Ahrar as-Sham ~ Statement of Condolences regarding the demise of Mulla Umar


Official Statement by Ahrar as-Sham: Condolences regarding the demise of Mulla Umar

Allah says:

“From among the believers are men who were truthful to the covenant they made with Allah. From them are those who have passed on and from them are those who are waiting. Whilst they have not changed (deviated) in the least”

With hearts filled with satisfaction with the decree of Allah and his destination and with hearts filled with hope to see the dawn of a near victory, we send our condolences to the patient people of Afghanistan over the death of the leader of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan ‘Mulla Muhammad Umar Mujahid’-may Allah have mercy on him and accept him in the high stages of Paradise.

Mulla Umar left this world leaving behind him an example of a believer who has trust in the Almighty Allah. He left this world after having reminded us of the true meanings of Jihad and Sincerity and he left us after having taught us how an Emirate is built in the hearts of the people before it becomes a reality on the ground. He left this world after the Taliban were prepared to return and it became an integral part of it’s people which became a live spring to this great nation. He gave up his rulership seeking the pleasure of Allah. The true man of the Ummah left us.

The blessed Commander (Mulla Umar) and his blessed movement had [displayed wise decisions] in the Islamic Effort some of which must be noted:

-Steadfastness upon the foundational principles. The Emirate stood steadfast for 14 years not being shaken by storms nor tornados. The armies of Invasion and the armies of betrayal did not frighten them. Nor did chasing after positions or rest (from Jihad) find any place amongst them.

-Collaboration with the Afghani people and the Islamic Nation in general to the extent that it represents (the Afghani People) and became an embodiment of their wants and demands.

-Continuing Military victories along with guided political efforts, focusing their gaze on the principles of the pure Shariah (laws) and the suffering of their patient nation, trying best to avoid disunity to reach their known goals. Their role model in doing so is the Chosen one (Muhammad peace be upon him).

-And importantly, their gathering to fight extremism of both types (excess as well as negligence) at the same time. The reactions of this movement (to oppression) was not reactions of excess (and likewise oppress) which would lead to deviation from the correct Manhaj & way.

We also Ask Almighty Allah to enable the Mujahid Brother Mulla Akhtar Mansoor to follow in the footsteps of his predecessors to return Afghanistan to its noble ones completely and to secure a free noble future for the Afghani People under the Shariah (laws) of Allah.

Ahrar al Sham Islamic Movement – Political Wing

15 Shawwal 1436 

1 August 2015

Dutch Jabhat an-Nusra fighter regarding the U.S. trained Division 30

July 31, 2015

Personal statement by Abū Muhammad al-Hūlandī
North Aleppo – Nusra stops US snake plans for future Shaam

 “…And whoso allies with them (the disbelievers) is indeed one of them…”

Allah blessed the intelligence branch of Nusra in North Aleppo by gaining some valuable information that led to the capture of some of the members of “division 30″. After interagetion it became clear for Nusra what this filthy US backed group was up to. Also it became clear that the US command center had direct contact with the commanders of “division 30″, thus making it for the US easy to immediately react with their drones and fighter jets to attack the Mujahideen of #Nusra and stopping them in their opportunity to remove this western backed cancer that wants to sicken and eleminate the blessed Shaam and its people with its filthy western policies, democracy and lifestyle.
Last night, after getting more clear and strong evidences that the US-backed & trained group “division 30″ is trying to get a strong foot on the ground in the form of slowly taking in some strategic locations in North Shaam, to plan future attacks on the Islamic Jihadi groups, like us from Jabhat al Nusra, we started planning an attack to hit this dangerous group that wants to fights the Muslims for their crooked master the US.  
The plan was to strike “division 30″ with a hit and run attack and teach them a lesson that we don’t tolerate any group that fights for a foreign country and a western agenda. We don’t tolerate that US stretches it’s long filthy capitalistic arm, in the form of such groups, in to the blessed land of Shaam. So we payed them a visit to cutt off this poisened arm & we striked with the help of Allah with great force.
By the grace of Allah we where afflicting them with heavy losses & imprisoned more of these fooled puppies, we heard them scream “we will surrender, we will surrender”. After a half hour of heavy fighting between us and these puppets of the US, we, as expected, heard the sound of a drone flying high in the sky collecting information to give coordinations to fighter jets who would strike us in the locations we where present. It was the first direct encounter between a US backed group that got support by US drones & jets and Nusra. Personally it was something I wanted for a long time, fighting these slaves of US is sweeter then fighting the nusayriya, it also teached us some valuable lessons in how to improve our tactics on the ground against enemies whi have superior air power.
The US strikes caused some of our dear brothers to be granted their martyrdom and others got wounded. We ask Allah to grant them the highest levels of Paradise & we ask Allah to heal our wounded. 
The hit and run attack thus came to it’s last phase, because of the sudden change of attacking force we from Nusra decided to make a tactical retreat & thus minimilaze the possible casualties that could fall because of these strikes.
The attack is being seen as a victory for us, it granted us valuable lessons, like the fact that these groups are the last hope for the US in getting grip on the ground. The alliance that these groups form with the US, thus showing where their loyalty lies and thus giving us the full right to fight them. The weakness of these groups, that without the overwhelming force of their master they are weak and nothing. That these are the last steps the US is taking to replace blessed Shaam and transform it in an secular democratic state that protects the US interests in the area.
The attacks of the US took place and everything happens according a specific reason, these attacks of the US showed every Muslim in Shaam that the US immediately reinforced their new puppets on the ground. It showed that the US is capable of striking fast when their interests become in danger, thus shoing their true double face, thag of not striking as fast against Bashar who has been terrorising the Syrian folk for years. 
And most important it teaches us that Allah is with the Muslims and Mujahideen and that the future of Shaam will be for the Muslims.
So the upcoming days and weeks will teach us whether these stooges – the so called “Army of the Nation” – will continue to serve as a slave for their western master the US or return repenting to the Muslims. We have clearly warned them with this, that was taken to protect Shaam and it’s people. 
So let those who have been warned take heed. 
And all glory belongs to Allah. 

Turkey just might have changed it’s policy regarding The Islamic State

Turkey vs. The Islamic State. A Possible Game Changer

Turkey’s border with Syria, as is well known, is the transit zone for foreign fighters and supplies of any kind, being it food or ammunition and weapons. The Islamic State controlled a long stretch of this borderzone. Thousands of foreign fighters found their way in to Syria or Iraq through the fragile Turkish border. Foreign fighters, currently in Syria or Iraq, even described how Turkish officials accepted bribes to allow foreign fighter convoys pass. Some media even claimed that the Turkish government was allowing this “free transit” to The Islamic State.

In a way Turkey gains by The Islamic State’s presence in Northern Syria. The fierce battle waging in Northern Syria between Kurds and The Islamic State slows down the steady building of an independent Rojava at the Turkish border, a serious threat to Turkey. The Turks most likely fear more Kurds might join this strife for independence. When Northern Syria would eventually become Kurdish territory, why would the Turkish border matter ? Kurds in southern Turkey will most likely join in for an independent Rojava. And so Kurdish nationalism is the red rag to the Turkish bull, it might be one reason why Turkey wasn’t really doing what the other NATO members expected. For more than two years the border issue was neglected.

On July 20 a bomb exploded during a mass meeting of young socialist Kurds in the southern border town of Suruç. Around thirty people were killed and over a hundred wounded in this brutal attack. The attack was immediately attributed to The Islamic State, although the group never even claimed the attack. The next day the PKK killed two Turkish police officers in what was described as revenge for the bombing. The Islamic State would indeed not gain by attacking Turkey, hereby opening a new front. On the other hand attacks like these spread unrest and chaos in southern Turkey, something that fits the overall strategy of The Islamic State. Whoever was responsible for the attack, it led to a chain of events that wasn’t expected.

Firstly Turkey banned Twitter for a couple of hours forcing the company to remove all pictues and videos of the Suruç attack. On July 23 it was reported that the Turks would increase their efforts in stopping foreign fighters crossing its border with Syria. Shortly after the news came out that the Turkish border was to be fortified with heavy deployments, drones, walls and even zeppelins. And then the situation quickly escalated. After a reported attack by Islamic State militants on a Turkish border point the Turks briefly invaded Syrian territory and drove back the insurgents. One Turkish soldier was killed and two wounded. The Turks even deployed tanks and artillery to fight The Islamic State. This attack was just the beginning as in the following night Turkish fighter jets bombed several IS targets inside Syria, killing around 30 fighters. It was also announced that Turkey would open up the strategic airport of Incirlik for American fighter jets, hereby providing the American led coalition with an airbase close to Syria. The distance the American jets would have to fly to attack The Islamic State hence decreased from about 1900 km to only 400 km. During the night of the 23rd Turkish security forces arrested 251 militants, not only IS militants but also PKK militants and even DHKP-C members were arrested during the nationwide raids. On the 24th it was also announced that, included in the deal between Turkey and the USA, a partial no-fly zone will be covered. Stretching over the Turkish-Syrian border from Marea to Jarabulus the no-fly zone would be around 90 km wide and 40 to 50 km deep.

This quote from Erdoğan kind of  wraps up the current situation:

This all could turn out as a game changer in the war with The Islamic State; as Turkey, a NATO-member, could cut of all northern supply lines to The Islamic State. This would mean the steady influx of foreign fighters but also material support passing through the Turkish border would come to an end. If the no-fly zone is imposed over the area, described above, it would mean an important part of The Islamic State’s currently controlled terrain is an open target for the US led international coalition. Another major gain for Turkey lies within the fact that by controlling this area it can thwart the Kurdish dream of creating one big independent state on the Turkish border, a state that would join the two already existing Kurdish cantons in Northern Syria. However, another, more grim, scenario would be that The Islamic State starts attacking soft targets in Turkey, most likely targetting the tourism. It, for now, remains unclear how this sudden turn of events will evolve, but it is safe to say the war on The Islamic State entered a new phase.

  Picture 1: The moment of the explosion in Suruç
Picture 2: The Turkish border security plan



Picture 3: Turkish armed vehicles in Syria on July 23