهم في سلام ودعة إذا قامت دولة الإسلام قريبا إن شاء الله.
قال شرعيهم المبرز :
(وتأمل في مصطلحاته ومشابهته للديمقراطيين في كثير منها ومغازلاته ولكثير من الجماعات الاسلامية المنحرفة .)
قلت :
وكم من عائب قولا صحيحا وآفته من الفهم السقيم
ومن يك ذا فم مر مريض يجد مرا به الماء الزلالا
قلت : هذه هي نبرة الغلو.. تضخيم المسائل و تسمية الأمور بأكبر من مسمياتها و إعطائها أكبر من حجمها ثم ترتيب ما لا يترتب عليها والتشديد فيها وتضييق ما وسع الله… هذه نبرة غلو واضحة جدا لا ينتطح فيها عاقلين .
وأخيرا هذا بعض ما نقل لي بعض شرعييهم :
(ونعلم أن في جنودنا وشرعيي الدولة من هم خوارج أو أقرب الى الخوارج، ولكن ليس هذا هو السمة الغالبة على الدولة بحمد الله وليس فيها أحد من كبار القادة أصحاب الرأي فيها، وأمثال هؤلاء لا يملكون قرارا الا في واقعهم المحدود وهو ما يسيء لنا أحيانا، نحاول الاصلاح ما استطعنا، لكن المعركة قاسية قاسية وصعبة )
وقال أيضا : ( لتعلموا شيخنا كما في صفوفنا من هم خوارج، فإن في صفوف جبهة النصرة من هم شبيحة ومرتزقة ….. )
وختاما، قال شرعيهم المبرز : (فلا بد من وقفة لله يا شيخي كما عهدناك ولا يزال العالم يذكر وقفتك مع الشيخ مصطفى ابي اليزيد وبالله التوفيق) .
قلت : هذه هي الوقفة قد أتتك .
وكتبه: أبو محمد المقدسي

منبر التوحيد والجهاد
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منبر التوحيد والجهاد

الموقع بدمه


A Call to the Ummah & Mujahideen
From Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisey
(May Allah free him)

To the brothers, the leaders of the Mujahideen in Khorasaan, Yemen, the Islamic Maghreb, Sinai, Somalia and the Caucasus, may Allah protect them and use them to give victory to the Deen.

Assalam ‘Alaykum wa Rahmatullah,

As for what is to come…

I praise Allah, whom there is no Lord worthy of worship but He, and may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon the one who was sent with the sword before The Hour, so Allah alone is worshiped, no partners ascribed to Him…

You are aware, O Brothers, of what has happened and continues to take place in the field of Ashaam, the disagreements and infighting amongst the Mujahideen, which has deeply saddened the hearts of those who feel protectiveness over the Jihad and the Mujahideen. This state has kept awake [due to their worry] those who have concern over the Jihad and the Mujahideen and has also pleased the enemies of the Deen.

Perhaps you know that we have exhausted our efforts to be involved in mediation, as have other noble people, scholars, and Mujahideen. [You may also know] that we communicated with those concerned in the dispute and the infighting, and amongst them was al-Baghdadi; I advised him privately and advised his Tandheem[1]al-Dawlah publically. I also responded to some of the transgressions of their official spokesman, al-Adnani, as much as I was able to release from prison, even though his transgressions and reckless [talk] does not deserve to be responded to, more than this.

I also wrote to our beloved brother, the Sheikh, the Commander, the Mujahid Ayman al-Zawahiri (may Allah protect him), and I put him in the picture regarding my efforts at a reconciliation initiative or adjudicating between Tandheem Al-Dawlah and Jabhat al-Nusrah. [I also informed him] that I would authorize some of my closest students to carry this out, whom I trust, and whom satisfy the conditions placed by Tandheem Al-Dawlah, which they previously were intransigent about, when they refused the[previous] initiatives of adjudication.

This is what I informed al-Baghdadi about, and brought to his attention that his refusal of these initiatives would place the burden on their shoulders in front of all the Mujahideen, and that they would reap the serious consequences of their actions.

I have also been in communication with some of those in positions of religious authority in al-Dawlah, and I have documented evidence of these correspondences, which exposes their fraud, their ‘beating around the bush’ and their lies when dealing with the leaders of Jihad, as well as other traits, which are not fitting for Mujahideen, whom should supposedly be the most deserving people to fulfil justice and witness for Allah the truth, even if it were against themselves.

You are aware that Tandheem al-Dawlah has spilled unlawful blood, and this is authenticated. [They have also] refused to comply with the [commands] of the leaders of the Mujahideen and their Mashayekh, [as well as] their (leaders and scholars) initiatives and advice. This is well-known, noted and also authenticated. [You are also aware] that ghuluw[2]has deeply affected the ranks of some of them, even their religious officials. Some of them even openly admitted that within their ranks are Kharijities.

You are aware that the likes of these people are forcefully dominating the Muslims in Syria, voicing their ideas publically, speaking in the name of Jihad and Mujahideen, while attiring themselves with the cloak of ‘The Islamic State’ and using its terminologies has sullied and will continue to sully the Jihad, the Mujahideen and the desired Islamic State.

[All of this] will also create an alliance amongst the nations against the general masses of the Mujahideen, and it will also create the Sahawat. This is because deviation from the shari’ah of Allah and from the Prophetic guidance will result in ghuluw, and naming things by other than its names. Oppression and killing [unlawfully] will definitely bring fruits that are the same as this evil tree.

You are aware that Tandheem al-Dawlah, their official spokesman, and their religious officials have been transgressing their limits with our leaders and scholars. [This is] especially [true] with our beloved brother Sheikh Ayman al-Zawahiri.

When they disobeyed him and rejected him, and the Mujahideen testified against their claims that they do not have a binding ba’yah to him (Sheikh Ayman), they began to justify their sin and their transgression against the Mujahideen, as well as their rebellion against their leaders and their rejection of the advices of their leaders, under the guise that al-Qaeda has deviated from the path of Jihad. They also [justified their claims] by picking holes in the statements of the words [of the leaders], which in reality are free from Islamic errors.

As a result of the words [of their leaders], their criticism and prejudice is an indication of their ill-understanding and false goals. All of this is done in order to justify their sins, their repudiation and their splitting of the ranks of the Mujahideen. These justifications prove their superficiality, shallow thinking, their loose fiqh, their leniency towards ghuluw and their over-exaggeration of matters [by] giving them more than their weight.

I heard the most recent statement of al-Adnani, which is a sample of this [mentioned traits]. It is also a sample of many other attributes, which are scattered in their other statements, in which they clearly state their refusal to the adjudication instructed by the Commander, Sheikh al-Zawahiri.

The adjudication was the core of our initiative which I wrote to Sheikh Ayman and to them [Tandheem al-Dawlah]. Based upon their refusal, which was clear, and that every person on the earth heard, this shut every door that was open for reconciliation and adjudication was no longer an option, leaving no room for anyone else to talk.

Henceforth, there is no longer a benefit to procrastinate, delay or wait. [The only thing that can come out this is] that we would be silent in forbidding evil and the revocation of the wrong! It then became incumbent upon us, and upon all of the scholars of Jihad and the leaders of Jihad all over the world to say a word of truth, join the ranks of the people of truth and make clear the group of aggressors who have refused the adjudication, this group who has disobeyed the orders of their leaders and head scholars.

Based on this, I announce, here, that Tandheem al-Dawlah fil-‘Iraq wal-Shaam, is a deviant organisation from the path of truth, [they are] aggressors against the Mujahideen. They lean towards ghuluw . They have become embroiled in the spilling of unlawful blood, the sequestration of their wealth, war booty, and [the] regions which they have liberated from the [Asaad] regime, [This group] has besmirched the name of Jihad and the elite Mujahideen. [They have] turned their rifles from the chests of the apostates and those at war[3] [with the Muslims] to the chests of the Mujahideen and the Muslims, as well as other documented deviations.

I also call upon all Mujahideen to adopt this statement [as their official stance], and publically align with it, giving victory to the truth and its people. I also call upon the members of Tandheem al-Dawlah to join the ranks of Jabhat al-Nusrah, giving bay’ah to its leaders. This is our fatwa to them and what I encourage them to do and chose for them. I also call upon all Islamic Jihadi websites, and others who are concerned with the affairs of the Muslims and their Jihad, to spread this statement and give victory to it and to refrain from publishing Tandheem al-Dawlah’s media releases.

This statement is the same as retracting the Islamic pretext from this rebellious organization. It is the same as claiming innocence and disavowal from its extreme methodology, it’s spilling of unlawful blood, which has distorted the name of Jihad and Mujahideen and has been misguided from the path of Allah due to its deviation, its aggression and its refusal of the ruling of Allah.

Because of their deviation and their repelling of the adjudication, their refusal of all initiatives, I was compelled to this stance, only after we had forwarded advice to him [al-Baghdadi] and corresponded with his commanders and religious officials in secret and in public.

This was also after his complete disregard of the calls of his leaders, scholars of Jihad and his rejection to succumb to the adjudication, and as a result he became mumtani’ [4]of the shari’a and refused to return the rights of the people to them, just as he refused before to obey his leaders. It then became incumbent upon us to say the truth after exhausting all efforts and trying all avenues to return him back to the correct path, but he refused and they all insisted – him, those commanders with him, and the religious officials – to adhere to their deviation.

It also became incumbent upon the people of Jihad to warn against him, and to call the Mujahideen to dissociate from him and join the ranks of the people of truth and Jihad, the truthful and pious. This is in order for the matter of Jihad to return together and the ranks of the Mujahideen to unify. Indeed, Allah loves those who fight in His cause in a row as though they are a [single] structure joined firmly. He does not want for the people of Jihad to be disunited and scattered which will only cause our strength to depart, weaken the Jihad and cause the enemies to turn against us together.

We ask Allah, the Most High, to unify the ranks of the Mujahideen upon the command of the most pious men amongst them and that He raises the flag of Tawheed and tumbles the flag of shirk and falsehood.

May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon His Prophet.

Written in the middle of Rajab 1435 Hijri
Corresponding to May 2014

Abū Muhammad al-Maqdisī

Jabhat an-Nusra conditionally accepts a truce with ISIS

In reaction to Dr. Ayman az-Zawahiri’s last appeal to stop the infighting in Syria (published here), Jabhat an-Nusra released a new statement in reaction, dated May 4th, 2014.


بيان بخصوص القتال الدائر مع جماعة الدولة

الحمد لله، والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله، وعلى آله وصحبه ومن والاه، وبعد؛

فمنذ ما يقارب الأربعة أشهر نشب قتال دامٍ بين الجماعات المقاتلة في الشام وبين جماعة الدولة، ووقفنا يومها على الحياد رغم الاعتداءات المتكررة من جماعة الدولة علينا؛ سعيًا منَّا لحقن الدماء لئلا تنزلق الساحة إلى قتال جانبي ينتعش فيه النظام النصيري وأحلافه، وعبثًا حاولنا مرارًا وتكرارًا الوصول لأي صيغة حل بين جماعة الدولة وبيننا والجماعات الأخرى فقد رفضت كل أنواع الصلح والتحكيم المستقل، ورفضت كل المبادرات والمناشدات الداعية لإيقاف هذا القتال.

وبعد صدور كلمة لأمير جماعة الدولة يقول فيها: “من كفَّ عنا نكف عنه”، قام أتباعه بشن حملة شرسة على جبهة النصرة في دير الزور والحسكة، وقمنا بمطالبتهم قبل أن نرد عدوانهم وندفع صيالهم بتحكيم الشرع فأبوا ورفضوا، وحشدوا كل قوتهم منسحبين من أغلب مناطق تواجدهم ومن جميع خطوط تماسهم مع النصيرية.
وبدأوا بإرسال أمنيِّيهم إلى المناطق التي انسحبوا منها لقتل قيادات المجاهدين كما حصل في مقتل الشيخ أبي خالد السوري رحمه الله، وكذا الجريمة النكراء في استهدافهم وقتلهم الأخ القائد أبي محمد فاتح وأخيه وامرأةً وبنتًا وطفلةً من عائلتهم -تقبلهم الله- عدا عن بعض الإصابات الأخرى.
وكذلك بدأوا بإرسال القنابل البشرية والسيارات المفخخة على بيوت بعض رجال جبهة النصرة بما فيها من النساء والأطفال، كل هذا وغيره ونحن لا زلنا إلى يومنا هذا ندفع صيالهم عن أنفسنا ولا نبتدؤهم بقتال، وما يجري اليوم من قتال بيننا وبينهم في ريف حلب الشرقي إنما هو مرتبط بوقف صيالهم وعدوانهم عن إخواننا في دير الزور وفك حصارهم، ذلك مع حفاظنا على جميع جبهات قتالنا مع النظام النصيري كما يظهر جليًّا لكل متابع في سلسلة العمليات الكبرى التي قمنا بها في الشهرين الماضيين بالاشتراك مع الفصائل المجاهدة من درعا إلى الغوطة والقلمون الشرقي والغربي وعمليات حمص المحاصرة وحماة وإدلب واللاذقية وحلب، ولله وحده الفضل والمنَّة.

وكنا قد استمعنا لكلمة الشيخ أيمن الظواهري –حفظه الله ورعاه– ومما جاء فيها:

“أما الأمرُ فهو للشيخِ الفاتحِ أبي محمدٍ الجولانِي -حفظه الله – وكلِّ جنودِ جبهةِ النصرةِ الكرامِ، والمناشدة لكلِّ طوائفِ وتجمعاتِ المجاهدين في شامِ الرباطِ بأن يتوقفوا فورًا عن أي قتالٍ فيه عدوان على أنفسِ وحرماتِ إخوانهم المجاهدين وسائرِ المسلمين، وأن يتفرغوا لقتالِ أعداءِ الإسلامِ من البعثيين والنصييين وحلفائِهم من الروافض.
كما أكررُ ما طالبتُ به مرارًا من قبلُ أن يتحاكمَ الجميعُ لهيئةٍ شرعيةٍ مستقلةٍ فيما شجر بينهم من خلافٍ.
كما أطالبُ الجميعَ بأن يتوقفوا عن تبادلِ الاتهاماتِ والتنابزِ بالألفاظِ وإشعالِ الفتنةِ بين المجاهدين في الإعلامِ ووسائلِ التواصلِ، وأن يكونوا مفاتيحَ للخيِر مغاليقَ للشرِ.”

وعليه فإننا:
1- نعلن الامتثال لأمر الشيخ الدكتور أيمن الظواهري -حفظه الله- بإيقاف أي اعتداء من طرفنا على جماعة الدولة مع الاستمرار بدفع صيالهم حيثما اعتدوا على المسلمين وحرماتهم، وفي الوقت الذي تعلن جماعة الدولة وقف عدوانها على المسلمين فإن إطلاق النار من جهتنا سيتوقف تلقائيًا، علمًا أننا اقتصرنا في كل الفترات السابقة على دفع صيالهم في مكان اعتدائهم.

2- نمتثل لأمر الشيخ الدكتور أيمن الظواهري -حفظه الله- بخصوص المحكمة، ونعلن عن رضوخنا لها فور تشكيلها وفي نفس السياق نعلن موافقتنا على المبادرة الكريمة التي طرحها أهلنا “عشائر الفرات والخابور” بخصوص تشكيل محكمة مستقلة، فنحن راضون بما طرحوه من قضاة أفاضل، ومستعدون للرضوخ للمحكمة.

3- نكرر دعوة شيخنا الدكتور أيمن حفظه الله بالكف عن التراشق الإعلامي في الإعلام ووسائل التواصل الاجتماعي.

سائلين المولى سبحانه وتعالى أن يجعلها بادرة خير لحقن دماء المسلمين، وسبيلاً لشفاء صدور المؤمنين، وغيظ أعداء الدين.

{ وَاللهُ غَالِبٌ عَلَى أَمْرِهِ وَلَكِنَّ أَكْثَرَ النَّاسِ لَا يَعْلَمُونَ }

(( جَبْهَةُ النُّصْرَة ))
|| مؤسسة المنارة البيضاء للإنتاج الإعلامي ||

لا تنسونا من صالح دعائكم

والحمد لله ربِّ العالمين

تاريخ نشر البيان: يوم الأحد 5 من رجب 1435 للهجرة، الموافق 4/ 5/ 2014


First remarkable fact: Jabhat an-Nusra adresses ISIS as a group: they call them jama’at ad-dawla; the  group of ad-Dawla (the State) rather than using the official name Islamic State in Iraq an as-Sham.

Jabhat an-Nusra starts this statement lamenting the fact that for months they have been trying to stop the infighting within the ranks of Syrian Jihad. They blame ISIS for the ongoing infighting, thus neglecting the battle on the regime forces.

Jabhat an-Nusra still holds a serious grudge against ISIS for the death of Abu Khalid as-Suri and the murder of their local leader Abu Muhammad Fatih, his brother, his wife and two children.

Most importantly Jabhat an-Nusra reacts on these few phrases in Dr. Ayman az-Zawahiri’s speach:

“أما الأمرُ فهو للشيخِ الفاتحِ أبي محمدٍ الجولانِي -حفظه الله – وكلِّ جنودِ جبهةِ النصرةِ الكرامِ، والمناشدة لكلِّ طوائفِ وتجمعاتِ المجاهدين في شامِ الرباطِ بأن يتوقفوا فورًا عن أي قتالٍ فيه عدوان على أنفسِ وحرماتِ إخوانهم المجاهدين وسائرِ المسلمين، وأن يتفرغوا لقتالِ أعداءِ الإسلامِ من البعثيين والنصييين وحلفائِهم من الروافض.
كما أكررُ ما طالبتُ به مرارًا من قبلُ أن يتحاكمَ الجميعُ لهيئةٍ شرعيةٍ مستقلةٍ فيما شجر بينهم من خلافٍ.
كما أطالبُ الجميعَ بأن يتوقفوا عن تبادلِ الاتهاماتِ والتنابزِ بالألفاظِ وإشعالِ الفتنةِ بين المجاهدين في الإعلامِ ووسائلِ التواصلِ، وأن يكونوا مفاتيحَ للخيِر مغاليقَ للشرِ.”

A call upon Shaykh Fatih Abu Muhammad al-Julani to stop all fighting with Muslim brothers immediately, to focus on the war against the regime. A call upon all to stop the name calling and accusations in the media [I guess Dr. Z. doesn't like facebook and twitter]

The statement ends with three pledges towards Dr. Ayman az-Zawahiri:

  1. A full ceasefire with ISIS under the condition that ISIS will not attack them
  2. Installing an independent Shari’a court to rule on this matter
  3. Not to slander on media or social media (#twitna)


As for now, May 4th, it seems the infighting indeed stopped. One might wonder how long the truce will stand.

Dr. Ayman az-Zawahiri – Testimonial to Preserve the Blood of Mujahideen in as-Sham

    كلمة هامه جداً # السحاب [ شهادة لحقن دماء المجاهدين بالشام - للشيخ أيمن الظواهري حفظه الله






This resume was published by Flashpoint Partners:

AQ’s As-Sahab Media has released an audio from leader Ayman al-Zawahiri titled “Testimonial to Preserve the Blood of Mujahideen in al-Sham.”

The latest al-Zawahiri message is a response to questions from jihadi ideologue Dr. Hani al-Siba’i, which he presented over his radio show.
The latest al-Zawahiri message is a response to questions from jihadi ideologue Dr. Hani al-Siba’i, which he presented over his radio show.
Zawahiri: “declaring The ISIL was a clear violation of Qaida’t al-Jihad leadership orders…to not announce an official presence in Syria.”
Zawahiri : “declaring The ISIL has caused a political catastrophe for the people of Syria” & “ignited a sharp dispute within the one group.”
Zawahiri indicates that Usama bin Laden wasn’t pleased with declaring a “State/Emirate” in Iraq, adding that bin Laden “was not consulted.”
Zawahiri: though wasn’t consulted, AQ recognized ISI (Iraq) when it “didn’t threaten with shedding blood” if allegiance wasn’t given to it.
Zawahiri: the late Abu Yehya al-Liby reiterated bin Laden’s displeasure “to brothers in Iraq and I reiterated it to Shaykh al-Baghdadi.”
Zawahiri to Baghdadi: reminder & advice to Shaykh Baghdadi and those with him, return to obey your Amirs who preceded you on path of jihad.



This translation was provided by Markaz al-Sham: (literatim)

Testimony of Dr. Zawahiri in regards to ISIS. “A Testimony to save/preserve Blood of the Mujahideen in Sham.”


1. I had decided to suffice with the words I testified with in regards to the Fitnah between the Mujahideen in Sham/Syria.
2. This until I heard the appeal from the brother, Abu Karim (Hani al-Siba’i) so I decided after consultation and Istikhara to return to this subject.
3. Especially in regards to the questions he posed in his talk on the 25th of Jamadi al-Awal (March), Year 1435 through al-Maqrizi Radio.
4. I have returned to this subject for two reasons. The first reason is what the dear brother reminded of that it might extinguish the Fitnah.
5. And another reason was due to a request of another brother. I will divide this talk into a testimony + order + appeal + advice.
6. As for the testimony, it’s about ISI and it’s leader, the Venerable Shaykh Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi May Allah preserve him and their connection to AQ.
7. This is my testimony which I swear onto God with that the Islamic State of Iraq was a branch of the al-Qaeda organisation and details:
8. A] When ISI was announced, the leadership of AQC under Shaykh Osama was not asked for permission, consulted, or even made aware of it!
9. Abu Hamza al-Muhajir sent a letter to the central leadership justifying the creation of a state and that its allegiance was to AQC.
10. And that the brothers in their Shura took on oath on Abu Omar al-Baghdadi that his leader is OBL and that ISI is part of AQ.
11. And the brothers decided to work like this but not announce it publicly due to certain political aspects as they saw it.
12. B] The brothers in the leadership of AQ and ISI used to work on the basis that ISI was a part of AQC and some of the examples on that:
13. = The message found in Abottobad (SOCOM-2012-0000011 Orig) and this message was from Atiyah to Mustafa Abul-Yazid.
14. In it Shaykh Attiyah mentions that they have to send firm guidelines to al-Karoumi (and he means Abu Hamza al-Muhajir) for fear of falling into political mistakes.
15. = When Abu Bakr took over control of ISI, Shaykh Attiyah sent a letter to ISI leadership in Jamadi al-Awal, 1431 saying:
16. We suggest the brothers in the leadership that they appoint a temporary leader until consultation is over.
17. It’s best to stall appointing a new leader until you send us the proposed names, with their biographies and qualifications
18. We will send this to Usamah bin Laden.
19. C] Usamah sent a letter to Attiyah in Rajab, 1431 saying:
20: “We would like if you could provide us sufficient information about brother Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his second in command -
21. Abu Sulayman Nasr liDin Allah and it’s better if you ask about them from several sources from the brothers that you trust there.
22. So that the situation becomes clearer to us.” And this is also another document found in Usamah’s house [SOCOM-2012-0000019 Orig]
23. D] Attiyah replied in a letter from Sha’ban, year 1431. Saying: “We will request the information and get a clearer picture.”
24. E] Attiyah sent a letter to the Media Ministry of ISI in Shawal, 1431 saying:
25. “The Shaykhs are requesting a biography on the new leaders, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, his second in command and his Minister of War.
26. And if you wish leaders other than them, and you can tell the leaders about this and they can write it themselves if they want it.”
27. F] a Shura member of ISIS replied in in Dhil-Qi’dah, the year 1431 saying:
28. “Dear brother, your message has arrived as well as another message with guidelines from the Shaykhs –
29. About the State here and stalling a new leader, but we received it after announcing the new leadership.
30. And we always took care of letting the Shaykhs know about the reality of the situation here.
31. We are letting you know O our Shaykhs and WULAAT AL-AMR that YOUR STATE in iRaq is fine and firm.
32. Our esteemed Shaykhs, after the killing of the two SHaykhs (Abu Omar and Abu Hamza) the Majlis Shura tried delaying appointing a new leader.
33. Until an ORDER FROM YOU would come after securing communication, but we could not wait any longer for several reasons.
34. Main reason being us being watched by the enemies from the inside and outside.
35. The brothers here and Abu Bakr and the Majlis Shura have no problem that this leadership (Abu Bakrs) is TEMPORARY.
36. And if anyone is sent from you, and you find that it will ensure the Maslaha for him to take over the leadership.
37. Then we have no problem with that and we will be HIS SOLDIERS, and this is agreed upon by Abu Bakr and the Majlis Shura.
38. G] After the death of Usamah bin Laden, the venerable Shaykh Abu Bakr said:
39. “I am sure that the Martyrdom of the Shaykh will not increase us except in steadfastness and I say to the brothers in AQ.
40. And at their front, SHaykh Ayman, and the his brothers in the leadership of AQ, May Allah reward you…
41. And march forward and glad tidings for YOU HAVE LOYAL MEN in ISI, who will not quite or soften.
42. H] After this a communication representative in ISI sent a letter to Attiyah in Jamadi al-Thaniyah, Year 1432. Saying:
43. “Our Shaykh would like to ensure you that the situation here is getting better, Alhamdulillah.
44. And he asks what’s more appropriate in your eyes with the announcement of the new leader of the AQ organisation.
46. And we would like you to know that the brothers here are arrows in your quiver.
47. I] After I took command after OBL, Shaykh Abu Bakr refered to me as his Amir even in the last letter, in Jamadi Awal, year 1434.
48. Which he started with: “To OUR LEADER and esteemed Shaykh.”
49. And he also said:
50. “News just reached to me that Jawlani made Bayah to you directly, and this is something he was planning..
51. to fortify himself and those who are with him from the consequences of the calamities he did.
52. And I and those with me in Sham see that our SHAYKHS in Khorasan should have a clear position…
53. To stop this conspiracy before blood streams and we become a reason for another grieve for our Nation.
54. And we see that any support to what this traitor has done or even hinting support will cause greate Fitnah.
55. And will waste the project for which Muslims shed blood and delaying the right position…
56. …will lead to the splitting of ranks of the Muslims and will lower the status of the JAMAA’AH/GROUP.
57. Which will have no cure except THE SPILLING OF MORE BLOOD.”
58. J] Like wise Shaykh Abu Muhammad al-Adnani sent a letter, in Jamadi al-Awal, year 1434.
59. Which was a Pardon to God, then to the Nation, then to HIS LEADERS “Shaykh Dr. Ayman Zawahiri and THEN to Shaykh Dr. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.”
60. K] Shaykh Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi sent a letter in Ramadan, 1434 to one of the officials of al-Qaeda stating:
61. “We have studied the message of Shaykh Zawahiri in three stages: *Consultation with leaders of ISIS in Sham.
62. *Consultation with leaders of governates of Syria who are members of our Majlis Shura there.
63. *Studying the message from a Shar’i perspective in our Sharia Commitee.
64. So we decided to stay after it was clear that OBEYING OUR LEADER would be disobeying God and destruction for our Mujahidin.
65. Especially the Muhajireen, so we sought the pleasure of our Lord over the pleasure of THE LEADER..
66. And it’s not said he who DISOBEYS A COMMAND OF A LEADER in which he sees destruction for the Mujahideen…
67. or a sin to God that he has forsaken good manners.”
68. I will suffice with these examples.

69. As for the question about the nature of my verdict in this issue, was it an order from a commander to his leaders?
70. Or was it a verdict from a Judge, which I clarified in details in a letter to the brothers in the State in Shawal 28, year 1434.
71. In which I confirmed that this verdict was from a leader about a problem between his soldiers and not a verdict from a judge.
72. And another question which is asked, why did al-Qaeda praise ISI and be satisfied with it but not with ISIS?
73 The answer, that even though the leadership was not aware of their descision, we decided to accept if for several reasons such as:
74. A] That the State was not established on grounds of Fitnah in which they threatened that they fear spilling of blood if we supported Nusra.
75. B] That ISI was established by a Shura of Mujahideen and tribes of Ahl al-Sunnah as was told to us by Abu Hamzaal-Muhajir.
76. And he is someone we trust due to having known him for a long time, and that he tried his best to contact other groups to join them.
77. As for ISIS they only consulted themselves and this while Nusra says they were not consulted!
78. C] Announcing a State was againt the orders of the leadership of al-Qaeda who ordered to hide AQ presence in Syria.
79. Rather the guidelines of the group is to not announce Emirates/States in this stage.
78. Which was explained in detail by Shaykh Usamah in a letter to Shaykh Attiyah which was found with him. SOCOM-2012-0000019 Orig
79. And Abu Yahya reminded the brothers in the State and I reminded them again in a letter to Abu Bakr in Jamadi, year 1435.
80. In it I said: “If you had asked our opinion before announcing the state, we would not have agreed…
81. We and our brothers here see that the announcement will bring more damage than good…
82. As the elements of a State are until now, not available in Syria.”
83. D] The announcement of the state caused a political crises for the people of Sham.
84. When America put Nusra in a terror list the people of Syria came out in demonstrations in support of Nusra.
85. But then they started to denounce this announcement which the leaders of ISIS gave to Assad on a golden plate.
86. And this announcement provoked the other Jihadi groups who felt that ISIS was trying to impose themselves on them.
87. E] The announcement caused a sharp split within the same group which led to infighting…
88. And Abu Bakr himself threatened that any support towards Nusra or delaying what he sees to be the “Right position”.
89. “Will lead to a stream of blood.” Which indeed has happened.
90. F] And blood is still being spilt and if ISIS accepted the decision to end the problem.
91. Which sought to stop bloodshed of Mujahideen and avoiding the Fitnah, and to focus on Iraq…
92. Which needs a lot more of their efforts if they accepted this and had Shura…
93. And had Sam’ & Ta’ah (obedience) to their leader and did not rebel on their leadership..
94. Then I think they would have avoided this blood stream and would have caused havoc against the Rafidhi regime.
95. And would have supported Ahl al-Sunnah in Iraq ten times more, and Alhamdulillah in any case.
96. This was my Testimony which I will now follow with an order and an appeal.
97. As for the order, it is for Shaykh al-Fatih al-Jawlani and his brothers in Nusra.
98. And the appeal is for all the Mujahiden in Sham that they stop immediately with fighting in which..
99. ..there is aggression against the souls of their brothers and all Muslims and they focus on the Bathist Nusayris and Rawafidh.
100. I also request that everyone stops accusing each other and name calling each other and that everyone accepts an independent court for the issues that happened between them.
101. And causing Fitnah between the Mujahideen in the media and social media (Twitter) and that they are keys for good and closers of evil.
102. And I will end with a reminder and advice.
103. This is for ALL the Mujahideen in Sham, that you stop shedding of Haram Muslim blood.
104. Enough with the killing of leaders of Jihad and their shaykhs.
105. For ALL of your blood is dear to us and we hoped it would be shed in support of Islam.
106. And a reminder and advice for the venerable Shaykh Abu Bakr and who ever is with him.
107. Come back to the Sam’ wa Ta’ah (hearing & obedience) to your leaders.
108. Come back to what your Shaykhs and leaders worked for and preceded you in it.
109. Focus on Iraq, who needs more effort, empty yourself for it even if you see yourselves as wronged!
110. To stop this massacre and to focus on the enemies of Islam and the Sunnis in Iraq.
111. Answer my call to stop the Muslim blood from flowing and unite the ranks of the Muslims against their enemy.
112. And even if you consider it Dhulm (oppression). And a reminder and advice specially for Shaykh Abu Bakr al-aghdadi.
113. Follow the footsteps of your ancestor al-Hassan who waivered his right to the Khilaafah to safe Muslim blood.
114. In which the Bushra came to fruit of the his grandfather and your grandfather the Prophet peace be upon him said:
115. “My son is a Sayyid who Allah might use to make peace between two great groups of Muslims.”
116. Is this glad tidings not enough?? Does it not make you happy to make a decision which Allah will raise you higher in Dunya and Akhirah?
117. And you will repel the enemies of Islam in iraq who need more help, and you will extinguish the Fitnah and return love and brotherhood.
118. Put your faith in god and make this decision and you will find all of the Mujahideen and their supporters a source of help for you.
119. O venerable Shaykh, follow your ancestor and be the best successor for the best predecessor and you will win in Dunya and Akhira (hereafter).




A message of Shaykh Abū Qatādat al-Filistīnī – A Letter to the People of Jihād

    A message of Shaykh Abū Qatādat al-Filistīnī – A Letter to the People of Jihād

On April 28, 2014 this message by the imprisoned Jihādī Shaykh Abū Qatādat al-Filistīnī was released via an official media outlet of Jabhat an-Nusra. Titled “A Letter to the People of Jihād and Those who Love Jihād”, the text is more to be seen as another al-Qaeda affiliated denounciation of ISIS.

    Arabic text:




    Official English translation by Jabhat an-Nusra

A Message to the People of Jihad and those who Love Jihad By Sheikh Abu Qatada Al-Filistini (my Allah keep him firm and free him)

In the name of Allah the Most Beneficent, the most Merciful. And His aid we seek… All praises are due to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. May the peace and blessing of Allah be upon the Messenger Muhammed, the truthful one, his family and companions.

This is a letter that I write with deep sorrow, and if it were not for the covenant that Allah took upon the creation, I would have not rushed to writing this letter. By Allah, I struggled with myself not to release this letter as much as I could. However, I could not do so, fearing that I would conceal the truth that I believe. I tried my utmost in private and in public to repel all harm from all those affiliated with Jihad and the people of Jihad, however some of them are drowning in falsehood, evil and misguidance. Their main priority is to ruin the Jihad and not to do good towards it. The onus these words should be held by the command of the Islamic State of Iraq and their branch in the land of Ash-Shaam (Syria).

It has become clear for me with certainty and without a shadow of doubt that this group with its military and Islamic leadership, and whose actions testify that they are ‘the dogs of Hellfire’. And they are most deserving of the description of the Prophet (peace the peace and blessings be upon Him): “They kill the people of Islam and they leave the people of the idols [idol worshippers]. By Allah! If I live to see them, I will kill them like the people of ‘Aad were killed.”

I do not hesitate to pass this judgment, because of their evil actions. I tried as much as possible to forward advice to them until they stopped listening to the word of truth, advice and guidance. I say these words of mine to those who remain ascribed to them who have an ounce of Sunnah, Deen or Taqwa, fearing to spill the blood of the Muslims, and this is the Prophetic saying regarding such people.

This Prophetic description regarding such contemporary people leaves no need to research another name for them. Some will say that the Islamic definition of the Khawarij is not fitting to their creed, for the [Khawarij] believe that the one who performs a major sin is an apostate. However, the Prophetic description guided us to their attributes without consideration of their motives. The attributes of their leaders at the time of ‘Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) are the same attributes today. Therefore, no one should debate except regarding the Prophetic ruling. Examples of such people are those who fight the people of truth, like Jabhat Al-Nusra may Allah protect them, their commanders and scholars, ameen.

Those that blame the leaders and command of Jihad, like [the wise] Al-Zawahari, or those that claim that he has changed [his manhaj] are those who play with words. This is because they have no experience regarding the path of Jihad, nor do they understand the belief of the people of Jihad, their words or method. It is strange that those claiming that Dr. Ayman (may Allah protect him) has a different ideology to Abu Abdillah [Osama] Bin Laden. Nobody listens to these people except those similar to those making such claims, who do not know the history of people or their achievements.

As for those that accuse others of misguidance because of their words and their terminologies, they are more deserving of being described as misguided, liars and ignorant. Even though all of this didn’t affect me much, their crime is what makes it incumbent upon us to announce our innocence and our disavowal, because the Prophetic description fits them.

I know that there will be insignificant men who will say many things. The least of this being “the man is in prison and knows nothing”. I say: “By Allah! I know more than what they know”. The case is not the lack of information I am receiving, but the lack of information that I can release. I am in a situation that I am not able to release statements every day, like others. For this reason the field has been left for the minors and the fanatics clinging to the Dawla like the ignorant clings to his tribe without understanding or awareness. I am not addressing these people in particular in this statement. If the innovation in the religion spreads amongst the people, it is like the sickness of a dog weakening it and blinding his sight and insight. I thank Allah because from a different perspective, the matter reached this stage so the truth appears and the ranks are distinguished, and so the difference between the Jihadi groups and the extreme innovative groups is made known. I feel sympathy for our Mujahideen brothers in the land of Ash-Shaam for all the pain they feel as a result of the crimes committed at the hands of those who were once fighting the tyrants alongside them, but their madness led them to regard that the blood of their former comrades as Halal, out of ignorance and extremism.

I call upon all the Mujahideen and those who love them to carefully study the hadith of the Prophet (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon Him) “there will remain a group of my Ummah…”. This is so they can know that the continuous chain of this group is that which the criminals are trying to break by means of slandering the leaders of Jihad and their commanders and those who nurtured the Jihad with their efforts, sweat and blood. Nay! They even sacrificed their families, children and time. After this, these criminals come forth with such disastrous statements. Therefore, I thank the beloved students of knowledge in Jabhat Al-Nusra such as Dr. Sami Al-Oradi, Abu Maryiya Al-‘Iraqi and Abu Abdillah Ash-Shami, as well as others like Al-Mohaisni, for their patience and their efforts in clarifying the truth and repelling the ignorant statements of the ignorant. I know that I cannot mention here all of the people of knowledge in Syria, Ash-Shaam.
This Jihad is affected by the hating enemies just as it is affected by ignorant ones who love Jihad. [Those who love Jihad but are ignorant] harm the Jihad just as much as the enemies. Let the people of truth be patient with the pain they have faced from the crimes of these people. Let the people of knowledge and insight ponder upon the hadith of the Prophet regarding these people: “I will kill them like the people of ‘Aad were killed”. This saying was not implemented upon the Jews in Khaybar, in Bani An-Nadeer nor Bani Qaynuqa’. It was not implemented with Quraish. And they were all his worst enemies. This is because the madness of their dog can never be rectified, and the one who survives amongst them is harmful upon the Ummah of Mohammad (may the please and blessings from Allah be upon Him). This is the case with the history of this group. In some cases one or two men would survive and quickly spread their misguidance in the deserts and the places where knowledge is scarce, which results in them returning to what they were once upon. These people today are the same group that existed in the past. There is not the slightest difference between the two. If a questioner asks about the ruling regarding them or the proof for this, they should refer to the people of Jihad. It is shocking that they have reached a level where they have taken the people of Jihad to be their enemies, ascribing the attributes of murtaddeen (apostates) to them, assassinating their leaders, considering their wealth Halal. After all of this, what is there left for the questioner to hesitate about!

These are my words regarding them. I will meet Allah with this stance, and if it were not for the benefit of Jihad, and if I could have kept quiet, I would have done so. By Allah, I only seek to advise you with these words. I only seek to uphold the Sunnah, repel the ignorant and claim the innocence of Jihad from them. These are my words which I say in a position that I cannot respond to the questions of the people, nor can I respond to those who oppose me or have doubts. One has little life left to worry about other than pleasing Allah as much as one can. The aforementioned is the opinion of other scholars who stem from the same roots. However, each individual has his excuses and his way.

May Allah guide all to what is pleased and beloved to Allah. May Allah give victory to Jihad and its people. Ameen, ameen.

And all praises is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.

Your brother,
Abu Qatadah
Date of publishing:
28 Jumada Al Ukhra, 1435 28th April, 2014

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