Jabhat an-Nusra reacts on ISIS spokesman al-’Adnānī (Part III) – Shaykh Fārūq Abū Hamām as-Sūrī

The third statement by a Jabhat an-Nusra leader / AQ member about the infight with ISIS

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

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English Translation & Transcript of:
“Silsalah al-Shahada: Chain of Testimonies”

Shaykh Farouq Abu Hamam al-Suri

May Allah Preserve Him

قُلْ هَٰذِهِ سَبِيلِي أَدْعُو إِلَى اللَّهِ ۚ عَلَىٰ بَصِيرَةٍ أَنَا وَمَنِ اتَّبَعَنِي ۖ وَسُبْحَانَ اللَّهِ وَمَا أَنَا مِنَ الْمُشْرِكِينَ

{Say: “This is my way; I invite to Allah with insight, I and those who follow me. And exalted is Allah; and I am not of those who associate others with Him.”}
[Qur’an; 12:108]

Important points mentioned by the Shaykh in his testimony:

• His witness on Jama’at al-Dawla breaking their words, promises and treaties.

• His witness that Jama’at al-Dawla removed troops from Ribaat against the Regime to fight other Muslim groups elsewhere, or left lines undefended knowingly risking the safety of the Muslims.

• His witness thatJama’at al-Dawla resisted efforts at mediation and reconciliation, or to settle affairs in Islamic Court and instead insisted on fighting despite loss of Muslim blood, on all sides.

[Video Begins]
[Footage of Al-Farouq Special Forces Training Camp Qandahar]

Nasheed: Oh Allah I ask You; You are the helper, and You are the shelter to the believers, here we are coming back to the pure spring here we are coming back we left our normal life we left the rest and comfort our marinate are on the face of the sun the field is full of flags and gatherings the voice in the field is a voice of lions hurricane and thunders declaring in every universe, Khiber Khiber ,Yah Yahud ,the army of Muhammad will come back.

A Brief Biography of Shaykh Farouq Abu Hamam al-Suri:

Shaykh Abu Hamam al-Suri also known as Farouq al-Suri travelled to Afghanistan in the nineties, between the years 1998-1999 he joined the Al-Ghuraba training camp of Shaykh Abu Musa’ab al-Suri for a year before moving on to Qandahar’s famous Al-Farouq training camp, also known as “the airport camp” which wasused to train the Special Forces of the Afghan Mujahideen. Shaykh Abu Hamam graduated from Al-Farouq among the best students, coming in second only after Abu al-Abas al-Zhrani, who was one of the heroes of the blessed raids of 9/11.

Following his graduation he was thereafter assigned as an Amir over the region of the Qandahar Airport by Shaykh Sayf al-Adl, from Tandheem Qaidat al-Jihad’s Majlis Shura. Shaykh Abu Hamam also worked as a trainer in Al-Farouq camp, where he gave Baya’a to Shaykh Osama bin Laden by shaking hands with the Shaykh may Allah have Mercy on him and accept him.

Shaykh Abu Hamam was made responsible for the Muhajireen from Sham in Afghanistan and was the one who watched after their affairs in Khorasan. He participated in most of the battles which occurred and took place after the Crusader’s invasion of Afghanistan.

He was with Shaykh Sayf al-Adl until Shaykh Mustafa Abu al-Yazid ordered him to work in Iraq before the fall of Baghdad, where he stayed for about four months, as an official representative of Tandheem Qaidat al-Jihad from the leadership in Khorasan.

During that period, he met Shaykh Abu Musa’ab al-Zarqawi, and Shaykh and Abu Hamza al-Muhajir, may Allah have Mercy on and accept them both. While in Iraq, the Iraqi intelligence arrested him and handed him to the Syrians who later released him as nothing was affirmed against him.

After the beginning of Jihad in Iraq, he was assigned as the military leader in the office of Mujahideen services, Abu Musaa’b al-Zarqawi used to send his Amirs to receive training from Shaykh Abu Hamam before returning to him.

After the beginning of the brutal campaign of arrests in Syria in 2005 at the hands of the Nusayris, he went to Lebanon, then to Afghanistan per the order of the mashayekh there. He was ordered by Shaykh Atiyat Allah, who was responsible for all foreign operations then, to work inside Syria and directly report to Al-Qaeda.
He was arrested in Lebanon and jailed for five years. After he was released, he joined Qaedatul Jihad in Al-Shaam, Jabhat al-Nusra. He now holds the position of the Military Commander of Jabhat al-Nusra. May Allah aid him.

[Beginning of Testimony]

In the name of Allah, and may Peace and Blessing be upon the Messenger of Allah and upon his family and his household. O Allah! There is no ease except what You have made easy, and You ease the difficulties if You Will.Oh Allah! Show us the right as right and make us follow it,and show us the wrong as wrong and make us avoid it. O Allah!Guide us to the what (people have differed in) by your Will. Verily You guide whom You will to a straight path.

When the problems started in [the city of] Orim, I went to Abu ‘Umar al-Tunisi, as he was the Commander in-charge of operations in Orim al-Kubra. He was gathering his soldiers to attack and raid ‘Fawj 46′ [old military base where the Mujahideen were now stationed]. I met him, and it was a very uneasy and tense situation.I tried to understand what was happening, why they [Jama’at al-Dawla] were attacking, and also what the reason was. However,he started accusing me and screamed at me:

“How could you cooperate with the Free Syrian Army (FSA)?! You are with the Murtadeen! You are protecting the Murtadeen! You are standing with the Murtadeen!”

I asked: “What do you mean by ‘Murtadeen’?”

He said: “How could you take ‘Baya’a’ from the FSA, from Abu Jalal?!”

A long discussion then happened between him and I. I wanted to stop that battle, to preserve the [Muslim] blood but they [Dawla] insisted on continuing it –I couldn’t stop the fighting.

I told him: “I want to see your commanding officer.” He sent me to Abu Osama al-Maghribi. Now of course there was arrogance and smugness.I stood at the door, waiting for Abu Osama al-Maghribi to meet me, for three hours.

By then, of course, it was extremely late. During the evening, a brother came and entered to meet Abu Osama and sat with him.The mere thought of stopping the battle didn’t exist. We tried to communicate with the leadership in Dawla but we could not.

Very late that in the night we were able to communicate with Abu al-Ather. I met him with a delegation of brothers. He was extremely convulsive and angry. We entered to meet Abu al-Ather, me and the brothers, and talked with him about ‘Fawj 46′

I told him: “Let’s consider that it’s over. You attacked the barracks; you took the weapons and the ammunition. Let’s cease firing and stop it to preserve the [Muslim] blood and to prevent the fitna from getting bigger, and stop the killing.”

Now until that moment there weren’t any sisters kidnapped, imprisoned, raped… Even until now it has not been affirmed, and such claims are not verified or true [that any sisters were taken or raped as a result of these clashes], but I am talking about during that visit [in specific], nothing [like that] had occurred.

He [Abu al-Ather] was extremely angry. He was talking on the radio to someone and said: “Order all those on the front lines to withdraw. Today, I want to break into al-Atarib [a town near the base]; I want to wipe them out!”

I said: “Fear Allah! How can you want to bring the soldiers who are on the front lines [against the Syrian regime] to fight a group part of FSA? If the army comes in, it will rape the women, and kill everybody, [those from] Dawla and the other than them!”

He said: “Let the army enter and rape the women!”

I said: “Fear Allah! What you said is not permissible.”

He said: “Let the army enter and rape their women. Let them go and defend their women.”

I tried to talk to him, to make him understand; however, I did not find him to be a responsible person, nor does he deserve to be in a position of authority, carrying the responsibility of the Muslims, their blood and their honour.

I said to Abu al-Ather: “We [Jubahat al-Nusra] have a base in Fawj [46]. Don’t you know that we are based there?”

He said: “Yes, we know”

I said: “Didn’t you see the flag of Jabhat al-Nusra over the barracks. Don’t you know that there is a battalion which gave their baya’a to Jabhat al-Nusra, and our brothers are there, and there is an Islamic advisor there teaching the brothers there?”

He said: “We know that.”

I said: “So you know that there was Jabha in the Fawj [46]?”

He said: “Yes. Those that were Jabhat Al-Nusrah gave Bay’a to us, and now they have become Dawla.”

I said: “How? I do not understand you?”

He said: “The person who had given the Bay’a to you, after a week they gave the Baya’a to us, and he is my old friend and we were in many battles together. We were shocked when we discovered that he gave the Bay’a to Jabha, so I sat with him and did not leave him until he gave the Bay’a to the Dawla.”

I said: “Subhan Allah! You blamed us for taking Bay’a from this brigade and considered them FSA and ‘Murtadeen’, and [accused us] of ‘helping the “Murtadeen”’ and that we have allied with the ‘murtadeen’ .It turns out that the same person was your friend, and you took Bay’a.”

He said: “He is my old friend and still is.”

I said to Abu al-Ather: “Now if you stop the battle all the battalions in FSA are ready to cease fire, and the terms are to withdraw from Fawj 46.

He said: “We will not withdraw, and we will not take one step backwards!”

I said: “[Not even] to preserve the blood, the blood of our and your brothers, the blood of the Muslims?”

He said: “Now we will gather all the soldiers from the front lines and attack the base and eradicate them”

Of course on the next day we went to Abu Osama al-Maghribi. We tried to negotiate ceasefire, as he was the one responsible for that area militarily, we said: “How did you attack the base and our brothers were inside and you killed them?”

He said: “We don’t know that your brothers were inside and we didn’t know that there were Jabha [there]”

I said: “How? The flag was there?”

He said: “We attacked during the night. We didn’t notice the flag.”

I said: “Our brothers were there. No one talked to them. No one informed them.”

He said: “No the attackers were all non-Arabs and don’t speak or understand Arabic, and they entered during the night and killed the people who were inside. Things worked out that way…It is a small issue anyway.”

I was among the delegation which was striving for a ceasefire between Dawla and the other armed groups. We couldn’t reach a commander in Dawla who is a decision-maker, until we reached Abu Ali al-Anbari. We asked him for a decision-maker, he said: “I’m a decision maker and my decision is binding to everyone in the Dawla, even al-Baghdadi.”

We said: “Good. We have a representative from each group.” Al-Jabha was given authority by some parties to represent them in negotiations. We talked a lot with Abu Ali al-Anbari, but we didn’t reach a resolution. We said to him: “Be careful now, the people have revolted against you.”

He said: “No, they didn’t revolt; on the contrary the people love us.”

I said: “You don’t know what is happening in reality. The people have taken up arms to fight you.”

He said: “We will fight whoever carries weapons against us.”

I said: “The armed groups [Mujahideen] and the people, and those who have claimed that you have done injustice towards them.”

He said: “We will fight them all. We will wipe them out. We will either eradicate them or they us! We will eradicate all who take up arms against us, against the Dawla…” During his speech he was repeating: “They are Sahawat. They are Murtadeen. We will exterminate them!” And we left the meeting with him, achieving nothing.

We came to discover that he is not a responsible person, someone in such a high position (the second man in the Dawla) wants to exterminate the people. Wanting to exterminate all those who carry arms against Dawla.

Even when the mediator says to him: “All the groups and the battalions will succumb to an Islamic Court.”

He replied in front of me, and Allah is witness to what I say: [He said:] “When we finish [killing everyone], then let there be an Islamic Court.” His speech and declarations prove that he is an irresponsible person.

They [Dawla] use the youth and the Mujahideen in battles against the fighting groups (both the Islamic and the un-Islamic groups) and the Mujahid has no value according to them. They consider the Mujahid as a person who came to die so [let him] go and die.

I went with some noble brothers to ‘Umar al-Shishani, trying to reach a ceasefire agreement. We had a lengthy meeting with him. It was a very exhaustive session, and we finally reached a ceasefire agreement, on the condition that Dawla stops its [transgressive] behaviour, and on the other hand, we tried along with all the fighting groups, to stop the fighting and then take the case to an Islamic Court after the cessation of hostilities. After the establishment of an Islamic Court, there would be a judgement regarding the disagreements and the conflicts between all sides.

I said to ‘Umar al-Shishani: “We want to authenticate this agreement, to make the other groups believe us.” Of course, he agreed even though most of his assistants around him objected to that and they were very agitated that we sat and authenticated that agreement. And it was an agreement between the General Military Commander [Leader of Military affairs] in Jabhat al-Nusra and the General Military Commander in Dawla agreeing to a ceasefire in all places that there was infighting between Dawla and other parties.

And we asked him: “Is this agreement binding to Dawla?”

He [Omar al-Shishani] said: “Yes, it is.”

And a brother that was with me said to him: “Was what you said binding upon the Dawla?”

He [Omar al-Shishani] said: “Yes it is a binding agreement upon the Dawla everywhere. I am the Military Commander of Dawla and this agreement is binding upon al-Dawla.”

Of course, ‘Umar al-Shishani, was in hurry to apply the cease fire, and said to me: “When will the ceasefire start?”

I said to him: “I need to reach the leadership and inform the rest of the battalions and the groups.”

He said: “That needs [a lot of] time. We need to hurry up.”

I said: “This needs at least two days.”

He said: “No, this is too long. You must hurry, brother.”

I said: “At least two days. I can’t [do this] in less than two days, I have to inform the central command in Jabhatal-Nusra, then the rest of the groups about this agreement.”

He [Omar al-Shishani] was encouraging me to expedite things. There were with ‘Umar al-Shishani some who objected to the idea, and they were encouraging him to fight and not to stop and to not agree on anything.

On the next day, as a sign of their good intention [sarcasm intended], they sent a car bomb to Anadan and a Military convoy [raiding party] to Minbij. I don’t know who is the decision maker in Dawla — an agreement to a ceasefire [was reached] and on the very next day, car bombs and attacking villages. The agreement was nothing except ink on paper, and we couldn’t reach a single leader who makes a decision in the Dawla.

We were unsuccessful in reaching a man of authority in Jama’at ad-Dawla, who will strive to achieve a ceasefire and to preserve the blood of Muslims and the blood of our brothers. Subhan Allah, we were assiduous to preserve the blood of Muslims and the Mujahideen from amongst Dawla and the others.

We tried in several areas to achieve a ceasefire. Even when the FSA came to break into al-Sinaeya [industrial city], we heard that Dawla retreated from their bases, so we sent brothers [from Jabhat al-Nusra] to ensure that the brothers entered to one of their bases carefully.

There was no one inside, except planted mines and explosives. He returned and told us about that so we sent a brother who was an explosives expert who defused it. They had placed barrels of TNT and behind it barrels of chlorine. If those barrels exploded they would produce the deadly gas of chlorinate.

There were civilians and women and children in Al-Sina’eya [industrial city]. If those barrels exploded, it would have been a massacre, and it would have caused the death of many women and children who were evacuated from [other] cities and were taking refuge in Al-Sina’eya [industrial city]. Everyone would have died. Laa hawla wa laa quwata illabillah. [There is no Power or Might except with Allah]

As for the car bombs, I myself saw the operation of al-Moshat. A car bomb came and the operative detonated it at the gate of al-Moshat. The second car bomb, the operative detonated himself inside the village of Fafen, before he got out of the village and before he reached al-Moshat. A driver of a third car one-hundred meters behind the second, blew himself up in his car beside the gas station.

The two cars were exploded inside the village amongst the civilians, and there were no [soldiers there] neither from the FSA nor from Jabhat al-Nusra, nor from any other group. The two cars were exploded within the village. I saw that with my [own] eyes and the remains of the explosion and the destruction are still there until now for all those who want to see. Hasbuna Allahu wane’ma al-wakeel.

As for my meeting with Abu al-Ather and Abu Ali al-Anbari and ‘Umar al-Shishani and the car bombs in the village of Fafen and the barrels of chlorinate in Al-Sina’eya [industrial city], I make Allah the Witness that I observed that by myself, and Allah is Witnesses on what I said…

Abu Muhammad al-Adnani about the allegations made against ISIS by Jabhat an-Nusra leader Abu Abdullah al-Shami

This statement was released on March 7th in reaction of Jabhat an-Nusra’s allegations against The Islamic State in Iraq and as-Sham.



To those who want Jihad, Help the religion, implement Shariah, guidance lend me your ears and contemplate.

Quran Ayat about the fiercest people against the believers being the Jews and the Polytheists.

If you want to know the truth look at who the worst enemies of America/Jews/Shia and dictators. Who angers them? Who threatens their security? Who is their constant source of worry and fear? Who do they plot against day and night? Against who did they use all their media outlets? Who’s image did they distort? Who did they accuse? etc.

They are the Mujahidin, but for God’s sake oh you who wants Jihad, isn’t ISIS on the top of this list? Is there any other entity in the world that the nations of Kufr have agreed on fighting it? And they claim that ISIS has ruined the Jihad in Iraq and that they want to ruin it in Syria!!

Is it logical that ISIS is ruining Jihad in Syria and the nations of Kufr unite on fighting it and getting rid of it? Wouldn’t it make more sense if they left it if it’s true that they are ruining Jihad? Or are the infidels Guardians of the Jihad? Are you satisfied that you are in same row as Salim Idris/Jarba /Marouf etc. And behind them the Americans and Saudi Arabia?

By God their support for you and their happiness with your fighting against ISIS should be a good enough reason to stop fighting us. Oh you wants Guidance, the Prophet said best of people will be brought to Syria. So look at Muhajirs and see what row they are today. Do you think that they left homes & money to ruin Jihad? Or to fight Jihad? Did they leave families to fight Mujahids or to fight Assad?

Did they come to steal money or to defend the property and dignity of the oppressed? O Muhajir (foreign fighter) that’s still a part of the groups, stop, and look around you, see how many of the Muhajir remained with you. O Ansar (Syrians) (Quran Ayat about those who emigrated in Gods cause). Shelter Muhajiren because they are safety valve in every arena

Beware that you are not a sword for Americans, or arrow of Alawites & without knowng, don’t be in trench of democracy without realizing. Fear God with us Oh servants of God, Fear god with this oppressed state. Everyone is united on taking it down even if the reason are various and the accusations are different. The goal is one.

The Crusaders and Arab dictators fight us because we are terrorists. The Shia fight us under the claim that we are Wahhabi Infidels that work for America, JEws and Saudi Arabia. The Sahwat in Iraq fight us under claim that we are agents of Iran & Sahwat in Syria fight us under the cliam that we are Assad agents. The Islamic Front, the Front of Destruction, the Front of Aal salul (KSA) fight us because we are Khawarij.

Jawlani’s Front, the Front of Betrayal and Treachery they fight us under the claim that we#re aggressors & do not want Shariah court. If we requested only 1 proof they would not be able to provide it, this claims are false & accusations are false, they’re without proof. And not a single positive attribute was mentioned, as if ISIS is pure evil, and as if all the evil in Syria/Iraq is because of ISIS.

If a house or neigborhoud is raided. They say because of ISIS. If an area is bombed or house is destroyed they say because of ISIS. If a woman is killed here and a child there they say ISIS, or if they found a body or mass grave they say who else but ISIS? And if someone is kidnapped they say may ISIS be damned. And if the water is cut they say ISIS. Or electricity is shut they say ISIS.

Everyone is fighting ISIS and is trying hard to finish it, and everyone accuses that ISIS is attacking everyone. For gods sake, mention us one group that we started fighting before it started fighting us. Rather are patient towards them. Rather its (for) the Dinar and Dollar. Its blind envy and dark hatred.

If we were more extreme than the Azariqa (Khawarij group) it wold have been a must to leave us aslong as we leave you. And are fighting the Shia, rather it would’ve been a must on the nation to help us as long as we fight the enemy. So how is it then with us being the harshest against extremists. Not a single group is spared of them, since the time of the Prophet.

We do not find out about one except that we rush to teach him, punish him or kick him out of our ranks. This is message we send to everyone who accuses us of extremism. Scholars/Shaykhs/and leaders/soldiers in any group & every Muslim. Come to our areas whether in Iraq or Syria and see our HQs, and or training camps and our institutions.

And meet whoever yo want, our soldiers/leaders etc. and see for yourself. And this is specially for the soldiers of other groups. Be cautious o you who wants to fight Jihad, don’t be deceived and fight the Mujahidin. Our doors are open, come and see for yourself. For by God you will find us the harshest people against extremists and Khawarij.

What is injust is that accusations are thrown at us without proof, & if you ask for proof they will say: A trusted source told me. Subhanallah! What if source is opponent of ours? And if you ask proof for us being Khawarij. they will say because they kill Muslim! Our fighters in Iraq and Syria are waging battles and fighting day and night, our guns do not separate from us even in our sleeps.

But there’s not a single group or army that does not have ignorant people and people that make mistakes. Anyone who killed Muslims from ISIS is because of ignorance or mistake. The Prophet used to clear his name of Shaba that killed people. And I add to this incidents that ISIS is accused of which we had no part of, so fear God!

And what about the people that neglect crimes of other groups and put their fingers in their ears and went looking for ISIS mistakes. So he finds an incident and makes it bigger, and repeats it and then makes it an attribute of ISIS and its ideology. And they say ISIS refuses Shariah Court! Does ISIS fight West & East except to implement Shariah?

But those FOOLS made their initiates Shariah, so whoever refuses their initiatives for legit reasons they make t like he rejected Sharia ISIS has never refused Shariah law rather we have accepted several joint courts like; killing Abu Ubayda and Muhammad Faris, etc and Tawhid checkpoint, and Tawhids killing of 2 ISIS, and Nusra’s killing of Attiyah al-Inzi etc.

But they rejected a joint court and came with deceit and conspiracies and made it sound like rejecting initiatives is rejecting Shariah. Maybe it is that the first order of the court is that ISIS leaves Syria, like on of the main people said on one of the TV stations. And leaving Syria for the hyenas, foxes, wolves and traitors and thieves.

They only want one thing.

Not recognizing the Islamic State and getting rid of it, first they used peaceful conspiracies but they found ISIS growing. So they resorted to violence thinking they would get rid of it in a few days, so they planned a full out military campaign in Syria. But they found ISIS to be more solid than they had expected. So they started to blme on another, and complain and cry.

The summary of distortions came in audio of Abu Abdullah al-Shami the Liar, who’s audio I listened to once & counted around 40 lies. And here are some I Will do Mubahalah with him over Claim we raised issue to Zawahiri, * ISIS uses lies to give legitimacy to ideology *is waging campaign to distort leaders of Jihad.

That it started its raids in Syria with attacks on Nusra HQs/weapon depots. * ISIS distorts someone’s image as soon as he disagrees. * That our characterstic is treachery and betrayal. * That it breaks treaties. * Swears on God whilst lying. * Threatening Abu Khalid several times * Refusing Sharia court. * makes Takfir of people based on people sitting with infidels.

* That ISIS makes Takfir based on thoughts and probabilities. * That it calls anyone that opposes it Sahwat. * That it uses Taqiyah.. * That it started agression on the others. * That ISIS is considered the biggest obstacle in Jihad in Syria and repulsing Nusayris. Oh God punish the person that’s lying (from us two) and make him an example for others. [3 times]

Translation by: https://twitter.com/IraqiWitness

Belgian ISIS member testifies about the Sahwa in Syria

On February 21 I stumbled upon a tweet by the ever informative twitter account of @IraqiWitness :


The video was posted on LiveLeak by the Dutch journalist Harald Doornbos, and can be seen here (very graphic!).

After a few seconds it became clear that this ISIS member wasn’t Dutch. The Flemish (Belgian) accent originates from the city of Antwerp. The Facebook account used to publish this video belongs to a Belgian fighter, who only describes himself as a guest in Shām, openly stating he stems from Antwerp.

Guy Van Vlierden, a journalist working for the Belgian newspaper ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’, identified him as Azeddine Kbir, a kick boxer formerly earning a living as a cleaner for ISS. Azeddine lived in Borgerhout, Antwerp, before he left for the Jihād in Syria.


This is a translation of his message :

In the name of God, most merciful, most benignant.

We are here now, in Haratayn. This is a message and an obvious piece of evidence to those claiming we are Khawārij. These are the real Khawārij. Do you see what this Kāfir Murtad looks like? Is he a Shahīd?! People, Muslims, living in Europe and all over the world, saying Muslims fight Muslims: is he a Shahīd?

Is he a Shahīd fī sabīl Allah [path of God]!? Do they fight in Sabīl Allah Yā Ikhwa [do they fight in the path of God brothers]? Look at this Kalb [dog], this Murtad, who raped our sisters, killed and imprisoned our brothers! This is their destiny!

And look here by God. Our brothers of the Islamic State in Iraq and as-Shām, may God be merciful for them.

Isn’t this clear for you brothers? By God, this is clear evidence! These guys are Sahawāt, Sahawāt and Kilāb.

This video most likely dates back to earlier this month, when ISIS -troops left Haratayn for ‘Azāz.

Belgium’s Syria fighters – A Statistic Analysis

New update dd 21/03/214

Since my guest post for Aaron Zelin’s blog (Jihadology.net) was published, more and more Belgian fighters turned up. In this post I will update the previously mentioned numbers.

With the additional data we gathered we now can say that up to 357 Belgians are or were fighting in Syria at some time. Some of them got killed, some never even arrived but it would seem most of them are still there.

Of the 357 cases found we identified 78 via traditional and “new” media. The most known Belgian foreign fighters are by far Jejoen Bontinck and Brian De Mulder. Both are affiliated with Sharia4Belgium; Jejoen came back to Belgium (and was promptly arrested), Brian (recently sentenced to jail for dealing cocaine in his home town Antwerp) is still in Syria. When the first reports of Belgian fighters appeared early last year, officials immediately pointed out Sharia4Belgium; they were by far the group suspected of recruiting Belgian youngsters. At first, I admit, I doubted this claim, but as things evolved and more sources became available, we now know that at least 30 of the 78 mentioned were directly involved in Sharia4Belgium. 12 of this 30 person sample (10 men, 2 women) are known members of ISIS (The Islamic State in Iraq and as-Sham). At least one fights for Jabhat an-Nusra.





Jabhat an-Nusra






If we exclude the alleged Sharia4Belgium-members we get a quite different picture. On group affiliation the information still is very scarce as we only know for less than 10 % of the cases involved.



Jabhat an-Nusra

Suqur as-Sham

Liwa Shuhada Idlib






For some we also have an indication of their whereabouts; 18 out of 33 located are in Aleppo province, 9 of them in Idlib. [Update] Most of the Belgian fighters were involved in the battle for A’zaz and later withdrew to ar-Raqqa province, ISIS stronghold east of the Euphrates river.

The youngest Belgians who left were five 16 year old boys from Brussels and Vilvoorde; there is some doubt whether one of them was actually 15 when he left. The age of the Belgian fighters ranges from 15 to 68 (if we include Sheikh Bassam al-Ayashi who lived in Brussels for years and currently resides in Syria). If we don’t add al-Bayashi’s age, the next in line is his son Abd ar-Rahman al-Ayashi and Raphael Gendron (both killed in clashes with regime forces at the age of 38). The average age of the Belgian fighters would be about 23.5. At least 17 minors went to Syria, about 4 returned. One of them actually got dragged back to Belgium by his mother. Ten of these minors are from the capital Brussels and the nearby city of Vilvoorde.

This brings us to the cities that seem to be “affected” by their citizens leaving for Jihad in Syria. This topic is a bit controversial as some cities deny their inhabitants are connected with the Jihad in Syria. In our sample data we find 89 individuals from 8 different cities:



















So it is clear that the capital Brussels is overrepresented when it concerns foreign fighters. Vilvoorde, Mechelen and Antwerp are next in line. Some loners seem to have left from Roeselaere (in the western part of Flanders) and from Luik (Liège in Wallonia). The majority of the Belgian fighters however are all from the axis Antwerp, Mechelen, Vilvoorde, and Brussels. If we plot these on a basic GoogleMap (with a little detour via Willebroek) this would be the result:


And indeed, the action radius of Sharia4Belgium stretched from Antwerp to Brussels.

The main concern of government officials is the return of these, once active, fighters to their hometowns. If we take a closer look at who returned we can conclude the following (based again on publicly available information); 29 at least have returned to Belgium from Syria (4 of them never reached Syria as they were arrested at the Turkish border). One of them, Hakim Elouassaki, was wounded in Syria and returned home for medical care. On January 23th some Belgian newspapers reported on two pregnant Belgian fighter’s wives being helped back home by the Belgian government. As both were married to known members of Sharia4Belgium their repatriation was probably conditional; return in exchange of information on the ones remaining in Syria.

Returned from Syria (by affiliation):



Jabhat an-Nusra




Returned from Syria (by city):













The reported death-count thus far:

  • 27 in total
  • at least 9 members of Sharia4Belgium
  • 6 residents of Brussels
  • 6 residents of Vilvoorde
  • And at least one from both Maaseik and Mechelen

At this point it seems the Belgian fighters lost about 56 men and women since December 2012. 29 were arrested or returned home, 27 got killed. A bit more than ten percent that is. But about 300 Belgian fighters are most likely still there.


On the Origin of the ‘Name’ DAESH – The Islamic State in Iraq and as-Shām

On the origin of the name DAESH

It seems more and more Western media are using the derogatory DAESH when they’re talking about the Islamic State in Iraq and as-Shām (commonly known as ISIS).

As nobody seems to have the faintest idea what DAESH stands for, here’s an attempt to explain.

The capitals in the word DAESH point out it is an acronym of some sort. And indeed if we single out the beginning letters of the Arabic name for ISIS : الدولة الاسلامية في العراق والشام

we get the Arabic: داعش

د = Dawlat (Nation)
ا = (al-) Islāmiyya
ع= (fī’l-) ‘Irāq
ش = (wa’s-) Shām (Greater Syria or the Levant)

So, roughly transcribed to the Latin alphabet that leaves us wit DAESH. (The E stands for the ‘ayn in ‘Iraq)

At first the name DAESH was merely an acronym indeed. Activists and more moderate rebel coalitions used it as referral to Dawlat al-Islāmiyya fī al-Irāq wa s-Shām. But it didn’t take long before all kinds of interpretations arose.

In se the Arabic word داعش doesn’t even exist. But if we look at the tone of voice within circles (opposing ISIS) ever since they introduced the acronym, we might conclude the acronym has a double meaning.

Most likely ISIS opponents are referring to the Arabic verb دعس, meaning : to thread underfoot, trample down, crush (see The Hans Wehr Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic, p. 325 and 326)

Another theory is that the name refers to the Jāhiliyya (pre-Islamic) strife between two Arab tribes on the Arabian peninsula : داحس والغبراء

Dāhis wa’l-Ghabrā’ can be literary translated as ‘felon and dust’ (see http://ar.wikipedia.org/wiki/داحس_والغبراء ). This referral seems to have a more theological background yet it seems unlikely all sources using this would have in debt knowledge of the Jāhiliyya.

Which ever theory suits best, it is quite clear that the acronym DAESH (داعش) is mostly, if not only, used by opponents of ISIS in Syria. The fact that Western media is starting to use the acronym only points out how biased media can be …

An example of anti ISIS propaganda using the acronym داعش


A cartoon about ISIS (original upload here) by @ibrahem_swaid


All comments welcome at @p_vanostaeyen and @SimNasr

Jabhat an-Nusra: The Forewarned is Forearmed

Jabhat an-Nusra: The Forewarned is Forearmed

A statement released by Jabhat an-Nusra on February 7, 2014.

It would seem Jabhat an-Nusra is getting increasingly fed up with some of the rogue tactics of the Islamic State in Iraq and as-Sham. This statement particularly deals with recent disputes in Deir ez-Zor, Syria.

(( وقد أعذر من أنذر ))

الحمد لله رب العالمين، والصلاة والسلام على أشرف المرسلين، سيدنا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين، وبعد؛

ما زال أبطال الإسلام في جبهة النصرة -أعزَّها الله- في محافظة دير الزور يسطرون الملاحم والبطولات، يذودون فيها بالغالي والنفيس حفظًا لبيضة الدين، ورفعًا للظلم عن المسلمين، رغبةً في تحكيم شرع ربِّ العالمين -نحسبهم والله حسيبهم ولا نزكي على الله أحدًا-، وقد دفع أبناء الإسلام مئات الجرحى والشهداء للوصول إلى واقع المعركة على الأرض الآن؛ فمن ملحمة تحرير حي الحويقة إلى ملحمة تحرير الرشدية -واللتان ما أخذتا حقهما في التغطية الإعلامية بعد-، ليبدأ الزحف كما هو معلوم إلى مطار دير الزور والذي سيكلل -بإذن الله تعالى- بتحرير كامل مدينة دير الزور.
ورغم وصول معركة المدينة إلى هذه المرحلة الحساسة والتي لا تتحمل أي أخطاء أو تراجعات إلا أن مدد الدير لم يتوقف، لينطلق رتل مهيب من أسود الإسلام في دير الزور باتجاه حمص الصمود ليعزِّز خطوط الرباط والقتال هناك علَّ الله أن يفتح على أيديهم بالتعاون مع إخوانهم المجاهدين ليُفكَّ الحصار المفروض على حمص بإذن الله، وما زالت الأرتال والإمدادات تنطلق من دير الزور أيضًا لمحافظة الحسكة لدعم المجاهدين هناك في قتالهم مع قوات النظام وأعوانه، بل وازداد العبء على كاهل مجاهدي جبهة النصرة في دير الزور لسد الثغرات التي خلفتها الانسحابات الأخيرة للعديد من الفصائل نظرًا للانشغال بفتنة الاقتتال الداخلي، ولا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله.

وفي خضم كل هذه الملاحم العظام فجعتنا جماعة الدولة في دير الزور بالسطو على بعض المنشئات الحيوية التي كانت تحت يدي الهيئة الشرعية في المنطقة الشرقية -وتعتبر جبهة النصرة هي المكون الأساسي لها- لتقطع بذلك طرق الإمداد لجنود الإسلام المرابطين داخل المدينة وتفصلهم عن عمقهم الاستراتيجي في محافظة دير الزور، وتشمل كلاً من حقل “كونيكو” و”مطاحن العشرة كيلو” وعدة مقرات أخرى.
وقد ظلت ثروات المسلمين تلك بأيدي مجموعة من اللصوص ينهبونها ويتمتعون بها دون رقيب أو حسيب، حتى قامت الهيئة الشرعية في المنطقة الشرقية بتخليصها وتحريرها من تحت أيديهم، وفرضت عليها رقابة صارمة، وباتت عائداتها تعود على عوام المسلمين من خلال نشاطات الهيئة الشرعية هناك.
وبعد تحريرها فوجئ الجميع بـ (والي) جماعة الدولة في دير الزور يطالب بحصته في حقل “كونيكو” المحرَّر معلِّلاً ذلك بأنه كان ينوي تحريره من قبل!! ومع كثرة إلحاحه ودرءًا للفتنة والشر قررت جبهة النصرة أن تخصِّص نسبة من ناتج الحقل لجماعة الدولة رغم عدم أحقيتهم في ذلك، إلا أنهم ما توقفوا عن غيِّهم وقاموا بتهييج العشائر التي ينتمي إليها أولئك اللصوص لاستردادها، وأغروهم ببيعة الدولة للوقوف معهم والقتال بجانبهم، وهو ما تحقق مؤخرًا بنهبهم لتلك المنشئات، وهب أن أفرادًا ممَّن أمَّنتهم جبهة النصرة على حماية الحقل وتسيير أموره بايعوا الدولة وانضموا لها، فهل تحل تلك البيعة أموالَ المسلمين وتبيح أخذَ المقرات والسلاح بغير وجه حق!؟

وقد ناصحنا قيادة جماعة الدولة في دير الزور بالعودة عما بدر منهم والنزول لمحكمة شرعية تنظر في الحقائق والملابسات وتفصل في القضية، فما كان ردهم إلا أنهم سيستمرون وأن تلك هي البداية فقط!!

وليس ذلك مستغربًا إن كان واليهم هناك قد سرق من جبهة النصرة من قبل ما يقارب 5 ملايين دولار، ولم يردَّها إلى الآن، بل كانت مكافأته أن يُولَّى على محافظة دير الزور من قِبَل الدولة. وعليه؛ فإنا ندعو قيادة جماعة الدولة إلى النظر فيمن توليه من الأمراء والقيادات الذين يمثلونها على الأرض ويعبرون عنها.

وعلى ثغور مدينة الشدادي بمحافظة الحسكة؛ يرابط جنود الإسلام من جبهة النصرة أمام جنود الطاغوت النصيري وأعوانه من الـ “PKK” بعد تحرير 18 قرية من أيدي المرتدين، وتحقيق تقدم كبير على هذه الجبهة -بفضل الله-، فتأتي جماعة الدولة لتحاصر مقرات جبهة النصرة هناك وتستولي على بعض الحواجز التابعة لنا، وتطلب من الإخوة تسليم أسلحتهم بغير وجه حق!! وما زال الحصار مستمرًا حتى لحظة كتابة هذا البيان.

وإنا والله لا نجد توصيفًا لهذه الأفعال في كتاب الله وسنة رسوله صلى الله عليه وسلم إلا البغي، ولقد شرع الله لنا دفع الصائل عن النفس والعرض والمال، بل إن من مقاصد الإسلام ومقاصد الجهاد الحفاظ على سلامة المال، وإن كان هذا في المال الخاص فهو في أموال المسلمين العامة أولى وأحرى؛ قال تعالى: {وَالَّذِينَ إِذَا أَصَابَهُمُ الْبَغْيُ هُمْ يَنْتَصِرُونَ} [الشورى:39]. وعن أبي هريرة رضي الله عنه قال: جاء رجل إلى رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم، فقال: يا رسول الله، أرأيت إن جاء رجل يريد أخذ مالي؟ قال: “لا تُعْطِه مالَك”، قال: أرأيت إن قاتلني؟ قال: “قاتِلْهُ”، قال: أرأيت إن قتلني؟ قال: “فأنتَ شهيدٌ”، قال: أرأيت إنْ قَتَلْتُه؟ قال: “هو في النَّار” [رواه مسلم]. وعن عبد الله بن عمرو رضي الله عنه قال: قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: “مَن قُتِلَ دونَ مالِه فهو شَهيدٌ” [متفق عليه]. وعنه أيًضا قال: قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: “من أُرِيدَ مالُه بغير حقٍّ فقاتلَ فَقُتِلَ فهو شَهيد” [حديث صحيح].

ويعلم الجميع أن قيادة جبهة النصرة قد بذلت الوسع في السعي للصلح وإيقاف القتال الدائر بين الفصائل على أرض الشام، وقد آوينا الكثير من أفراد جماعة الدولة وعائلاتهم وحميناهم بأنفسنا ودمائنا ولا زلنا -ولا فضل في ذلك ولا منَّة-، ورغم ذلك أُشيع من جماعة الدولة أننا خذلناهم في قتالهم مع الفصائل الأخرى، كيف وقد قُتل لنا 10 من الإخوة -تقبلهم الله- في أولى الأحداث نتيجة هجوم الدولة على إحدى المقرات، فكيف نناصرهم على أنفسنا!!
وإن جنودنا -بفضل الله تعالى- منتشرين على طول الخريطة السورية وعرضها، مرابطين في الثغور، مقاتلين لأعداء الله، بنادقهم موجَّهة للعدو النصيري، متحمِّلين زيادة الأعباء بعد انسحاب العديد من الفصائل من الجبهات لانشغالها بالاقتتال الداخلي؛ ففي حلب الشهباء اقتحم الأبطال سجن حلب المركزي وباتوا قاب قوسين بل أدنى من تحريره بالكامل بإذن الله تعالى، وفي إدلب العز يربض الأسود على ثغور جبل الأربعين وغيرها مرابطين محتسبين، وفي حماة بطولات وفتوحات من حماة المدينة إلى مورك وصوران وقطع الطريق العام بين حلب وحماة على الجيش النصيري بفضل الله، وفي بادية حمص تجري الاستعدادات على قدم وساق لبدء معركة فك الحصار عن المدينة بإذن الله، ناهيك عن دمشق وغوطتيها، والقلمون وجبالها، ودرعا؛ وما أدراك ما درعا، وقد كنا نتجنب فتح جبهات جانبية، ونحلم على كثير من المظالم والعدوان، ونقدِّم أولوية قتال العدو النصيري وأعوانه، حتى ظن القوم أن حلمنا خور وضعف، أفبعد كل ذلك -وعوضًا عن إرسال مؤازرات أو أرتال لتعاوِننا في قتال العدو النصيري- يكون جزاؤنا أن تُقتحم مواقعنا، وتُقطَّع الطرق علينا، ويقف الإمداد الحيوي لجنودنا في إحدى أهم الجبهات وأخطرها في المنطقة الشرقية، رغم بعدها كل البعد عما يدور في الساحة من فتنة واقتتال!!

وعلى ما تقدَّم؛ فإننا نكرِّر دعوتنا لقيادة جماعة الدولة بأن يوقفوا جنودهم عن العبث والبغي بغير وجه حق، وأن يردُّوا لأهل الحق حقهم، وإلا فإنَّ لدينا رجال عركتهم المصائب والمحن، تركوا الراحة والدعة، ومضوا يقيمون في الأرض منار الحق والعدل، ويرفعون عن الناس الظلم والبغي، وهم أجدر بردع عدوانكم ودفع ظلمكم بإذن الله؛ ولا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله.

وقد أعذر من أنذر..

{ وَاللهُ غَالِبٌ عَلَى أَمْرِهِ وَلَكِنَّ أَكْثَرَ النَّاسِ لَا يَعْلَمُونَ }

(( جَبْهَةُ النُّصْرَة ))
مؤسسة المنارة البيضاء للإنتاج الإعلامي ||

لا تنسونا من صالح دعائكم

والحمد لله ربِّ العالمين

تاريخ نشر البيان: يوم الجمعة 7 من ربيع الآخر 1435 للهجرة، الموافق 7/ 2/ 2014

al-Qaeda disavows ISIS in Syria


As Syria’s infighting between rebel groups continues after a month of fierce clashes, killing almost 1500 Mujāhidūn, there have been some initiatives trying to reconcile the battling parties. ISIS, the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, however refused all of these peace initiatives. On the very first days of February ISIS killed some high ranking leaders in rival groups like Liwā at-Tawhīd (see here)

In the mean time al-Qaeda’s central command keeps on trying to gain any control and influence on Jihād in Syria. A perfect example is to be found in the last audio message by Dr. Ayman az-Zawāhirī, published last week (see blogpost). On Sunday, February 2nd, Shaykh al-Muhaysini, launched a new peace initiative (to be posted and commented later on), but to no advance. ISIS, considering itself as the only lawful representative of Jihād in Syria, didn’t even dignify it with an answer. As ISIS sees itself as a real state (hence دولة الإسلامية), their interpretation of Sharī’a would be considered the only one applicable, thus refuting AQ’s diverging interpretation. This would also explain why ISIS seems unlikely to follow rulings like Shaykh al-Muhaysini published.

Yet, AQ central command has always been clear about ISIS; as from the very beginning they said ISIS had no role in the Syrian conflict, calling upon them to return to Iraq; Jabhat an-Nusra was to be the one and only AQ affiliate in Syria. The Battle of Words, emerging early last summer, continued, but last night (February 3rd) it reached a whole new level. It would seem someone in AQ central command got quite fed up with ISIS ruling the show in Syria.

    al-Qaeda’s Statement about ISIS




    A translation by @IraqiWitness

Firstly: Qae’dat al-Jihad (AQ) declares that it has no links to the ISIS group. We were not informed about it’s creation, nor counseled. Nor were we satisfied with it rather we ordered it to stop. ISIS is not a branch of AQ and we have no organizational relationship with it. Nor is AQ responsible for its actions and behaviors. The branches of AQ are those that have been announced by the Central Command, those are the ones we acknowledge. With our assurance of loyalty and love and support for every Mujahid, and our care for all our Muslim and Mujahid brothers.

Secondly: Al-Qaeda would like to reconfirm some of the important meanings in the Jihadi work for example:
* Shura and united work and making important decisions after consultation between the Mujahideen and endorsement of their leaders.
* That problems between the Mujahideen are solved amongst themselves and not through the media.
* That we are a part of nation and that we don’t take their right to choose who will rule them as long as he meets Islamic requirements.
* and that we don’t hasten to create states/emirates without consulting scholars, leaders, mujahideen and then enforcing it on people.Making sure we mobilize the nation around main issues which is the ideology of Osama bin Laden who elevated with it the Jihadi work. Therefore we published the “Victory of Islam” document to clarify the issues that the people should be mobilized around.
* Making sure to get rid of behaviors that will harm the Jihad therefore we published the “General Instructions” document.
* Distancing from any behavior that will result in oppressing a Mujahid or a Muslim or a non-Muslim.

And here we declare ourselves innocent of Fitnah in Sham between Mujāhidīn, and we declare our innocence of blood that has been shed. We call upon everyone to fear God and realize the huge responsibility that has befallen upon them. And to realize catastrophe that happened to the Jihad in Syria and the future of this Muslim Nation due to the Fitnah that they are in. We call upon all those who have religion to take care of the Jihad and work to extinguish this Fitnah by stopping this fight. And then settling the affairs by Islamic Courts to judge between the Mujahideen.

Thirdly: We confirm that the door of advice between us and all is open. And any Muslim Mujahid will have the right of brotherhood, support and loyalty.


It is most likely ISIS will reply to this harsh condemnation. But ISIS, stubborn and convinced of its idea of a new Caliphate in the Levant, covering Iraq and Syria, will not leave Syria soon. More infighting is to be expected. Question however remains, how will Jabhat an-Nusra, al-Qaeda’s official branch in Syria, respond …

Ayman az-Zawahiri’s Attempt to Stop Syria’s Fitna

For about the month the infighting between rebel groups in Syria is raging on. Thus far it is estimated that about 1500 Mujahidin are already killed. There have been some attempts of reconciliation between the groups involved. To no advance.

And then Ayman az-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda’s number one, stepped in. In an ultra short audio-message he urged on all Mujahidin in Syria to unite ranks in the fight against al-Assad and stop the infighting.



English subtitles:

Translation (pdf):


Dr. ‘Abd Allah bin Muhammad al-Muhaysini, an independent Jihadist preacher, agreed with Dr. Z and offered to negotiate between the parties involved:

Video (English subtitles):

Jabhat an-Nusra, seemingly worried by the continuous fighting between ISIS and other groups agreed with the mediation attempt:

It will be interesting to see whether also the groups still fighting eachother will agree with Sheikh Muhaysini’s proposal.

Statement (Arabic):



Translation of the new audio-message by Abū Bakr al-Baghdādī

Today (January 19 2014) a new audio message by ISIS leader Abū Bakr al-Baghdādī was released, concerning the month of infighting between Syria’s different rebel groups.

The message by Abū Bakr al-Baghdādī


Translation by @IraqiWitness

It’s from God’s tradition and wisdom that the rows of believers and Mujahids is mingled with hypocrites. God will not leave this row mixed with those hypocrites and pretenders and therefore creates Fitnah and trials for them. The row must be melted so that the malicousness leaves, and be pressured so that the weak building blocks crumble and the lights must shine at it exposing the intricaies and inner personalities.

Struggle between truth and falsehood will never end and with it fitnah and trials. Except that the believer will always win at the end. This does not increase the fighter in God’s path except in purity and fineness and determination and steadiness. So persevere O ISIS and have patience and don’t be sad by letting down of the close ones or the collusion of the enemies. And don’t be saddened by this fierce campaign against us for God will help his soldier and will defend those who believe. God knows who’s the Mujahid and who’s the pretender, who’s the lair and who’s truthfull, who’s sincere and who’s a hypocrite. Know that this trial in Syria that has befallen upon you will be good for you and it will be a great bestowal.

As for ISIS in Syria:
God knows then you know that ISIS tried everything in its power to stop this war that was launched against us by some rebels. God knows then you know that we did not want this war, or prepared for it and those benefiting from it are the Nusayris and Shia. We were forced into this war and for days we tried to end it even though the betrayal was blatant. This continued until those deceived thought that ISIS was something of the past and that they could take us down. Because they were following lies of the media, so were forced to wage this war and Allah is Sufficient for us  and the Best Disposer of affairs. If you know this O ISIS then have faith in God as victory is for you if you fear him and don’t oppress and don’t betray. We tell you to stop against those who stopped against you and pointed their weapons away from you regardless of their crimes against you.

And forgive and reconcile so you can fight a Licentious enemy that is watching the Sunnis. So if you tried your best to stop this war and fight only the Shia and Nusayris and you failed then put your faith in God. Then fight this war for you are capable and be certain that this is a good thing as this is God’s plan. And don’t oppress anyone, and if anyone oppressed someone then let him hasten to return the rights and repent. For we respond to every injustice that reaches us and we clear ourselves to God for every injustice perpetrated by one of ISIS. And we order our soldiers to return every injustice and may God not bless someone who heard of an injustice and did nothing.

This is a message to every Mujahid in God’s path, from all the groups in Sham, soldiers and leaders. This battle is a battle of the entire Muslim nation. And the ones targeted are all the Mujahideen. ISIS is a door from which they can reach you, if it’s breached they will reach you so do not let a a day come where you will regret it. Repent to God for you have stabbed us in the back while our soldiers were at the front. Today you have seen our punishment and strength (carbombs etc), and you have seen the difference between yesterday and today. Yesterday you were walking safe, sleeping assured. Today you are in constant fear and apprehension staying awake at night guarding yourselves. So here is the state extending its hand to you, so you can stop fighting it and we will stop fighting you and we can fight the Shia. And if not then know we we have soldiers that do not sleep, known to the near and far.

As for the people in Syria:
You have God, everyone trades with your blood, racing each other so that they can sit on your shoulders, or even on your corpses. The Nusayris kill you claiming to fight terrorists to protect you. The Crusaders and Jews are plotting against Islam and against the Mujahideen in your name and in your cause. Arab regimes are buying followers and recruiting them under the name of relief. Thieves and thugs are stealing your money and possessions under the name of defending you and protecting you. You have God and glad tidings if you are patient for God will take care of you.

As for us we can’t say nothing but your blood is our blood and your destruction is our destruction. We fight in Gods path and for his satisfaction and we do not fear the blame of blamers. Don’t be deceived by the media for you will find us the kindest towards you and the harshest towards your enemies. God knows that we tried our best to defend muslims and then overnight we are accused of making Takfeer on the Syrian population. God knows that we were the only ones that fought off criminals and overnight we turned into murderers and put our people in mass graves? God knows that thugs and thieves fled from every street/area we entered and overnight we are accused of terrifying the local population? God knows that we opened our arms towards every group and then we are accused of not recognizing any Mujahid but ourselves? God knows we left our families and our homes to establish Shariah, and overnight we are accused of not turning towards Shariah?

God knows that we are the harshest people towards the Shia, and even they know that. God knows that on the night of the treachery we had an army in Deir ez-Zour led by Omar al-Shishani to free the entire province. And that we know we had a force in Aleppo on the western frontlines to free the entire city. And that we had another force coming together to storm Nusayris from the Eastern frontlines. And that we had another force ready to storm Hanano and sleeper cells ready to launch attacks at the same time in government areas. And that we had a prepared force in Idlib ready to raid 11 government checkpoints and thereby liberating Wadi Dayf. And another force getting ready in Hamah for a campaign against the Nusayris. God knows this, and all of this stopped the night of treachery and then we are accused of being government agents? The prophet said a time will come where the liar is believed, and the trustworthy deemed a liar.

As for our people in Iraq:
Today you see the Shia for what they area. And you have finally picked up your arms. This is your chance and don’t waste it. If you do you will not have a say again. Your war with the Shia is an ideological war, as admitted by Nouri Maliki when he described the battle as holy. So gather around your sons the Mujahids, for you have today become a fortress for the Sunnis, so make sure the Shia don’t reach them.

As for ISIS in Iraq:
Be in the frontlines against the Shia, and march towards Bagdad and the South, keep the Shia busy in their own areas. Know that the entire Sunni population and the brothers in Syria are watching you.

Our last message is to the Americans:
Know O protector of the crusade that this war by proxy in Syria won’t help you like it didn’t in Iraq. Soon we will be in a direct confrontation and the sons of Islam have prepared for such a day. So watch for we are with you, watching.